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Such as Deathronation, also an interview with GODLESS had taken a little longer time to realize because somewhat has still been complicating and later the band sent us new promo due which the questions had to be updated and thus even it all delayed again. The essential thing is today we can present you an interview with this Chilean beast relatively unknown in our area. The band became more known in the underground mainly due to "Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio" debut from 2010 and I have to not forget to mention even their first two demos and "Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante" EP from 2006. Recently this monstrosity presented split with their brothers Unaussprechlichen Kulten. But the band has already prepared a new material which will be out next year, recently we have published a review of the promo. Dive into the mad dark Death Metal of south American style, but everything else you will know directly in the interview, the questions were answered by V.D.A. Irrenemidis (vox) and Gioser Nasare (bass).

You are active already a decent 16 years on the scene. How can you see your way across the dark swamps for the time of your existence? Are you sometimes looking back what is behind you or you just go ahead and the only thing you care about is the presence?
V.D.A.Irrenemidis: Consistent is the key aspect that defines GODLESS’ timeline through its conceptual and sonic form. In addition, there’s an undeniable evolve in the way that we manifest ourselves through the band and with this we mean to open options and possibilities in how we feel/express Death Metal and essentially to legitimize an interpretation of Death defined as a living testimony of the band.

G.Nasare: Consequently, we feel nothing but pride when we look back and analyze nowadays what GODLESS is all about, in view of the fact that our history reveals an enviable coherence. Self-satisfaction is probably the right word which describes those who recognize themselves with an unquestionable and respectable history inside Death Metal from its inception, those who don’t need to forget their past due to the fact that it reveals consistency with our present and therefore our future. Anybody can machinate ‘the truth’ to common people but you can never fool yourself of what you truly are. There are not many bands here that could tell you the same after 18 years of impious commitment with this incessant way of Death.

So far you have released six regular recordings, from "Dominion" and "Promos" demos through the wonderful "Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante" EP, your debut full length "Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio", a split with your comrades UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, "Ontomorsophia" till actual but still unreleased “Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum“ MLP. Which recording do you consider as your best? Can you feel any development in your creation?
V.D.A.Irrenemidis: Every offering has a special value which expresses a specific moment of the band. We are very satisfied with what we have done so far because it comprises a process worked with accuracy and fundamentally with the most obscure and raw expression of Death Metal. We believe that the composition and sound in our latest works “Ontomorsophia” and “Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum” consolidates a stronger Death Metal that gives us less space for observations and/or improvements, therefore it reflects one of the highest standards of Darkness raised by ourselves…

G.Nasare: … but allow us to clarify that we do not see it as a restriction but an honest motivation to give continuity, to extend it… to go even further: Iter Ad Chaos.

Still let's come back to your superb "Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante" EP. This stuff contains six tracks with intro and outro including your first 'Dominion' demo with a length of almost 40 minutes., what is pretty decent for an EP. How did critics respond to this stuff? Where everywhere you sent the EP?
V.D.A.Irrenemidis: “Irreligiosus Nemine Discrepante” was the first stone that positioned GODLESS into the international scene. It was always valued for its natural sound and intention which shows in an extensive way the aspirations of the band. Reviews were always excellent and even nowadays we receive astonishing comments about it. Besides all these songs are essential parts of our live rituals.
G.Nasare: Tyrannus Records was the main responsible about the distribution of the MCD and Patricio Vera (owner of the label) told us that it was sent to several European countries as well as the cassette version that was released a few years later. While with the Double 7” EP Blood Harvest was in charge and Rodrigo Alfaro (BH mastermind) had/has a lot of distribution through labels as Iron Tyrant (Italy), Obliteration (Japan), Nuclear Winter (Greece) and so on, therefore it worked pretty good. On our part we focused on trade “Irreligiosus…” in all its different formats with individuals that share the same vision of how Death/Black Metal should be conceived. We were in contact with killer bands such as Hatespawn, Mefitic, Bloody Sign, Father Befouled, Voids Of Vomit, Perdition Temple, among others and zines as Voices From The Darkside, Downtuned & Morbid, Mystical Music, Crypts Of Eternity, just to name a few. It has a huge response from all corners of the orb but undoubtedly the main impact came from Brazil, Italy, Germany and Chile for sure.

