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Hello Patrick, how are things going for CRYPTICUS? Can you write something about your band?
Everything has been awesome since the release of the album! But until I begin recording the next one, CRYPTICUS will be dormant while I concentrate on mixing/mastering for other bands.

How is it going with your album "They Call Me Mad? Have you already read some reviews? How do the critics rate your music?
The latest album has been getting great reviews. Even those who don't care for it have had interesting things to say. Critics who are into super "serious" modern sounding Death Metal complain about my penchant for pulpy, Gothic horror, but they're not my target audience anyway. This music is strictly for freaks & weirdos!

CRYPTICUS goes actually as a one man band, why? Do you want it, or is it only a temporary solution?
It's not officially a one man band since I can't play drums. Like OLD MAN'S CHILD I'll have special guest musicians to contribute drums, leads, or vocals, but I'm the main force behind it & that's the way I like it.

Where has new album been recorded? Have you also produced it by yourself, or there was someone else responsible for it? Are you satisfied with the sound? I have to admit I have almost not identified the drum machine: D
I mixed the album in my basement, aka "The Filth Chamber". I did everything myself, that's why it took so long to finish! I'm about 70% happy with the final mix. I could have done much better if I had more time. But, with everything I've learned the next album will sound much heavier. The reason you can't identify the "drum machine" is because it's actually my friend Carl Kumpe!

Who cares for the programming of drum machine? It seems that you are multi-instrumentalist. Which instrument is your fave? Do you play also the keys?
I've never used an actual drum machine for CRYPTICUS. Even on the first album it was sequenced samples from real drums. I'm 100% a guitar player. I can play some keyboard, but it's easier to let the computer play it these days!

How long time does it take to compose entire album for you? What is your process of songs creation? Do you have some way run in, or it is changing with time?
It takes forever for me to be happy with a song! I have a short attention span, so I refuse to have any boring or redundant riffs. That's also why most of my songs are very short. I always start by writing single riffs & sticking them together, but I usually end up re-arranging & adding things all the way up 'til the final mix.

What does inspire you most for music writing? Do you write with clear mind only or you use changed states of consciousness?
I'm most inspired by listening to Scandinavian Death Metal & reading old Horror comics. I love good beer, but I find it really hard to play guitar when I'm drunk, so I mostly drink when I'm writing lyrics & recording vocals!

Yeah, you play absolutely pure Death Metal, moreover, with no trendy elements, what is rare enough today ... are you most into underground Death Metal? Sure you listen also to other styles, maybe non metal ones… Why do you create just Death Metal?
I started CRYPTICUS to pay tribute to the Death Metal that inspired me when I was a kid: DISMEMBER, NOCTURNUS, CORONER, CARCASS, CELTIC FROST, etc. These days I listen to underground bands like RUNEMAGICK & DEAD CONGREGATION, but I also like more known bands like VOMITORY, DEMIURG, & OLD MAN'S CHILD. As far as non-Death Metal stuff, I love Prog-influenced bands like PHARAOH, ENSLAVED, & DEATHSPELL OMEGA, & traditional Doom like HOUR OF 13 & REVEREND BIZARRE.

Your riffs induce something represented by the words as madness, bestiality, brutality, sinister, absurdity ... I like Death Metal with a dark feeling. Is it what you want to express by your music?
Absolutely! I'm seeking to combine the Gothic horror tradition of old Hammer films, EC Comics, & Edgar Allan Poe, with the darkness & obscure evil of secret societies & occult legendry.

Do you think your music produces negative energy? How do you perceive your own music? In my opinion, if someone who theoretically never heard any music and would be first met with your production, it could frighten him. What do you think?
They would be frightened, my vocals sound like some monstrous ape-wolf homunculus conjured up by a black wizard! To me there's nothing "negative" about it - It brings me great joy & release to make this evil, angry music! But it's up to each listener to decide how they will allow my stories to affect them.

Which music or a specific album is most gloomy, eerie for you? Can you also listen to some funky music?
"The Work Which Transforms God" by BLUT AUS NORD is one of the darkest, most horrifying albums I've heard - I love it! I sometimes listen to old-school Rap, but it's pretty rare these days. I'm obsessed with Metal 99% of the time.

Probably you are a big horror movie fan. Which movies are your fave? Does these cinematographic works inspire you also when writing music?
I've seen a lot of amazing French horror films lately; MARTYRS, INSIDE, & HIGH TENSION are all terrifying. Also, I saw a recent Canadian film called END OF THE LINE that was really scary & well done. DEAD SILENCE is another modern favorite. But my old-time favorites would have to include THE EVIL DEAD, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, RE-ANIMATOR, & DEMONS. I'm inspired by all forms of Horror, but my music predominantly draws from Horror comics & Pulp literature.

Your lyrics touch also Lovecraft, or Cthulhu myth ... How do you personally take these things? Are you looking a deeper meaning in it, or you take it only in terms of horror movie?
I enjoy Lovecraft's works on many levels, & yes, I do ascribe deeper meaning to his themes.

Are you also interested in the Necronomicon? Have you ever read this book? What do you think about it? What do you think of occultism, magic and world beyond the grave in general?
I have read it, but the Necronomicon that is in print is actually a hoax. Publishers have printed many books entitled "Necronomicon" to capitalize on the Lovecraft Mythos. I have variously dabbled in occultism for many years. Aleister Crowley has been a constant inspiration. I know what awaits me beyond the grave, but each must find a path of their own.

How can you see the general development of the metal genre? There are some things considered as Metal, which should not belong there today, but many young fans grow up with it and they take it impliedly. What is your view to commercial and trendy things in this style?
There will always be wimpy bands who strictly appeal to youngsters, & thankfully that does not affect me. I'm more interested in the development of the underground scenes where there is no possibility of "fame" & music is composed strictly out of pure passion. As long as we have labels like RAZORBACK RECORDS keeping the underground alive, I'm happy!

What is the life in America? Would you like to live somewhere else?
America is a cultural wasteland, mostly owned by a handful of corporations, & controlled by religious fervor. There are still a few cool places left, like Denver, where I live, but it's mostly a wasteland. Most of my friends & I are more European in our thinking & conduct, so I imagine we would enjoy living somewhere less uptight. I love snow, mountains, & beer, so I think I would enjoy living anywhere in Scandinavia.

Do you play some live shows with your band? There are many bands that play live as a one man band, for example, INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY. Would you like to go to play into Europe?
Not really. I'm more interested in making albums right now, but maybe some day...

What is currently happening with you now, after the album release? Are you working on some new things? You are about to bring any new features to your music?
I've been doing lots of mixing & mastering for cool bands like DECREPITAPH, CLAWS, BLOODVOMIT, HORRIFIC, & FESTERED. Also, I'm working on the debut album of TOMBSTONES, which is Stevo of IMPETIGO on vocals, Wayne of DECREPITAPH on drums, & me on guitar & bass. We're hoping to have that finished & released later this year. Besides all that, I have been quietly working on some riffs for the next CRYPTICUS...

Ok, this would be all from me, if I forgot something, write what you want ... Thank you for the interview, I am happy you found time to answer my questions. Wish you all the best with CRYPTICUS!
Thank you for the great questions! Any & all who wish to keep in touch or check out some filthy Death Metal can visit me at www.myspace.com/crypticus www.myspace.com/tombstonesdeath
Cheers & good luck with your awesome zine!

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