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ENDEZZMA has existed since 1993 under the old Dim Nagel name, which also featured three members of Kvist band. In 2005, it was renamed to ENDEZZMA, which also resulted in a change of line-up. Mattis Malphas, the guitarist of the well-known Carpathian Forest, it must be clear to everyone this is a Norwegian act. This interview is all the more special because we didn't contact the band, but they wrote to us. Such an offer could not be rejected. Two full albums have been released so far, "Erotik Nekrosis" ´12 under Agonia Records and newer "The Arcane Abyss" ´17 under Pulverised Records. The band is currently working on new things, but at the same time, they are performing massively. The questions I put to Morten Shax (vox) are both classical and also completely different.

Greetings to ENDEZZMA band. It is widely known your path began early in 1993 as Dim Nagel, but in 2005 you renamed to ENDEZZMA. What was your initial philosophy, why did you start the band, was it more than just forming a band in the vein of your favorite idols?
Good morning to thee !  I was early committed into environments with friends and people playing in bands, besides I grew up with music being a huge part of my life since early childhood. My creative forces and the need to make a outlet for my creative sides made the choice pretty simple to form a band where I was the center for the creative shaping of the bands universe, identity and approach.
It all started with Dim Nagel together with musicians and friends from the legendary institution known as KVIST. We made few demos and inked a deal with a major label, but certain things led to the band being put on hold for a while. I focused on my record label and other projects for some years until I reignited the band under the new foundation of ENDEZZMA.

Why did you rename band in 2015? Could you clarify what ENDEZZMA really means? Does your band name have any deeper meaning for you?
Since it was all a “new beginning” sort of with new musicians I decided to change the band name, yes. It’s interesting now days to see that I’m being asked about in every interview, even now ENDEZZMA being way wider known then Dim Nagel ever was.  ENDEZZMA is a unique name made to reason the depth of the band’s philosophy. It’s meaning is rather personal yes, it represents the heart of the band that again is connected with death. Those who dive deep into our world will get it I guess, when the puzzle starts making sense. It’s all about how you; as being the observer analyze the art being presented for you, under the guidelines of our dark world. We welcome you all inside our abyss!!

Could you tell if your "Erotik Nekrosis" debut was inspired by some concept, or there were a separate ideas for each song? What kind of atmosphere do you feel about your first album, the atmosphere around the writing process, the mood in the band, that time.
Back then Trondr Nefas from Norwegian Black Metal combo URGEHAL was a main writer and contributor to the music being made for the Erotic Nekrosis album and that of course made a impact of the album itself. We was quit experimental at that time and really just wrote what felt natural to do at that point, whatever suited our bleak and obscure universe. The universe of Endezzma have all the way been very strong and distinctive so it will always paint the music in a way or another. But back then when our catalogue was kind of empty we felt very free to create and let us be directed by this universe itself and let the art and atmosphere take us to wherever we would end up. The atmosphere , intensity and musical forces itself have always bee very imported for Endezzma. We hade rather many line-up changes back then, so you may conclude that process was more difficult and intricate then it is today. Today we have a way better structure and fundament to work better and more focus. But I still get very inspired just by thinking and feeling the on the certain vibes we had back then.. The concept back then was Death and it’s intensity, like the cover artwork symbolize, the erotic compelling and lustful side of poisonous love…The element of death was truly manifested through the making of the album when Trondr Nefas himself died just before the album was released. In this way death became the virtue of ENDEZZMA’s world forever !

Would you say "The Arcane Abyss" is better in instrumental, compositional, and possibly technical side compared to "Erotik Nekrosis"? Do you think such a categorization in Black Metal can make a sense? It is clear every musician grows in many ways over time, but Black Metal is quite specific in this respect. Do you think progress belongs to Black Metal?
That’s a conclusion to be sentenced by the ones that end up listen and making a relationship to the albums. But I think we all was very well developed and skilled musicians on both albums so to speak. But it might be that we executed a bit more intricate song structure on Erotic Necrosis album. Personally, I’m not a great fan of putting anything into frames and categorizations. People that focus to much of what is what compared to set rules and patterns miss out on the real essence. What is real and what is not real. I say you search for the intensity and the honesty in music, then see what you find, and If one are really eager into analyzing the bands you will fast figure out who is who and what is what. When we make music , we express our intensity and the outlet is pure energy that manifest itself through the tunes and material of the essence in the music. I still hope we can reshape the toolbox of Black Metal, to stretch the comfort zone of  Black metal. But you need to understand and realize the foundation of the origin before you develop its border.  But sure , I do think progress belongs to Black Metal, because Black Metal is build upon strength, dark finesse  and cleverness. What is not progressing is a dead thing !

