„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich
A message from the hidden mist!
After GRAVELESS, TRIBULATION, PUTERAEON and VANHELGD here we come with another excellent Swedish DEGIAL band. Of course I don’t stop here and I will proceed with mapping the promising Swedish old skull DM bands which are many more numerous in Sweden. DEGIAL started in 2004 and till now they have recorded one "Awakening From Darkness" demo '06 and the latest "Death And Darkness Buries All..." EP which we will soon review. It is interesting that all these new bands from the country of three crowns are in excellent level, always sick, killer, always at a high composition level, so it is also DEGIAL. They come directly from Uppsala where the Death Metal scene is too interesting. So here are DEGIAL!

Greetings to DEGIAL death camp. The first question that hit me is logical, formerly you were known as DEGIAL OF EMBOS, you have recorded three demos and then the band was renamed to DEGIAL. What was the reason? Do you take DEGIAL as a completely different band?
H- We only recorded one demo under the name Degial of Embos, And yes, we see it as a completely different band, we were just kids back then, and did not really know what we wanted to do. We changed the name to DEGIAL when we kicked the singer and the bass player. They had totally different visions about DEATH metal.

So new chapter of DEGIAL began in 2006 when you have released "Awakening From Darkness" demo. How can you see this material? Satisfaction in all aspects?
H- I think it’s good if you look how young we were and it’s a beginning of something big. I never look down on our older material, but I have always a goal of making better songs until the next release.

Your style of Death Metal is pretty grim, dark and scary, only the true Death Metal can embody such emotions. It seems you are true warriors on Death Metal battlefield... Have you ever thought why you have developed in this direction and not more close to Black Metal for example?
H- For me it does not matter if people call us black metal or death metal, I do not play music to put it in any genre. We have chosen to call us DEATH metal because we worship DEATH. Of course, we have perhaps a more death metal sound, but I am equally inspired by black metal when I write music.

How are your songs created, what is the writing process? Is the music created by someone of you at home and then he brings it to rehearsal, or you create together at jamming? Who brings the most ideas?
H- Both ways, we are all songwriters, so everyone is working at home and in the rehearsal.

Basically as DEGIAL you have created six songs. Are you thinking about release of debut disc? Will these songs appear on debut or there should be only brand new songs? Perhaps it is difficult to predict...
H- We are working on the album right now and it will hopefully be released before this year's end. It’s 7 new songs and one old.

Which ingredients are needed to create the malicious music as DEGIAL does? Where do you take so much madness, darkness and hatred?
H- We have dedicated our lives to this and DEATH, and if you do it, you will obviously get something back.

How would you compare your demo with the new "Death And Darkness Buries All ..." EP? Where can you see the biggest difference? Are you a band that wants to develop, or your way has been given from the outset and it’s unchangeable?
H- Of course, we have become much better musicians and songwriters, and we have develop. That’s the biggest difference I guess. But we have always had the same goal of how it should sound.

Very important component of each band is the production; has your sound been given in advance, or it crystallized by entering the studio? Are you trying to work with sound? How important is the sound to you?
H- The sound is very important; don't like these new ways to record albums. For me the old sound is much better. So we chose to have Fred Estby as a producer for "Death and Darkness buries all" to get a perfect sound, but we all know what sound we want before we go into the studio.

How would you define your style in terms of influences? Are you more close to Swedish, or American style, or you think you are going fully your own way? Personally, I do not think you sound as true Swedish band, even if your melody again clearly points to Sweden...
H- I don't care about all this "what style you play" shit, we play Degial style, we get inspired by all the music we listen to, and much of it is not death metal. But we play DEATH METAL!

What would you say to your kind of melody? Each band must be melodic to some extent, even if it is fucking brutal, heavy or aggressive. Is melody as important as sound or brutality to you?
H- If you want to play music with melodies, I guess so, do not think we have so much melodies in our music. Although I appreciate good melodies very much.

Would you like to hear your recordings as a disinterested listener? Do you think you would get perceived your demo and EP a little differently? A little psychological question :D.
H-I had probably say that it was the best death metal I ever heard.

I like the new Swedish scene with bands as REPUGNANT, TRIBULATION, GRAVELESS, MORBUS CHRON VETERNUS, STENCH, EVISCERATED, INVIDIOUS, NECROVATION, MIASMAL, and you of course! I've called it as a new wave of Swedish Death Metal. Do you all know each other? Do you have more of such great bands there?
H- I know some of the bands that you mentioned, Check out Reveal, one of the best bands ever.

Another important part of DEGIAL is certainly band image, looking as violent, covered with blood, nails, leather ... it everything creates deadly aura around the band. Do you take it all as a complex whole of DEGIAL spirit?
H- We absolutely don't see the way we look as just a form of “band image”. It’s a visual part of our spiritual vision. Other bands maybe have an artificial image, we don't. We are the Mouths of Chaos and this is what's awaits for those who stands before the Mist.

What would you say to METAL OF DEATH, Uppsala community? Does it mean something more than just an emblem and logo you use?
H- We are three bands that share the same vision of how death metal should be. Together we will show this world how, that its for real and not a joke, as many believe.
We are very close friends and together have we summarized a belief, a worship of something sacred.

How often do you play live concerts? Which bands have you already played with and whom you'd like to play with? How does it look on your live shows? Is it individual or you have always mosh pit?
H- Not so often right now, because we are working on the album. But it will be much more when we are done with that. We have played with many bands, but they who are worth mentioning are: In solitude, Reveal, Procession, Dismember and Entombed. Would be great to go on tour with In solitude or Watain, or both at the same tour. Total harvest! The live show is full of DEATH and blood, a storm of total chaos.

What is the life in Sweden? In our view, it seems that every other person there must be a metal head, so many great bands and musicians; generally Swedish scene is almost a cult...
H- It’s not so much real metal people here, not at the gigs anyway. It’s much better in Germany for example.

So it would be all on my part, thank you for a great interview and wish DEGIAL only the best for the future, let spread the chaos, horror and dread by your Death Metal! If you have something to say, you have the space...
H- Hope you all die!


H.Death                                                       3. 7. 2011 Mortuary
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