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HOLOCAUST LORD, the name that will probably not say that much to you, so we decided to introduce the band to Slovak and Czech fans and to say the truth, it was unknown death card also to us, until the band itself didn't contact us. There are active only since 2014 and so far they released "...Go To Hell" demo and "Pure Holocausting Hell" EP. Already by the names of their releases must be clear to everyone there will not be any progressive and sophisticated music, but cruel portion of nasty and carbonized Metal. Specifically the band is labeled as Black / Speed Metal and they stand strong their feet in the old honest mud. HOLOCAUST LORD is the four horsemen of the apocalypse among which we find the Phlegathon, known also from Burialkult band. Guys come from Canada and certainly their best times lie ahead, so get ready for a putrid typhoon, let's begin! Questions were answered by Phlegathon (vox).

Hell-o, your band is relatively new, you have been formed in 2014, while your music is old like, somewhere in the 80s. Seems that you want to keep the flame of an old Metal even in this modern age. Why did you form the band? What was the initial idea to form HOLOCAUST LORD and play what you are playing?
Hails Mortuary. We formed Holocaust Lord mainly from the idea that amongst the current back drop of metal there needs to be more rawness and attitude and evil. I personally feel that metal is becoming watered down, diluted and weak and there is too much politics these days and not enough fuck you. The 80’s flame you describe is a direct by product of this. The 80’s and early 90’s was a time when metal was pure visceral and uncompromising. It flew in the face of the mainstream collective and was considered dangerous. I think a lot of people these days are still drawn to that as well. To me that is what meal represents. (Fuck you) the middle finger! Holocaust lord will keep the 80's fire lit always!

Your first release was "...Go To Hell" demo in 2014. What were your impressions when the material was finally out and you have listened a tape home from the player? Was it exactly what you wanted to hear? Are you happy how the material sounds?
The “Go to Hell” demo tape was a very early incarnation of what we are now. I don’t really listen to it as it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. That said… It has received positive reviews and people seem to like it so that's good. I personally like the songs but don’t like the way it was recorded. 

Could you write how the demo has been recorded, under what conditions and what atmosphere reigned during recording? It is a classic underground work in all its aspects, including illustration artwork and b/w versions. Have you got good responses to "... Go To Hell"?
Our old bass player recorded it. We recorded it in his basement under less than “conventional” settings. I seem to remember much beer drinking and the smell of cat piss. The art work was done by Mark Riddick as he does all of our illustrations.  Again; yes we seemed to have gotten mostly a good response on that demo.

About a year and half later you have released new "Pure Holocausting Hell” EP. How would you compare it with the previous demo? Seems that you didn't astray and your infernal Black Speed Metal knows no mercy!
The Pure Holocausting Hell EP so far is our defined style and sound, it is black speed metal. The song writing has progressed and is much different from the demo. This EP is what Holocaust Lord is and what you should expect from us in the future. Pure Holocasting Hell!!!

You have made 100 copies of the new stuff which sure got into the hands of those real metalheads. Is the whole press fully sold out? Will you do also second press if there will be interest from the side of fans?
Yes we limited the EP to only 100 copies. It was originally only supposed to be another demo but we decided to say fuck it and make it into an EP instead and release it our selves. I think by the time this interview is published you will be able to find the EP on BARBARIAN WRATH. We have some CD’s still and might repress them in the future depending. We’re more into working on new blasphemies than revisiting old ones.

Your music is a rusty nail into the eye of all posers in a Metal company, utter filth, insolence, madness and all that goes with it, just an old Metal in his early and pure form. What does HOLOCAUST LORD mean to you? How do you get along with each other as band members?
Hey you really “nailed” it with that description. Holocaust Lord is the fist in the face of all lame metal trend.  We don’t give two shits about how we are received locally or abroad and never will. To us Holocaust Lord means total violence and evil, death and destruction. We hate humans and life and feel that everyone should know this. There can be no compromise only total Holocaust.

I like that your riffs are sharp and wildly played with absolute enthusiasm and fanaticism while guitar leads are pretty decently technically played with murderous feeling. Who does create individual songs for HOLOCAUST LORD? What compositional process must pass off the track to be your true face?
K.K Destructor writes the music, we all come together on composition in the end. If the riffs K.K plays are evil and uncompromising; and they always are, they pass. Simple. 

Many bands create Metal nowadays, yet they have no catchy songs, good composition or breathtaking dynamics, they often complicates everything and in the end it is senseless stew. How do you see today's Metal bands? Do you think the 80s and 90s bands were more devoted to Metal?
I don’t really listen to much new metal these day to be honest. I find most of it is too pussy. I’d say the key to any good song writing is all about understanding hooks and having catchy dynamics of course! Today too many bands only understand how to be annoying and try to be tech all the time or too brutal. All it proves is that you’re gay and can play fast and solo well. I personally have no time for technical metal and would much rather listen to something that is raw and evil. Metal is more than just being able to play well, it's about the right attitude and head space. The 80’s and some 90’s bands were devoted to true metal! Absolutely!

You come from Canada as your countrymen BLASPHEMY, a band that achieved a lot and their logos are worn by many freaks on denim or leather jackets. How do you personally see this band which is still active? Do you find them as an inspiration? Do you think the Canadian scene has or had a major impact on the overall Metal scene?
I haven’t listened to Blasphemy for about 20 years or something, not because I don’t like them but because there’s so much other metal to listen to. They were pioneers back in the day for sure, and are still raw and evil today. Personally I only listen to Gods of war, It is really good shit! I would say many people see Blasphemy as being an inspiration, still especially within the Canadian black metal scene. There have been heaps of great bands that have come out of Canada and made a huge impact like Voivod, Razor, Slaughter… etc. That being said, I don’t really follow the Canadian scene too much to be honest.

So far you release all by yourselves. Is this your deliberate way or you don't exclude cooperation with some label? What is your general attitude to the labels? Do you have any dream label under which you can imagine work of HOLOCAUST LORD?
Actually we just recently signed with BARBARIAN WRATH records in Germany. We are in the process of writing our first debut full length for them. It basically took us a while to find the right label, with the  right attitude and vision. If you’re not on a record label it’s very unlikely that you’ll get anywhere in a very overly saturated metal scene where there is a new band every day! Support is very important even with all of the free music sites like soundcloud, Bandcamp, youtube etc…

Your live performances must have brutal energy. How often do you play live? Could you write what bands have you played with and which ones are your brothers in Metal? Would you like to get HOLOCAUST LORD to the European tour?
Yes when Holocaust Lord plays live we don’t fuck around. We want total destruction every time. We don’t like to play too often as the metal scene in Canada pretty much sucks and we only play with bands we like and who are evil or who are on the same level as us like The Golers or Black Rat to name only a few because there are too many. We almost played with Venom which would’ve been cool because we’ve been listing to them for years but they had to cancel, so that sucked. We’ve played with lots of bands, too many to mention. Let's see what happens with the release of our album and we’ll talk about euro-tour. But of course we would play Europe!

Ok, that would be all from me. Hope I do not forget any important thing, if so, you have the space. Thank you for this interesting interview and wish HOLOCAUST LORD blasphemous inspiration and more bloody years under the rule of a Goat!
Thank you very much for the interview.  Keep your ears and eyes open for our album coming out soon on BARBARIAN WRATH RECORDS!  Hail Satan!



http: //holocaustlord.bigcartel.com

Phlegathon                                                5. 3. 2016 Mortuary
Pure Holocausting Hell