Where do you draw inspiration for creation? Is it explicitly a musical sphere, or you are inspired generally by dark art, death, dreams, history, wars, occultism? Which ENDEZZMA song originated in special circumstances, whether by music or lyrics?
It’s the daily darkness that fuels your mind instantly that eventually creates those dark corridors of the most intense inspiration. The magnitude of the darkness around us is so great and pulsing that there is so many angles to start a creative process on. I'm very inspired by the wild inner energies, energies that I personally think we all possess but not everyone know how to let out of ignite into personal realization. Dark art can be inspiring, I like to look into old classical art and the history connected to the art. I very much like history and the history of war itself but I never use those links in the world of Endezzma. Endezzma is world on it’s own which actually can be inspiring in its own wat, like a wheel of emotions creating its own fire based on self produced sparks.

How do you personally perceive death? Is it a core topic with the deepest meaning for you? Do you believe in death as the perfect and ultimate liberation from the shackles of our reality, or rather transition beyond the borders to other unexplored worlds? Do you think the moment of death can sometimes be pleasant, or it is always time when everyone feels fear and anxiety?
I have always hade a close connection to death, of course we all have in a way or another. But I have been fascinated by death from I was very young. I was very obsessed with car crashes and death accidents and how death collect and operate. I started to see the sign of death in many aspects of life. It may sound fucked up and sinister but for me it have been a source of inspiration and strength. Learning to live side by side with Death. Death is a bridge to liberation if truly conceive and accept the energy, it will eventually set us free. Death is everything but fear and anxiety, death is strength , liberation. Death is beautiful. 
Endezzma is a tool for death, a voice of darkness that expresses through the dark energies, often created and motivated by death. So naturally our music tells a honest story about death in many way’s. Not only death by dying, but how we relate to death in our daily lives. Our lyrics pretty much express these strong feelings. You don’t need to watch horror movies to find inspiration when death and despair is all around you. I have always been very true to my philosophy when it comes to writing lyrics, it must be honest and real heartfelt. When we look our audience in the eyes from the stage you will believe what we are expressing and preaching , simply just because it’s real….And you will understand it and you will feel it. Death is our voice and the blood is our ink…

Dreams may be a small threshold before death, maybe the dreaming world prepares us for what will be... Do you have special experiences with dreams? Have you ever had the sleep paralysis? Do you have nightmare experiences when you wake up in the middle of the night and the darkness just adds the fear? Do you think nightmares have only a psychological explanation that can be related to our lives, or a dark entity can actually enter our dreams?
Dreams are fascinating for sure, when you have these dreams that really bedazzle your mind, being from fear or from excitements. Dreams just prove how intricate and amazing our mind and brain is build and function. I believe the more you are open to different aspects the more you can experience and the more you will find out. The mind is a enormous field of unexplored Materia just as the space and the galaxies, but you got to be open for it. I’m not into analyzing dreams myself, by I’m very sure that there is lots of heavy metaphysics to be explored when you look into your dreams. It’s all connected to our fucked up and polluted minds. I believe that the dark entity that comes ripping at night and visit my dreams is very well self made and crafted out of my own darkness…But that doesn’t mean that the eerie evil entity ain’t dangerous as fuck !

Have you ever had the experience of, for example, reading occult literature, or e.g. strange stories, e.g. by H. P. Lovecraft and all this reflected in dreams? Do you think reading occult books can be dangerous even if you don't practice things contained in them?
I don’t find it dangerous reading books, it will just make you more enlighted, informed, aware and sharp I believe. I guess some one high up in the old establishment was terrified that lower class people started to read books , they could end up having their own opinions and that could develop into riots and provocative rebel demonstrations.  I think we all should rebel more against the establishment, even today. I have book shelves full of occult and dark literature and I have always been deep into it.
H.P Lovecraft can be a good fiction read, I like the atmosphere he creates around his stories, his characters have not yet truly appeared in my dreams, but I’m waiting ….  

