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I was doing this interview a bit blindly because I never heard of the band, I just discovered them recently thanks to the teaser for their "Wisdom of the Dead" debut, which is released on the last day of 2018. Their occult Death Doom impressed me so much I decided to confess them and especially introduce this promising carcass from the German underground. Joining the occult Death Metal, or Death / Black with the sinister Doom Metal is definitely the right way, and I think it will be especially pleasing to the fans who had to involuntarily say goodbye to Necros Christos. When we add occult lyrics about death, dreams, and afterlife, there comes out the destructive mixture capable of killing almost everyone. They are no greenhorns, because they have been working under this name since the beginning of the millennium, and after many short materials, the time of their debut comes in full force. Answered by drummer Baal.

December 31, 2018 is release date of your "Wisdom of the Dead" debut with your logo metal pin. Why did you choose this special date? What were your main goals in making this material?
Thank you very much for the interest in our temple. The release date of 31th December was chosen as its the last day of the year and especially this day belongs to one of the most powerfulliest days, where the border to afterlife is open. Our main target with the album was to focus on the thematic: death and the hereafter in combination with the musical path we go: death metal.

Could you reveal anything about the debut cover artwork? Who is author of the idea and how did you find him? Did he have to read your lyrics, or did he only have a particular theme?
The artist who painted the artwork was Italian genius Paolo Girardi, the idea of the painted scenario came from me. In ancient times the rituals of necromancy were mostly done at tombs and graves of close family members or people where the individual had a strong connection to. Herbs and incense was burned in a chalice in front of the grave, it was mostly myrrh to get a better connection. People who celebrated these rituals then fall asleep and received answers in dreams. When I contacted Paolo, I gave him the background and core-thematic of our music, one song of our album, my idea and vision of the artwork and he exactly painted the image I had in mind.

At the end of the 80's and the early 90's, there was little information about extreme Metal bands, but today is the situation opposite due to internet, there is overage of bands and information. Which period was better to you? Is it necessary for the band to have an overview of the domestic, alternatively world wide scene or is it more likely bad for band?
You can see the internet always from different perspectives. People who have a strong and individual character or spirit will use the internet in a more carefully and different ways than a weak person. The internet is full of different kind of informations, the question is only: is it real or not? It's a medium and people need to find out themselves how to use it or not. On a way or another bands become for sure more known trough internet and different channels but on the other side there is so much information and process on the internet, that there is simply no time to consume it. So, everybody decide himself how much time he spend to find out about informations on the internet. I am myself rare on that and prefer to find informations on a more quick way due a book.

Do you think if someone starts playing in a band, will he also start to perceive music differently? Are you more selective now?
I think if somebody enter a band to become part of it and give his part of doing, he has a reason for it and visions how to create on his part the music.

Do you have any favorite occult writers who inspired you in lyrics?
Yes, I have several writers and as well individuals who inspired and influenced me strongly of what I am doing and especially how I see the world, mankind and other aspects, but this would take a bit too long to explain and name people. Most inspiration of what lyrics in GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE are about, I took from dreams, views from afterlife and rituals that took place by several occult societies back in time...

Do you think creativity is something inborn or it can be invoked, encouraged in any way?
That's really hard to answer in a short way… To believe something is weak, to know something is better! I think that creativity is part of each soul and sleep in your subsconsciousness. The question is, IF you have creativity, how to invoke it.

Can dreams be a gateway to other dimensions and provide important information about the future? The worst thing about dreams is they do not speak directly, but only symbolically.
Yes, they are! Dreams are something really powerful and you must understand what it is all about. It's not only a reaction of your brain or your biological body. Dreams can show moments of the future, as well as past because on the other side time like we know it here in present don't exist. It's just one: ALL-ONE. If the dream is not directly and clear to you, man must learn to read the symbols, smells, colors or situation that took place. Everybody, so as he is interested by this term, will find out how he do that on this path.

At the beginning you have played Drone / Ambient. What made you to change your style?
That‘s right, but there is no change. Let‘s see it this way, for sure we are rooted into Death Metal but to express you, especially when it comes to ambience, there are different ways.

Do they compare you in reviews to colleagues Necros Christos? What do you say about their work and that they do not plan to release any more albums? You definitely know the other Philosopher band from Saxony, which is no longer active. Do you think it's a chance to get them back together?
Indeed several people who listened our work compared us with NECROS CHRISTOS and I can and don‘t want to deny the influence. Demos and especially the „Grave Damnation“ release had such an impact to me! I am very sure that Mors Dalos Ra always knew what he do and that the temple of NECROS CHRISTOS have its reasons of their album releases. I respect his works and doings very much since the beginning, even when musical or philosophical views can go different directions and paths: there are always reasons for that. The fire of enlightenment can be found through different ways.

Do you prefer the sound of tapes, vinyl's, or CDs? Aren't you worried the CD sound can somehow harm your debut?
First I must make clear that without music I could not exist. Music always is a way to express and when it comes to the different formats its always a question of technics. Each format you name has different capacities and from a technical point also different sampling rates. Our album was recorded, mixed and mastered with the right and professional equipment by people who know what they do or did, to represent the audio-rituals on all formats. We are really happy with the result and would definitely not change anything.

According to your song titles you are dealing with necromancy in lyrics. What is your attitude to it? Do you think the dead could give information about the other world?
Necromancy is one fascinating ritual that had been always took part in most cultures on this planet. The dead can give information from the other side, the question is the way of communication and understanding. Dreams, rituals, places and even techniques (EVP) can further that, but at the end everybody make his own experiences. Thank you very much for your interest in our temple.


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Wisdom of the Dead