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Ancient Bell Chimes
Till now they have released three tracks "Ancient Bell Chimes" demo and one track on the large "Evil Spells, Vol. 1" split LP where they appeared alongside Burial Occult, Possession, Swamp, Spite and the like. The band draws out from the traditions of old hell Metal, as it was created by Bathory, Possessed, Celitc Frost, Mercyful Fate or Venom. The deafening roar of devastating riffs and the crushing performance of drums causing you earache! Melody is cruelly repulsive and it does not coincide with any trend in hard music. Only iron, death, blasphemy, exactly how I like Metal, in its early and most orthodox form when you are surrounded by darkness and controlled by Devil. Ladies and gentlemen, dress the leather pants, turn the cartridge belts on and your mangy shirt presents Bathory logo with cap. Beastiality from Sweden, damned band with former and current members of Morbid Insulter, Veternus, Necromancy or Putrid commands to attack! The questions were answered by Heinrich (guit) and E.von (bass).

Hell-o, BEASTIALITY is fairly new band even if your musical activities goes further in the past. How did it happen you have got this band together? It's as if you have returned to the 80s through music...
E.von & Heinrich:
Hello! Well, we felt that something different was needed to be created to tremble the scene with devastating guidelines- since too many bands are doing the same thing when it comes to extreme/death metal here. A lot of bands are/were trying to manifest either the autopsy/nihilist or florida-death metal and when they have painted themselves into a corner they go psychedelic, or goth/pop rock. We don't care about these bands, but we sure as fuck don't support it. Let them be try to be pretentious pop artist and broader their audience with that shit rather then be Metal Extremists then..FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you introduce your band, members names, age, instrument in the band? Seems that your average age is still quite low. What bands did you grow up on? It is amazing that the younger generation of musicians don't give a shit on metal trends and appeals to the roots of extreme Metal!
It's Me and F on guitars, E.von on bass, A on drums and M on vocals. Our ages differs.. I grew up on whatever that had distorted guitars and power that came to my knowledge. I'm digging more and deeper every day to find new stuff, but mainly from the past since most bands today suck when comparing.

You have been formed in 2011 and your only "Ancient Bell Chimes" demo is from 2013, it contains three songs reminiscent dried and smoked corpse. Is it a coincidence that you have written only three songs in that time or simply you do not need to create too many things?
E.von & Heinrich:
Well, when we first started out it was just a 2 piece band without at rehearsal place. But after the recording and release of the demo 2012-2013 new material for a full length album has been written and been recorded.

Everyone who has heard your demo, he must recognize that your main influence is Bathory with their debut, already opening riff of Curse The Devil is amazing and it is a great tribute to Quorthon. What does his band mean to you? Are you proud you are from the same country? What other bands are your influences?
Well I guess people have notice the Bathory influence. But besides the 'Curse Of The Devil' track, which if not quite obvious a total Bathory tribute, I would say the material on the demo and compilation LP is rooted in a lot of other coffins. For me and the rest of us Bathory are the holy godfathers of extreme metal. Too many bands to mention, but I would say the Texas and Florida scene '84-'88, US Power/Metal Blade/Metal Massacre '83-'85, Brazilian scene '84-'93, Swedish scene '84-'89, Czech scene '86-'91....
Bands like Slayer, Merciless, Nifelheim, Treblinka, Expulser, Sarcofago, Sepultura, Sextrash, Mystifier, Genocidio, Lou Cyfer, Morbid Angel, Morbid, Morbid Insulter, Morbid Scream, Morbid Saint, Mortuary Drape, Tormentor, Debustrol, Masters Hammer..just to mention some.

Yeah, the sound of your demo is decayed and stale, you have reached the right filthiness reflected by the atmosphere. How have you reached this archaic sound? Have you tried to experiment to sound such an old way or did you put it on first? Any interesting stories while recording?
E.von & Heinrich:
"The sound" I guess came up since we didn't recorded it in a "proper" studio, so to say, and that our bizarre feeling of necrophilia lust inside of us were manifested through the songs and the recording of them. It all came out natural.

The next thing I have to commend to your music is, of course except that dark atmosphere, that your songs are strong! Many bands are trying to create music similar to the bands of 80 / 90s and when they also do it, the tracks do not have the power as at that time. In your tracks I feel as if you pulled them out of the drawer directly from Quorthon. Of course I am not saying that is 100% similar, there is a piece of your own distinctiveness...
Thanks for that compliment!
Well, as I said before I would claim that Quorthons legacy is represented, but only as a piece of the puzzle of madness.

Demo was released only in a limited edition of 100 tapes. Are already all 100 tapes sold out? Will you make a reprint? Why have you chosen this format in such limited numbers? Of course it's pretty clear to me, but you could have something to say....
E.von & Heinrich:
We did a reprint of a 100 more tapes but both issues got sold out the same week that they were released. There might not be a reprint in the future. Not as it looks now..
Well the only proper format for a demo is a cassette and it is, as I stated above, limited to 100 + 100 copies. Since we made all of the cassettes by ourselves we didn't feel for doing more then 200. Maybe soon it can be found on Egay or Pisscogs for an ridiculous amount of dollars and then we can sell our copies to finally get rich.. HAHAHA! Fuck off to all Internet "metal" warriors.

What kind of reactions did you have now? I am clearly more interested in those critical ones. I believe there were more positive ones, but I wonder what critics have reproached? My review has been clear, 9.5 out of 10!
I haven't heard or seen too much critical ones. It seems that most blasphemers have embraced this first onslaught. Thanks!

How do you see your band regarding personalities? Are you a band that goes along to drink in pubs and are taking pictures on the cemeteries through weekends? What is your ordinary weekend when you don't play gigs?
Well, we do attend at pubs at times, but there are no place for us in Sweden- besides some sporadic gigs. All rock pubs here are poser/hipster pubs so we usually choose staying at home with other like-minded, consume substances and metal music and not represented at the gay humanist hipster-bars. During summers we crawl out from our stones and stay outside from time to time. Personally I prefer to stay alone, or with a few like-minded, and expand our minds with drugs and metal morbidity as often time gives.

Your Apocalyptic Storm song appeared on an interesting "Evil Spells, Volume 1" compilation alongside with bands like Swamp, Occult Burial or Possession. Could you write how have you got to this split? Has it helped you to promote the band?
It's actually not more interesting then we got asked if we were interested in participating on this compilation- and we agreed to do so if we were to have the opening track, which we got.. We had 3 tracks that could be used for the purpose. But we choosed the 'Apocalyptic Storm' track for the LP, which also will be re-recorded for our upcoming full length album.
Yes I guess it has helped to promote the band, a bit.

The most logical question is how will look your new material, yet it is already 2015 and the first quarter is slowly coming to an end... when should we look for a new stuff, in what format will it be released and how much pieces?
We are recording our debut album right now and it will be released by ourselves on vinyl. I guess in 500 copies. The album is almost ready to be mixed but has been delayed. We were hoping to release it now but I guess we have to wait 'til autumn now, thanks to the delays..

Do you want to be under some label or to remain a band that will be releasing only demos? If the label, which one would you be most impressed by?
E.von & Heinrich:
As stated above for now we don't have any plans to fight together with a label. But I'll guess we will sign a label when the time is right and we feel that it's the right thing to do. We had some offers from labels but haven't agreed to anything. So far we're not impressed by any label.

Ok, that's all from me, thank you for interesting answers to my questions, perhaps it was not so bad. Wish you and the band the most morbid inspirations for the creation of the next Evil material, thanks again!
Heinrich: Kool. -Never stop the madness!


Heinrich a E.von                                        10. 5. 2015 Mortuary