Engulfed in Obscurity
Turkey and Death Metal, yeah, this connection itself gives you to suspect something extraordinary and mad, maybe different approach in melodies and rhythms, maybe the minimal elements leaking into their harmonies that other bands do not have. ENGULFED is just such an interesting band that seems as a typical supporter of the classical HM2 school at first listens, but after a more detailed hearing the gates of darkness open and you will find their melody is completely different from Entombed or Dismember, ENGULFED are more devilish and raw. Just for these things I've decided to contact this band with "Through The Eternal Damnation" EP and especially the new debut  entitled "Engulfed In Obscurity", just the names are shivering. So let's take a look under the boiler lid... the questions were answered by Serkan (vox, bass).

Hello, ENGULFED has been around for about 7 years. How do you perceive your performance on the scene when you look back? What purpose did you form the band for?
Hi there! Seven years, yes. We worked hard on the album after our first EP. We played a lot of shows with great bands. We've just finished our first EU tour. The purpose is; playing Death Metal in an obscure form.

You have released 2 recordings so far, "Through The Eternal Damnation" EP and the new "Engulfed In Obscurity" album. Can you see any significant difference between them or you could talk about some progress? Is progress really important to you?
Actually when you listen both recordings, only difference is sound. The soul of the songs are the same. Maybe a bit long, full of hate and darkness.

Personally I was pleasantly surprised by your new CD, I would say you are playing the European form of Death Metal influenced by the Nordic way, but compared to most of the classic HM2 bands, you are adding more darkness, perversion and madness to your music. How do you personally perceive it?
We are not planning something when we start to write the songs. We just find some riffs, put them together and starting to work on the songs. I can say itís mixed with EU and US style Death Metal.

Your musical content is greatly represented by the names of the tracks, for example I would choose The Halls of Grim Eternity, Conqueror From Beyond The Outer Gates, Invocation of Death and Misery, Inseminated With Demon Seed or Mayhemic Flames of Doom. Those names, but certainly also lyrics, make shivers to the listeners. Do you take these themes as something deeper or you take it just as the classic clichť necessary for Death Metal?
Normally I read some books to find the names and write lyrics. And some really dark dreams, watching evil movies. Reading all lyrics of my favorite bands and their albums. The album title is the most important thing because you can see what is inside the album. And after, the song names and the lyrics.

What interests me most about your music is that your sound is closer to that Swedish-Finnish, but your harmony is not at all typical for bands from these countries, it does not contain so much typical melody, everything is even more decadent and more threatening. Where do you draw inspiration for writing music?
I need make some confession. Yes, the sound is like that as you write in the question but it wasnít our decision. But when mix and mastering is finished, we liked it. Because the soul of the songs with this sound, it was powerful and gave different atmosphere. The next recording will be different.

Many bands trying to sound like old school today are largely copycats of a particular band or two, three ones. Do you think there is still room for bands wanting to play old Death Metal, to bring something fresh or at least partially original? How do you perceive ENGULFED from this aspect?
There is only room for original ones. Not for repeaters. When you listen Engulfed songs, one riff has used only for one time. There is no repeat. A lot of different riffs has come together. I think thatís why a lot of people like the album and Engulfed has accepted to this category.

An important part of Death Metal, Metal in general, as well as music as such should be an atmosphere, that should be all about feelings, let they are whatever. Do you think your music emits some negative energies, sinister vibrations? Do you think your music may sound like something dangerous and diabolical for someone? I personally feel your music has unsettled, or unclean feelings and the atmosphere is wicked...
Ití all about darkness, pure evil, death and Satan. You can not find anything positive in our music. If you listen Engulfed, your brain slowly rots and your soul going deeper and deeper.

Some twisted and chaotic elements are definitely dominating your music, they are also used in some classical music works, for all we might perhaps name Igor Stravinsky of the more famous composers. What makes you most fascinated by the fact that also harmony can subjects to other tones, morbidity and the like opposite to music that is mostly present as a mainstream to a regular listeners?
Only one sentence; Just Death Metal.

Turkish Metal scene is certainly not one of the world's most renowned, but you definitely have your scene. Which Turkish Metal band would you picked out as the biggest and the most remarkable one?
I think itís Cenotaph. They are playing more than 20 years, they got 6 albums (if I am correct). We donít have too much bands in our scene you know. Most of them are posers and fake metalheads.

Ok, that would be all from me, thank you for answering questions and wish ENGULFED many more dark inspirations. Once again thanks!
Thanks! Keep supporting Engulfed! Cheers!


Serkan                                                     10. 8. 2017 Mortuary
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