[1.GOREAPHOBIA - Mortal Repulsion]
[2.NILE - Those Whom The Gods Detest]
[3.UNANIMATED - In The Light of Darkness]
[4.HELLWITCH - Omnipotent Convocation]
[5.SICKENING HORROR - The Dead End Experiment]
[6.SUFFOCATION - Blood Oath]
[7.DENIAL - Catacombs of The Grotesque]
[8.PESTILENCE - Resurrection Macabre]
[9.NECROPHOBIC - Death To All]
[10.NATRON - Rot Among Us]
[11.CANDLEMASS - Death Magic Doom]
[12.ASPHYX - Death...The Brutal Way]
[13.AZARATH - Praise The Beast]
[14.ABSU - Absu]
[15.CANNIBAL CORPSE - Evisceration Plague]
[16.AHAB - The Divinity of Oceans]
[17.OBSCURA - Cosmogenesis]
[18.KARL SANDERS - Saurian Exorcisms]
[19.COLOSSEUM - Chapter 2: Numquam]
[20.OBITUARY - Darkest Day]
[21.CEREBRUM - Spectral Extravagance]
[22.GNOSTIC - Engineering The Rule]
[23.FERMENTO - Recipe For Cremation]
[24.THE CHASM - Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm]
[25.MASACHIST - Death March Fury]
[26.LOST SOUL - Immerse In Infinity]
[27.MINDWORK - Into The Swirl]
[28.AUTOPSY - Horrific Obsession]
[29.ARMAGEDON - Death Then Nothing]
[30.VADER - Necropolis]
[31.SEANCE - Awakening of The Gods]
[32.SEPSISM - Distorting The Mortal Visage]
[33.AVENGER - Feast of Anger - Joy of Despair]
[34.VENGEFUL - The Omnipresent Curse]
[35.GRAVEYARD - One With The Dead]
[36.ACHERON - The Final Conflict: Last Days of God]
[37.DEPRESY - Morph - Near Death Experiences]
[38.VOMITORY - Carnage Euphoria]
[39.HAIL OF BULLETS - Warsaw Rising]
[40.FUNEBRARUM - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams]
The Best of 2009
Discovery of 2009
[SICKENING HORROR - The Dead End Experiment]
[DENIAL - Catacombs of The Grotesque]
The Most Experimental Album of 2009
[The Best of 2008]
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