Your debut got probably the most attention. What does this material mean to you? Is it just your another ordinal recording or it is something like settlement, look at all your past experiences? Are you taking it a little more than just another recording?
G.Nasare: “Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio” is the continuation of what was presented on “Irreligiosus…” but with less external influences therefore without any analysis of what was happening on the worldwide Death Metal scene. It is an opus that was conceived just by letting flow our darkest essence. Undeniably, the band was looking for something less obvious (both in tempo terms and conceptually as well), something more complex/intricate than the previous works, respecting as always what we all understand as Death Metal. Besides this, the contribution of Rod Fockale was magnificent. He joined us in the perfect moment as the lost piece that fixed perfectly to complete this magnum opus. It was definitely our apex of fullness back in that moment.

"Ecce Homo: Post Lux Tenebras, Pulsio XIII Ultima Ratio" has been released by Blood Harvest. How did you get to this label? Who contacted whom and have you signed a contract with them just for this debut only?
G.Nasare: We all discovered the label with “Recremation”, “Allegiance to the Will of Damnation” and “Chants of Grim Death”’ vinyls if I remember correctly and we were very impressed by the roster of bands that were signed at that moment and the profile of the label was very interesting as well. Likewise the quality of the editions was smashing. Well the first contact was made by Rodrigo a few months later after the releasing of “Irreligiosus…” asking us if there were any plans to release it on vinyl. We sent the physical MCD thus he may analyze the whole concept behind it and subsequently, we received his deep interest on release it as a double 7” EP. The negotiation with Blood Harvest was not for a limited quantity of releases but for what we were working in a specific moment.

I would say your Death Metal is like a fall into the vast bottomless pit full of disgust, repugnance, obscurity, madness, horror, grotesques and morbidity. I mean you do not play only plain rhythmic Death Metal, you add to it scary feelings making your music something deeper and more complex than just music to listen live and head banger...
G.Nasare: So much words of knowledge in here! The reading of our thoughts is a very complex thing which is narrowly related/extended to our Impious Death Metal, thus as you may probably infer we are not interested in create superfluous music for the masses with uninspiring common tastes but to solely satisfy ourselves with the most obscure Death Metal manifest granted by our congenital Darkness… all of you may remember the greatness and extensive of these words: Tenebras Intra Nos Est.

What inspires you most to writing the music? I feel it is not only old legends of Death and Black Metal or another musical influences, but also some occult literature and your inner twisted visions...
G.Nasare: Precisely. The congenital/continual/absolute Darkness with the real essence of Death Metal & Black Metal.

V.D.A.Irrenemidis: It’s undeniable the effect of some visions that capture our attention from the diversity of philosophical orientations. The essential thing is how we interpret those ideas in the framework of our opus because this concept gives tribute to the band and not vice versa. A tribute to GODLESS implicates that a main theme exists and this is DEATH!
There’re a lot of sources to mention in the philosophical-literary sphere, a lot of concepts from so diverse thoughts like the work of Sade, Feuerbach, Baudelaire, Cioran, Bataille, Nietzsche, Poe, Lovecraft, Derrida, among others. As I said before, here’re force ideas that are in position in a discourse which place an ideological identity for the band.

Our webzine also deals with the creation of American writer H. P. Lovecraft, so I got the classic question, how much this High Priest of Cthulhu influenced you?
V.D.A.Irrenemidis: Lovecraft is an essential mentor in the framework of the intellectual production of the occult. His ability to represent what is expressed beyond perception from a disturbing aesthetic has been often imitated but never equaled. We consider ourselves as admirers of his work and it’s a must to recognize him as an influence of how he approximates mankind to the obscure, to the representation of the chaotic and unfathomable that involves the fears of man regarding the limits of our experience. To sum up, Lovecraft’s work involves his reader or follower to an unconditional support and dedication to his representations.

Seems you hold the stable enough line-up for whole time of your existence. Seems, at least according to sources from the internet, you had only two former members, guitarist Carlos and drummer Rob. Do you think your current line-up is the best? Are you in contact with both former members of the Godless?
G.Nasare: Well that’s incorrect. We had a few changes on the strings department that are irrelevant to be explained at this time because it was finally solved in MMV (a.b.) with the entering of Rod Fockale. Recently (last year) we lost our longtime brother in arms and original drummer Rob A. (though we are obviously still in contact with him) position who was proudly entrusted to the unbeatable and also longtime coreligionist P.Clares who also play in Black Metal acts as Perdition and Hades Archer. So, the current line-up is: P.Clares [drums], Rod Fockale [guitars], V.D.A.Irrenemidis [vocals] and G.Nasare [bass].

V.D.A.Irrenemidis: A key compromise exists between the brotherhood of GODLESS in function of our obscure Metal devotion. This is the main aspect when we think in stability levels that could be present in the line-up of the band. As G.Nasare previously said there were some changes in the past but GODLESS’ identity is preserved above anything else!

