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Hello Claudio, what’s up in TRIMEGISTO camp? What are you most concentrated on by now?
Hello. At the moment we are recording our second album. We have ten songs with drums and rhythm guitars recorded, and advancing on the rest and the result has so far been excellent.

Your debut album "Subterranean Streams" took my breath away by its directness, brutality, depth and atmosphere. What are responses to the debut?
We have received very good feedback on the album, especially from Europe. Here in Chile distribution has been very slow, although most of Chile’s metal crowd has listened to it one way or another. We released this album playing the metal that we wanted to play, not giving in to any trends in the music scene. Our commitment is to our own interest in death metal and that is what our fans value most about the band.

What is your actual view of the debut? Do you listen to this album? Many bands argue they don’t listen own albums...
To be honest, we aren’t listening to our album, since we are working on the new one and want it to have its own story in a different theme as Subterranean Streams.

Next year you will celebrate already the tenth anniversary, how would you evaluate the 10 years of TRIMEGISTO existence? Are you preparing something special for the anniversary, or you don’t consider it as too much important?
It was a tough ten years getting Trimegisto in the spotlight, but it has been a journey full of experiences that have helped us grow. We aren’t really prepared for the celebration, although we hope to be playing a lot of gigs.

There was only one "Chaos Contemplation" 2002 demo before the debut. Why the album was released after such a long time? Do you know when you will release next one? Or it will be only demo?
For moeny reasons it was difficult for us to record our first material, but now, with more experience and trajectory, we are working to release our next album as soon as possible as we mentioned earlier.

Yeah, in your music I feel smell of world beyond the grave and true madness, at some moments it makes me shiver! Where is your source of inspiration for the music? What influences you most when writing the music as for musical and non musical side?
Darkness is a fundamental aspect of our mental universe. It could be considered as part of the theories referring to dark matter. We explore it from within our being and combine that with the power that we express when making music. It is our classic view of how death metal generally works and we are applying it in the more conventional themes as well as in our more progressive ideas, all the while keeping the Trimegisto atmosphere.

Who writes TRIMEGISTO music? How are your songs created?
In the early days our music was composed by early Trimegisto guitarist Fabian Ribera and myself. Our drummer Pablo has always been essential in the rhythmic formation of our songs and other arrangements. Nowadays, I write all the music and the band makes arrangements to the ideas I present in rehearsal. In order to speed up the process we send each other demos by mail and come prepared to rehearsal, as it is valuable time that should be spent efficiently.

I find your music as very original; of course you are influenced more by the kind of MORBID ANGEL than CANNIBAL CORPSE style, but your riffs are so composed that you are hard to compare to any band. What do you think about your originality?
We think that Trimegisto’s chemistry is due to the fact that we dare to make death metal in a convencional way while being influenced by everything that Sparks our interest, whether it is music, an everyday situation, or more elevated subjects. When we started playing, Morbid Angel, Death, Immolation, Autopsy, and Pestilence were our direct influences, but as we grow, we start becoming influenced by more specific things. We maintain the basics but, by applying new concepts, the music unfolds into a much wider spectrum.

Is TRIMEGISTO music a natural outgrowth of your subconscious or it’s made with the conscious intention to play atmospheric and darkly?
I had never asked myself that question. We think that the majority of our creations come from our own intuitive minds. If we were logical in creating music, then we’d be writing much more commercial material. I don’t think I can say where intuition ends and logic begins in our creative process. Our mental development is a mix of generations, which is why we prefer to express ourselves more naturally through deep emotions, conditioned by cultural factors linked to metal.

This question I ask whenever I'm doing an interview with the band from South America. How do you explain that bands from the South are so crazy, dark, sepulchral and devoted to true underground metal? Do you think it's due to your mentality?
I think that this is due to our condition as a colonized people. In South America, the cultural clash with Europe created dark trends that manifested themselves in profane and diabolical forms, which is what metal followers adopted here. Adopting a metal lifestyle in Chile leads you to be marginalized, and that marginalization makes you dark, and due to the poverty in our countries, channeling our rage into music makes it crazier. I see it this as an extremely positive thing; release the anger through music instead of violence.

