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Liquid Decadence
We are pleased we can now introduce you interview with a relatively new Norwegian KATECHON band. Its history is quite short, the band was formed in 2011 and so far they released only two demos, a first Rehearsal of 2011 and the second one in 2012, especially the second demo cost for your attention. But the breakthrough came in 2013 when their "Man, God, Giant" debut was released by Nuclear War Now! Productions, in my view one of the best albums of 2013. Their old school Black / Death has the right essence of old 80s classic Metal, yet stunning atmosphere and fanatical work done. Questions were answered by guitar P.G.

Hell-o, recent news say you are going to release a new album, how it will be different from 'Man, God, Giant'? At what stage is it? Could you reveal also some tentative release date?
It will be very different from MGG. It still sounds like Katechon, but it is much darker and twisted. A tentative release date is difficult to set because of the logistics with pressing an album. We are all done on our side. The rest is up to NWN! Productions.

Do you take KATECHON as a band with certain development, or you are old school band without evolution and playing own honest old school Death / Black Metal? Do you think this label is peculiar to you?
We are not trying to be old school at all. That would be totally meaningless. The fact that we don't like modern production values does not make us an old school band. Our approach to music is constantly developing and Katechon will always strive to convey darkness, delirium, insanity and disease.

You are from Norway, wonderful Nordic country full of old myths, legends, history, also breathtaking nature and not least, the country largely promised to Metal in general. Do you think you have something common with the old honest Norwegian BM of 90s? Does your inspiration comes also from this period and what do you think of all those legends as Emperor, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc.?
Every country is full of old myths. I really detest the "blackpackers" and their approach to the horrible "True Norwegian Black Metal" phenomena. Emperorm, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and Thorns are important bands in the evolution of black metal. But we see no point in copying those. There are inspirations from those bands, but also from bands as Old Samael, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Voivod, Possessed, Bathory, Master's Hammer, Beherit and so on. Bands that don't have anything to do with Norway.

For me personally you are original enough band. Although your music is built on the old Death / Black, it is hard to compare you to some big names, even in the review I didn't mention any similar band. Do you think you're original band? Are you trying to sound original?
We are not trying to be original for the sake of being original. All members have different sources of inspiration. There is hints of Magma, Old NWOBHM, Black Metal, Death Metal and obscure hardcore/punk in the mix. It's not progressive in an hippy dippy way, but rather oppressive and twisted.

Your debut is exceedingly succeeded, it is a well composed, even I like also the technical side and the atmosphere. What is your view at it now? Would you changed something?
It has some very good tracks. In retrospect it might sound a bit polished. Coronation will rectify those points.

What feedback have you got to 'Man, God, Giant'? I am particularly interested in those critical ones, what were you most criticized for, if even?
The feedback has been great. Some people have not understood the lyrics or our approach, but that is of no concern to us.

I appreciate the amazing sound you have reached on the debut, I would use words like dark, cold, frosty, creepy. Have you had any clear idea of ??your sound before entering the studio? However the sound of debut is a little different opposite demo... Was it your first experience with a professional studio?
We have our own studio. Both the demo and the album is recorded there by us. The approach for the Demo was different. Thicker guitarsound and a more haphazard way of recording. As for the sound we are going for... Darkness, chaos and confusion. That will be more evident in our next album. We always use old equipment (not for the sake of being oldschool, but for the sound we are getting with it). Old tubeamps, passive pickups, old drum mixing techniques and so forth.

Feelings of darkness, horror, madness and bizarre constantly beat in your music. If someone wouldn't felt a huge rush of darkness in your music, there would be probably something wrong. How much important is atmosphere in your music? Many bands try to achieve the atmosphere using a variety of unconventional tools, female vocals, sound, but you did it using only classical instruments and your own inventiveness ...
Atmosphere is paramount! Atmosphere trumps everything. "Coronation" is much more unconventional, but not in the way of female vocals and things like that. It's pure deranged darkness.

What themes do your lyrics deal with? The name 'Man, God, Giant' sounds mysteriously enough, could you say something more about it and also about the author of lyrics? What all are you influenced with in this sphere?
The lyrics deal with the ungraspable. It deals with fear, disease, death, addiction, blasphemy, isolation and destruction. Our vocalist is the author of the lyrics and are influenced by all the demons this world and the beyond has to offer.

Which your song do you take as the best? Personally I like the most Beautiful Desolation, it has an crazy gradation, unconventional melodies, strange mood changes, and I think this song is your showcase...
Beautiful Desolation might be the song that hints the most at our next album, but also "Endless Funerals". Twisted arrangements and unusual harmonies abound.

How can you see today Metal in general compared to metal scene of 80s and 90's? Do you think this music is still developing or it is rather in dead end? Which albums are the most important ones for you, which ones most influenced and inspired you? Is there a band whose logo would you put a tattoo?
I think the metal scene is much more healthy today. The 80's had really strong bands, but at the end of the 90's to many bands started to clone each other. Black Metal became boring, and death metal became a sport with triggers and a idiotic quest for speed. Important albums: To many to mention. It would include albums by Magma, Swans, The first 3 Bathory albums, Master's Hammer, Beherit +++ As for tattooing a band logo... Well who knows?

What about Norway and modern bands? Have you been interested by something? I would like to mention names like Execration, Obliteration, Diskord, Mare ...
Norway has a really strong scene these days. Execration, Obliteration, Diskord, Mare, OTOH, Faustcoven, Dodsengel, Saligia, Infant Death.. The list goes on.

Ok, that would be all on my part, hope I did not forget anything essential, if so, you can write anything to your fans. Thank You for this interview and wish KATECHON the most destructive and crushing ideas, thanks again!
Thank you! Await the "Coronation"!


P.G.                                                        21.11.2014 Mortuary