Uh, Chilean scene is my matter of heart, I think despite size of your country and population, you have incredible large amount of great bands that are devoted to obscurity, darkness, horror, ancient pagan rituals etc like you. I could name dozens of Chilean bands fascinating me, and there will always pop up a new band that is breathtaking and making you shivers. Are you proud you come from Chile? Do you like your Metal scene?
G.Nasare: We don’t want to raise high the flag of Chile like a bunch of acephalous usually do stupidly proclaiming ‘if it’s Chilean it’s good’, what a brainless quote! But yes, there’re bands that are doing unbelievable things full of conviction behind their work. Almost all of them had already been signed by some foreign label, something that works pretty good as a filter of what’s perceiving people outside of our country.

One of the latest materials you have recorded is the split with UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN where you have introduced a new Ontomorsophia track. I have to say this song is one of the scariest I've had the opportunity to hear from you. Is this song a vision for the future direction of GODLESS?
V.D.A.Irrenemidis: It is, indeed… but do you think that this track (entitled Mors: The Verb, The Antinomy by the way) is too different from our previous releases? We think not! But it’s undeniable the increasing of a perturbing and asphyxiating atmosphere which is the horizon that rule the work of what we are doing nowadays.

After the split there comes "Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum" stuff which I know already and I'm going to review it. This four tracks material only convinces me of your fixed position in a Death Metal underground a fanatic commitment to create monolithic terror by four musical instruments. Are you satisfied with this latest material? Any release date?
G.Nasare: We won’t give you all an exact date when it will be out (because of the continual delays) but the next offering is “Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum” 12”MLP which is going to be released by the United Kingdom’s based label Me Saco Un Ojo. Those who find an abyssal pleasure on ‘Ontomorsophia’ split 7” may go deep into the bowels of the infinite obscurity with these four cacophonies which, by the way, were originally intended to be part as a split vinyl with US Death Metal legion Blaspherian.

Where the new MLP was recorded and what atmosphere prevailed in the studio? Do you have prepared a cover artwork for it? Can you tell us more details about the MLP?
G. Nasare: “Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum” was perpetuated in the same recording session than “Ontomorsophia”. Hence and for the uninformed it was recorded by our current drummer P. Clares at the infamous DM6. The studio was (as always) surrounded by the deathlike energy that flows through our inner Chaos and Darkness. An extension of our recording was properly done by God Of Torment from Wrathprayer at his personal studio (Equinox) where he contributed recording an introit to the opening track Onto-Thanatos: Horror Vacui and also a midtro that was entitled as Chaosiseneg. All visual aggression is already done as well; Alex Tedín (who already worked with Blessed Offal, Grave Miasma, and Craven Idol) was in charge of the whole beyond comparison layout and Daniel Corcuera from Nekronikon/Slaughtbbath was the chosen one to represent again our twisted visions on the front cover artwork and also on the silkscreening side of the vinyl. We owe nothing but respect to all of you coreligionists of Death! (“To the dead we owe the truth”)

What is your look at general direction of Metal in the world? I think the late 80's and early 90's Metal scene was different; today it seems all the best is concentrated in the deepest underground. Is there some commercialism and puerility of many bands and genres in Chile as well?
G. Nasare: From our point of view this is like every cycle in any corner of the orb: a strong circle of acts that delivers such passion and honesty throughout their work keeping their spirit untouched by the pressure of time and tendencies, things that for us are so relevant to not only create Metal but to incarnate an ideological basis. That transcends! Not the lot of futile swills that will jump to the next movement leaving behind such relevant things as the legitimization of a genuine position, incorruptible in some way.
In Chile we deeply respect the circle of bands we usually play with because of their commitment with real Metal and fearing not to sound self-referential GODLESS is also a clear example of that.

V.D.A. Irrenemidis: We are neither trying to emulate an ‘old school’ Death Metal sound nor to incarnate the spirit of a temporary state of some scene… our Impious Death Metal flows in a natural way according to how we feel it. GODLESS never search a fast acceptance through some canon or standard and social legitimization which in most of the cases gives a guarantee to be seen as part of some ‘scene’.

Ok, that would be all from me, thank you for answering my questions and wish Godless darkest inspiration and a great fan response to your ungodly music, thanks again!
V.D.A. Irrenemidis: We appreciate your interest in knowing more about GODLESS. The only thing that we want to add is what’s coming will be always representative of what we have already said and done.

G. Nasare: DEATH METAL as experience of Chaos!


V.D.A. Irrenemidis, G. Nasare                     
2.12.2015 Mortuary
Impious Supremacy Upheaval