You come from many Chilean bands like SHEOLGEENA, POEMA ARCANUS, DOMINUS XUL or HERETICS ... could you say anything about these bands for people who have never met with? Have you revived DOMINUS XUL only for live shows?
That information is a bit erroneous. A temporary bassist of Trimgisto was part of Poema Arcanus, that is all. I was a member of Dominus Xul and Heretics. Marcelo, lead guitarist, played in Sheolgeena. We took part in these bands in the past and occasionally you might notice an influence from those bands in Trimegisto.

Do you listen only to Metal music? Aren’t you seeking for the musical roots of your original culture?
I work at a recording studio, so I get to hear a lot of music that is not metal and this is the case with all members of Trimegisto. There is a certain attraction towards jazz, although it is not very evident in our death metal.

Your poetry is concerned with dark side of the world, magic, occult etc. Since when do these themes fascinate you? What is your philosophy or philosophy of the entire band?
The occult is the Light of all truths. It is the keep of the secrets of knowledge that should be revealed only to those initiated in the sinister path. Haven’t been initiated to any specific philosophy, Trimegisto explores themes in the world of Hermeticism and other occult teachings that come from the archaic world related with our heritage of Lemuria and the Atlantid, the great Toth, and the relation between all the cultures that grew on the 30th parallel of the north pole (toltecs, Egyptians, hindus, Mesopotamians). They are mysteries that, although having always been studied, are not fully revelaed in this day and age. That is what motivates us to keep exploring that universe of hidden truths.

Probably you have already met with the creation of American mad man H. P. Lovecraft ... Does his work have personal significance for you? Which of his stories do you consider as the best?
Lovecraft is the messiah of the age of piscis. His writings go beyond mere fiction. He reveals many truths on how the world is governed, but one must read between the lines. He was able to share his knowledge without censorship due to the fact that in those times he was an underground figure, and his inner circle had not yet been reached by the hand of the dark patriarchs that controlled the world. Personally, some of the Lovecraft circle lyrics have been expressed in Trimegisto songs, such as in “Out of the Eons” and I also like stories like “The Shadows out of Time.”

Lovecraft is essentially connected with the Necronomicon. What do you think about this book? Is it just a hoax? And what about the old culture of Sumer, Annunaki and Sitchin’s theories? Are you interested in this theme?
Lovecraft is a thinker that bloomed in a historical time, and his writings are the Discovery of The Ancient Ones. More than searching for the real origins of the book, it is a Lovecraftian interpretation of the communication between the Sumerians and the entities that they adored. Sitchin came in the next period, giving an explanation that bases some fundament on new discoveries. The problem nowadays, as opposed to Lovecraft’s time, is that all information is manipulated by the all seeing eye, hence a “best seller” type is unlikely to escape from the new world order, which leads one to doubt whether Sitchin is in fact a credible source. The subject is very fascinating, but we are certain that the Anunnakis’ truth is far from being revealed to the common person.

What is your attitude towards the creation of man alone? Have you thought why we came into being, who have created us? Do you believe that we are alone in the whole universe?
I believe that man creates god. The transcendental force of the universe is far from the idea that men have about god. Human beings are part of the process of evolution and for this evolution to be complete, it must be guided by conscience. We are not alone. There are beings in a more evolved consciousness, who might in fact be considered gods by some men. Hence we have the Self, and everyone is one’s own god inside the Self. The superior consciousnesses preside over the inferior ones, but the inferior ones amassed are as strong as one elevated consciousness. It is the principle of “as above is below.”

Do you think death is the real end?
Death is the end of the plane that we know inside the consciousness guarded by Isis. The veil of the Maya is part of our interpretation of reality. It is impossible for us to see beyond it and I don’t think that it is healthy to waste energy in trying to understand that human nature. I believe that we have to accept that we live the illusion of this world and enjoy it to the fullest.

Ok Claudio. That would be all from me, if I forgot something important, you have the space. Thanx for answers in advance and wish TRIMEGISTO all the best in the future!                  
Thank you for the interview. Trimegisto is working on new material that is sure to sound rawer and according to our conviction rather than to fads. Thank you for supporting real bands that stray from posing. We are connected in a network of consciousness all the way from Chile, and it is what keeps us faithful to the underground sound: brutal and dark.


Subterranean Streams