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Danish APPARATUS offer to fans something a little different than the usual custom, harmonies begin to curl, dashing into each other, the reality is falling apart and breaks on the layers of psychotic visions. Not anybody has idea to play extreme Metal actually from the opposite side of music. Moreover, if they mix such a dangerous genres as Death and Black Metal with a thick dose of horror and haunting in an experimental spirit. APPARATUS were formed in 2012 in Copenhagen as a quartet in line-up of Jakob Sture Winnem Larsen - guitar and backing vocals, Simon Agerskov - vocals, Richardt Olsen - drums and Thomas Fischer - guitar and vocals. Yet I recall that the band is made up of Defilementory and Eldjunir members. First they released "Demonomicon" a demo in 2014 and a year later the "Apparatus" debut album which we also reviewed. Well, let's have word to Jacob, who clarified or revealed some details about their crazy music.

Hell-o, how did hit you the idea to form such a bizarre band as APPARATUS? Could you write what all preceded it? Could you introduce individual members?
Apparatus is a collective unit and therefore we are not individual members as such. The band was spawned with a vision of releasing grim and horrific music with an avantgardistic approach to it, all in worship of The Elder Gods. The theme and sound had to go hand in hand, and as we delved further into the vision, the collective unit expanded.

I have to admit your music taken a little my breath away, it is not so common that in extreme circles someone came out with such an atonal way of composing, hateful harmonies and monstrous atmosphere. How did you come to thus sounding music?
Vigorous meditation, consumption of alcohol, and a general contempt for musical instruments and traditions

I think the combination of the above-mentioned music and Lovecraftian lyrics creates an image of appalling spawn, there is a mad atmosphere as if the black door opened to another space-time. Unknown rage, grotesque shadows and everything gets another dimension of understanding. Thus is the atmosphere an element which is most crucial for you?
Atmosphere is the only important thing in music. Technique and instrumental affinity is only necessary to achieve whatever atmosphere the musician is looking for. If you play music to showcase your prowess in emulating a gameboy or a toaster on any given instrument, you've missed the point, and, I believe, are a certified wanker.

Could you reveal how you write the tracks? Who brings base or the whole songs? It is quite hard to track down all the structures of songs despite of your original and unusual approach to writing...
Two of us are the primary writers, but we all cooperate for maximum effect.

Despite the fact your music is rudely complex and perverse, the "Apparatus" album can be quite understood which is a great art I think. It is difficult to create a strong chaos, so I mean the songs to stuck in mind and at the same time they have a dramatic construction and interesting memorable riffs. Have you met with criticism in the sense that someone would not understand your music?
Yes, absolutely. The album seems to have divided the press (and the listeners) in either of two camps: Love it or hate it. It is very satisfying to have released a beast that has that effect on people. Reverence or disgust. We had a review stating "Apparatus is noisy as hell and it is hard to call it music". What a compliment!

Where do you draw inspiration for your art, whether musical or any other? Have you ever met with classical atonal music of the Second Vienna School mainly represented by Arnold Schoenberg, or Jazz, which is also inherently difficult to digest and to listen to?
We are big fans of modernist experimental composers, Penderecki, Ligeti, Xenakis, Stockhausen, Boulez and the like.

Yet I would like to get bogged down a bit into the realm of understanding / misunderstanding your music. Your songs are definitely not any Metal hits listened by great number of people. You are not using the classic choruses, harmonic progressions, everything is jagged and too suffocating. Are you ready you'll be always difficult band to understand and you will be searched only by a small percentage of listeners?
Grim art has no purpose to please, so let it be at that. The audience that may be will know this as well. We would have failed, had we been radio-friendly.

H. P. Lovecraft is quite often an established theme in Metal music. I doubt there is any other music genre praising and worshiping this gentleman from Providence so much. But not all the bands based on his legacy can repeatedly capture his atmosphere. Why did you decide to dive into the abyss of R'lyeh, to dream of Kadath or to follow mysterious rays of color behind the universe?
Out of devotion to the old ones. We wish to represent the cosmic horror and absolute incomprehensibility of the mythos musically. Most bands only adapt lyrical themes. Laughable.

It is quite unusual you come from Denmark, although there have been born many interesting personalities from Lars Ulrich to King Diamond, and also a lot of interesting bands. In my opinion the Danish Metal scene belongs in comparison with Sweden to the smaller ones. The more menacing is the fact you come from this country. How do you perceive your home bands?
Most of them suck. The Danish scene is crap. Nothing near the Swedish or Norwegian scene. Newer grind and hardcore is pretty good though.

I have to mention you have first released debut by your selves and then it was released by Lavadome Productions. How did you get to this Czech label? How are you satisfied with his work? Will you continue with cooperation in the future as well?
We were contacted by Lavadome for this album, and they have been extremely satisfying to work with. Splendid execution of our ideas and immediate understanding of the direction. We hope to continue this cooperation.

How will the new APPARATUS material sound? Will you continue in your experimental and quite difficult style? Could you reveal how many new songs you have prepared and what we can look forward to?
Apparatus is dwelling in the depths, but will surely return when the stars are right.

Ok, that would be all from me, if I forgot something important, you can write anything to your fans. I think due to Lavadome you have a lot of them here in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thank you for this interview and wish APPARATUS inspiration from the depths of the collective unconsciousness or where it actually all comes from.
Thank you for the support.


23. 2. 2016 Mortuary
The Unreverberate Blackness of the Abyss