Through the Cervix of Hawaah
Canadian ANTEDILUVIAN is definitely one of the biggest surprises in recent times and their "Through the Cervix of Hawaah" debut album is one of the best dark underground outcasts of last year. Beside debut album the band has quite a decent amount of demos, Ep and split, which demonstrates their good creative potential... Their music presents a complex brutality of Death Metal with Black Metal feelings; generally there arises dark and obscure music with true unclean sound. ANTEDILUVIAN are currently under Profound Lore, I do not wonder at all this label have noticed them, I think their next recordings will be even darker and more crushing. Questions were answered by HT.

Hell-o, just you have released fresh stuff "Through The Cervix of Hawwah". How can you see this record from the present perspective when it is already out? Has everything turned out as it should be?
Greetings. Yes the album came out looking and sounding as it should. We were careful to get the engineer who provided exactly the sound we wanted. 

What was the process of composing and writing of your debut album? How long it took to put together all the material? What all did you use for that album to be in such a form as you wanted?
It took about 18 months to two years to compose. We used all the material we had written that were not intended of other releases. 

Was the debut recording something like achievement of a certain level for you or it is only more stuff accumulation and you consider debut as only next series release? I am aiming there, if the debut is more personal and special than all your previous recordings...
It is more special as the first release of full-length material. We are able to present a more varied yet complete expression, musically and lyrically which is the ideal format for releasing music. I still like shorter releases but this one was special for us as our first full length. Having said that, we will continue releasing albums that will expand and contract in such a matter as our material always evolves between releases.

I appreciate very much that your music has its own atmosphere, spirit, depth and complexity. I feel there something spiritual, transcendent, chaotic, and not only rhythmic music just for fun and head banging. Can you see your music in this direction as well?
Yes absolutely. Your statements aptly describe my appreciation and impressions of music done properly. 

What does your creative power and energy in your music mean to you? May be there something more deep and philosophic?
It is what I am. The deep and philosophic stuff is trying to explain how my form can possibly embody that but sometimes it’s better not to bother. The form is the meaning itself, and also reflection of what it is not.

Your music is not only harmonious and simple matter; often you give room for disharmony, atonality and complexity. Has your music sounded such a way right from the beginning?
Yes because this was the intention from the beginning.

Definitely I can not say your music evokes something positive, I mean in the spirit of goodness and warmth. I suppose your dirty tones must evoke variety of dark and stray imaginations in the unconsciousness of a perceptive listener who digs deeper into your music. Do you feel alike things even at songwriting?
I feel how the music sounds, yes. The process of writing is being able to express the inner forms in an external manner.

For me personally, your debut is one of the best recordings of 2011, I think you brings something new to the extreme Metal ... I'm not saying you are the most original band ever, but certainly there are not so many bands that would play something like ANTEDILUVIAN. What does originality mean to you? Do you consider yourself to be an original band?
I think that the individual form is original, and to express internal form accurately it would be hard not to be original. I can only speak for myself though.

Where do you take inspiration for composing? Many bands are mostly inspired by music or recordings of other artists. In your music I feel you take inspiration from your subconscious, dreams, visions and so on...
You are correct. I have studied some processes of visual art, in surrealism and automatism, and also formal abstraction. This is what I am interested in, though I do find other music inspiring when it possesses qualities evoked by similar process.

Do you think your music could be used for certain types of magic rituals?
I think that perhaps it could, yes. 

This year you have also released "Revelations In Excrements" EP. It seems this year is very creative for you. What responses have you got to the EP?
The “Revelations…” EP was composed in 2008 and recorded in early 2009. We got positive response to the EP and were very pleased with the release.

Seems that each recording always brings new things. Many bands use even older re-recorded tracks from the demo, EPs and the like for the debut. Do you think someday you will record an older song for the new material?
Perhaps but we have no plans to do that as of now.

New stuff was released by great Profound Lore label. How did you get to this label? Is it a label you have always wanted to have for releasing of your things? Do you plan to record any other releases for them?
We have been in contact with them for several years. We are glad to have a North American label as well as a European label to spread the madness further.

Could you describe your lyrics of the debut? Apparently they are based on a number of topics ... I noticed your old recordings deal also topics related to ancient dead civilizations such as Sumer, and even older as the Anunnaki...
The lyrics are based on the ultimate blasphemous concepts of the Judeo-Christian canon: The creation turning against the demiurge and becoming self aware, in alignment with evil gods. 

Have you ever read famous books by Zecharia Sitchin and his Earth Chronicles? Do you consider his theories are wholly stray or they may touch the Truth about our origins?
No I have not read anything by Zecharia Sitchin. I read some academic analysis of his work that suggests his interpretations of ancient languages and texts are unprofessional and improperly done, so I never really bothered with it.  

How do you view the Canadian extreme scene in these days? Are you concerned about underground? Could you write some new discoveries in your country? As we are at the end of the year, which album is the best of 2011 to you?
I am not concerned about my country/underground. New discoveries would be Noxius Nex and Radioactive Vomit, both of whom I released on my tape label as they are the most interesting projects I’ve come across in the last couple of years. If I had to pick one release of 2011 it would be Kerasphorus - Necronaut. 

What will happen now after the "Through The Cervix of Hawwah" release? Will you support it by some concerts or tour? How often you play live and where the most? I have heard you are supposed to attend the 2012 great Nuclear War Now fest. Are you looking forward to this event?
We are going to play two Canadian shows, one in April with Mitochondrion and Radioactive Vomit, and one in June with Zygoatsis and Necroholocaust. We are preparing to record our second full length and an EP late august, so the rest of the summer we will be focused on that. We do look forward to NWN! fest in Berlin, absolutely.

I guess it would be all on my part, if I forgot something, you have the space to write what you want. Thank you for the interesting interview and wish ANTEDILUVIAN many dark and chaotic days!
Salute and thanks for the interview.

HT                                                          23. 4. 2012 Mortuary
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