Norway and Black Metal are definitely a phenomenon, you come from the mecca of this combination. No one can deny all the Scandinavia was and still is Black Metal, but Norway in particular. How do you explain this? Why do you think there are so many dark bands? Do you think it could be by your mentality, climate, history, nature, tradition?
I think the dark origin of the very first band inspired the revolution against the music scene and the explosion of black metal bands. What this bands stood for and expressed. Even being young and only a teenager we was lucky enough to have resources in Norway to access rehearsal facilities, instruments, printing expenses on demos, fanzines etc.. We was rather privileged in Norway in the late 80’s and early 90’s compared to teenagers in other European countries. In Norway back in those days every person listening and into Black Metal had his own band, a label or fanzine. That was just ho was. The culture just became like that. I don’t think the clima or nature triggered any darkness, I think then other countries, maybe more far east would have more darkness and despair to revel in if that was the case. I rather choose to believe it was the resources and possibilities that effected the outcome. I think the dark origin of the very first band inspired the revolution against the music scene and the explosion of black metal bands. What this bands stood for and expressed. The pioneers themselves was so extreme that their actions inspired, amused and cultivated a very “die hard” sub cultured, that kind of turned into a cult movement back in the early 90’s. I don’t think it was so huge movement as it looked like from the outside, but Norway is a small country and you easy get attention and cause havoc! It was also a lot of very skilled young musicians that altered a great inspiration source, when good music was made with a blend of quality and mysticism it fast got very tempting and seducing.

Lords of Chaos movie by Jonas Akerlund is quite current these days. Have you tried to look at this work and what are your feelings about it? Do you think such a subject fit on cinema screens?
Actually I have not yet checked out the movie, only the trailer. It looks ridiculous, terrible and amateurish if you look on it from the perspective of the individuals that was involved in the actual event or was a part of the scene back then. But if you look upon as a just another movie it make more sense, just being another pointless crappy movie. Looks like the movie suck no matter what, no matter from what angle you look upon it. I’ve heard it’s so many details that is incorrect and made up and I ask myself why on earth you need to make up things when you tell a story that is so intense, unique and totally wild and out of hand in the first place. I think the director could have chosen a better approach on the movie, to make it more artistic and biographic…rather then trying his best to tell the world that the individuals involved was a bunch of insecure teenagers.. The worst is the fact that the movie appears to be really bad crafted in itself no matter the actual story.. But personally I don’t mind if the movie is bad as shit or win a Oscar, my cup of coffee taste the same and my day doesn’t change anyway !

When we are on this subject, how did you perceive the situation around Black Metal in Norway in the early 90s? How do you look at the deeds and actions that have happened there from today's perspective? What is the situation in Norway these days, what has changed opposite the 90's? Are there still some communities like eg. Inner Circle?
When you look upon the actual church burnings and murders it was all rather extreme deeds, proving that the scene back then was on fire, dangerous and deadly! Everyone was young, and maybe you can say they was “blue-eyed” but nevertheless they was deadly serious! The church burnings made a extreme frame around everything and really putted the war against Christianity  to a higher level, making it more then “ just music“. A lot of old “stavkirker” was also burned down, and this are actually old wooden historical buildings back from the Viking age, originally build by heathens. I don’t see the point of burning down this buildings, but I can relate to the point that they was easier to put on fire then a conventional modern Norwegian stone church building ! All the old Viking buildings that was burned down was all rebuilded and put up again later on. I think that period really was a unique and historical revolution without comparison. Today the focus is more on the music itself again, but you find some groups and units that still hold the fire and intense values of the old spirit.

Okay, it would be all on my part, if you have any interesting message for fans, you can write. Wish ENDEZZMA strong inspiration, creativity and black fire in the next dark years, thanks for the interview.
Thanks for the talk. We are currently working on our new album and the follow up to The Arcane Abyss, we can promise our followers a unique and intense journey in the shape of our next album, we will take everything to “higher grounds” and we’ll bring fire ,blood and death out on the roads as soon the album is out. See you then on bloodstained paths !


M. Shax                                                    9.4.2019 Mortuary
The Arcane Abyss