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Ancient Rebellion
Greetings to guys from OPPROBRIUM, how are things going for your Thrash / Death ark?
(Francis) All is great, we are very happy to be back.
(Moyses) Things are moving along pretty good, thanks, just looking forward to play shows.

You have just released new album "Mandatory EVAC", what was the process of creation? How long has this material been writing?
(Francis) Well, in a way we just follow the flow when it comes to writing new songs, this material is all new as far as the time frame of it, well, it's was written thru out 2007/2008.
(Moyses) Francis was writing most thru 2007 and early 2008, we got to jam again early 2008 and I had to learn my drum parts. I Helped Francis with the arrangements and song structure for the new songs, as I do for every album, being the drummer I think I can feel when things are running smooth in a song, like changes from one riff to the next and so on.

Where have you recorded it and how are you satisfied with the result? The output production is rough and crushing enough, was it your intent?
(Francis) We recorded in Tampa, Florida, we are very happy with the result because we wanted the fans to go back in time with this sound, to feel how Death metal really sounded in a time that many fans were not there at that time. We wanted to stay away with the trendy sound of now days.
(Moyses) That's exactly what we had in mind for the new album "Mandatory Evac", something rough and crushing. If we listen to some drum sounds from the big bands and Jazz bands records from the 50's and some Rock albums of the 70's, we can sense the natural sound of the drums and the other instruments, so I decided not to use any effects, triggers or samples on my drum sound during the mixing, plus the guitars is cutting thru in this album, and the leads is very solid and present, also Francis vocals came out very brutal and in this new full length, we are very proud of the new album, and I think that we achieved the music, the lyrics and sound that we were looking for. We wanted to try it to sound even more rough than our earlier albums.

In my personal view OPPROBRIUM has very original style of playing, sure I would never mistake you with another band, from the riffs, sound, feelings up to the vocal ... have you been sometimes criticized for lack of originality?
(Moyses) Not much. I think after four albums Opprobrium have achieved our sound signature, we are always evolving as musicians, so we are always mutating sound wise, but the metal fans will immediately know the Opprobrium death metal style. We always try to do different stuff.

Yeah, you are playing old school Thrash / Death Metal without any trendy elements. You belong to those older extreme bands of the early 90's, don't you feel unappreciated today?
(Francis) Well, the fans are all loving it, for me that speaks for it self. In a way yes, but as long as we make our fans happy with the music, the rest does not matter, we are here for our true fans and if they are happy we are happy because without them we wouldn't be here.
(Moyses) We always try to write death metal songs to please us first, stuff that we want to hear and please us whenever we listen to any of 4 albums. I feel that follow the trend is a dangerous thing; it comes and goes, and usually doesn’t last long. So we write and do our own thing naturally, it's like the Opprobrium death/thrash sound is already in our blood. I think that if you do your own stuff people will appreciate you for years to come and you will always have your fans and new fans.

I have to ask about your original name INCUBUS, could you explain exactly what happened that you had to change the name of the band? After all, this was your original name, and you have used it earlier than a pop band, what happened?
(Moyses) Right before we released our third album "Discerning Forces" for Nuclear Blast, we found out that we could not use it anymore since the other pop band Incubus from California had trademarked the name, so we had to change the name completely, plus they were already too big on MTV with videos, radio airplay and on a major label. But we feel that Opprobrium fit us better, and we are very happy with our new band name. Each day our old Incubus fans finds out that we are Opprobrium now, and that we are the same band, but with a different name.

INCUBUS name was unnoticeable in 90's, both of your albums are enrolled in the history of Death Metal jewels and you have been part of extreme scene then. What was your feelings when you have to begin with a new name?
(Francis) Very difficult, and in a way we are still receiving fans that thought we've broke up or even thought we passed away LOL, in a way by re-releasing Beyond the Unknown, and Serpent Temptation with the name OPPROBRIUM and not our old name Incubus, we are sending a message to our fans that we are the same band but with a different name.
(Moyses) It was kinda hard in the beginning, but I feel things are becoming back to normal again. It's has been 9 years with the new Opprobrium name!
Plus Metal Mind just re-released all of our 3 earlier albums "Serpent Temptation" (the 1994 remake of the original 1988 debut), "Beyond The Unknown"(1990) and "Discerning Forces" (2000) along with our new album "Mandatory Evac" (2008/2009), so the Opprobrium fans are really happy with all of this new material now available.

How do you feel as a two pieces band? Don't you want at least one member for OPPROBRIUM? What is it like at your live shows?
(Francis) Soon we will let our fans know who will our bass player and rhythm guitarist will be. Our live shows is full of energy and power.

Seems that you have signed a contract with the Polish Metal Mind prod. How do these Poles noticed you? Were you excited by their offer?
(Francis) When we knew that they were re-releasing our old materials, we decided that it was best to also release our new album all under the same belt with the great Metal Mind label. They offer was very flexible and the label staff are real cool to work with, they are very professionals.
(Moyses) I think Francis said it all.

What drive you ahead after so many years? Do you think the name OPPROBRIUM will be longtime here yet?
(Moyses) We can't stop playing death metal, that's what drive this band! I feel we are only beginning this journey, and we will sure be here a longtime, we still have a lot more to show our fans and the best is yet to come!

How would you compare the scene of late 80's with the current one? Have it changed a lot? I'm aiming also to the approach of record labels to bands, the possibilities of live playing, support from fans, etc. ..
(Francis) Well, everything is much faster now with the help of the Internet of course, back then we had to write letters and mail it and maybe fax to get in touch with the music biz, the scene has change a lot, it's more professional now and our type of music is no longer treated as an unknown form of music, it is excepted everywhere now days, and I think that is great.
(Moyses) Things are a lot more organized now compared to 20 plus years ago, plus death metal is a lot more established as a musical genre, with more respect. Back then they used to see death metal bands as a joke, and they used to call death metal music as a "organized noise"! Now metal music is a lot more known worldwide.

Which music have you been listening in the beginnings of INCUBUS and which music you listen now? Are you interested in some new bands today? Do you like the current metal scene?
(Moyses) In the beginning we used to listen to Motorhead, Venom, hardcore punk bands, Sabbath, etc. Now I listen to pretty much anything that catches my ears, from a varieties of style. Some Jazz also, there's some great drummers in there. There's a few bands now days that I think is cool also. And like I mentioned, the new metal scene is more organized in terms of advertisements, tours, videos etc, plus we have the internet which is a fantastic way to get more exposure.

Sure you remember your shipmates as RIPPING CORPSE, DECEASED, FUNERAL NATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, HELLWITCH, SUFFOCATION, MORPHEUS DESCENDS etc. Which band was best to deal back then?
(Francis) They are all great bands, Death Metal musicians are cool people, I think that all theses bands are great in what they do and very professional also, I wish them all success in everything.
(Moyses) They are all cool bands, and we wish them all the best.

What does interest you except music? Where do you work?
(Francis) I enjoy family, friends, seeing a good movie, normal things of everyday life, work and etc.

What is your attitude to MySpace phenomenon? Any great band had its official website once. A lot of bands, including you, has only MySpace page today ...
(Francis) Well, my space is great, they gave a lot of band the opportunity to be heard, I think it's great that myspace is helping bands get known.
(Moyses) I think it's a worldwide phenomenon, and like you said, many great bands only uses myspace as exposure and to promote them. It's great.

What is the winter in Louisiana this year? Do you have any snow there? Or do you prefer heat?
(Francis) Well, I know it gets very cold there, but as of now we are in Tampa, Florida which is a Sub Tropical weather. In Louisiana, well I saw snow maybe 2 to 3 times there when we used to live there, but being from Brazil, I love the heat and tropical weather.
(Moyses) We are living in Tampa, Florida since the hurricane destroyed Louisiana in 2005, but the winter has been cold for me here in Tampa. A few years ago it was a little warmer here during the winter, but this year it's been cold for me. I saw on TV it snowed in Louisiana a few months ago, and it usually does not snow there, it's rare. But we don't have snow here in Tampa, Florida thank God! But being from a tropical country like Brazil, I do love heat and summer weather, I can't stand cold weather. I guess that we are used to heat.

What can we look forward in regards to OPPROBRIUM? What will you do now after the album release?
(Francis) We want to do shows. that is what is on our mind now, we cant wait to play live again.

OK, that would be all from me, if I forgot something, feel free to write. Big thanks for answering my questions, I wish you all the best and I appreciate your loyalty during those long years, respect!
(Francis) Thank you for this great interview and the opportunity to let your readers know a little bit more about us and our dreams for our band now and in the future, thank you and Metal Forever!!!!!!!!!!
(Moyses) Thank you my friend for this great interview and for having Opprobrium here in Necrosphere webzine, plus for you all's support! We really appreciate it! Also we would like to thank all our fans for all the support throughout the years, and don't forget to get our new album "Mandatory Evac" out now, along with the re-releases of our earlier albums, all through Metal Mind, now available everywhere. And we would like to invite all our fans to visit our official Opprobrium Myspace site at:
www.myspace.com/opprobrium, thanks again everybody! Until next time friends and keep on metal!