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Eon of Cycling Death
First they were called Morbid Tendency, the band was formed in 2007 at Yokne'am in Israel by Alex. The only two members, Alex (bass, guitar, vocals) and Tom Davidov (Drums) are known names associated with Sonne Adam, Alex is their former member and Tom still operates in this better known band. Under the old name Alex released two demos 'The Old Adam' 2008 and '... Bleeding Demos ...' 2010, then they had renamed to current KEVER! Last year they published their first work as an EP called 'Eon of Cycling Death'. Interesting material got our very positive review and that was the main reason to make this interview. Questions took the vocalist and guitarist, bassist Alex.

Hell-o, could you a little introduce KEVER? It is known first you had MORBID TENDENCY name and have been active seven years which is quite enough time. Why that change, the change of band name, as if you started from the beginning? Was MT music similar to KEVER´s?
Hello, Well Basically MT cannot be considered seriously since it was just a project I did for my self for fun...
Just recorded in a very poor way at home some songs that I wrote. Finally some years later when I decided that I have to take this project to another level and make a record in a real studio a new band name was needed as well, a name that fits the music and the lyrical concept but the same time doesn't sound too obvious which is pretty hard those days when everything is saturated over the top... thus the name was changed to "KEVER" which is grave in Hebrew.

Another important band where you have been playing is already well-established SONNE ADAM. Could you clarify why you left this band? Do you like their creation?
Sonne Adam is one of the best bands of their genre in this days in my opinion, they have their own style and sound which is pretty unique this days...
I never wrote or recorded anything for this band, basically I joined this band to replace their vocalist/bass player for an European tour with the Swedish band GRAVE who left the band right before that tour.

Finally we can go to new KEVER EP, how long has it been writing? Have you had any problems at writing process or everything went smoothly?
I took time to write those songs as I do most of the time when I write material, because as time goes I always find new Ideas how to improve the song both lyrical and musical.

How are you satisfied with 'Eon of Cycling Death' EP, would you change anything now? To me it is a brilliant journey through plains of death, very good work as from compositional as well as atmospheric view.
Thank you for the good words, yes I'm satisfied with the final result but if you ask me now if I would change any thing? Yes I would change, there are always things to improve.

What is most important to you at writing process to be satisfied with the track? Could you write which song you think is the best from 'Eon of Cycling Death' and why? Personally I prefer Under Dark Eclipse track, but of course the whole material is amazing...
I would also agree with you regarding the "under dark eclipse" track, yeah I think its the best one on the Ep.
What comes about the important things in the writing process, well for me it's always important how the riffs are fit together with their structure and their progression in the song. I like the riffs to be catchy without being cheesy of course, something you can bang your head to it while immersing into the overall atmosphere.

Is KEVER your personal vision of Death Metal as you would like Death Metal should sound? In my review I mentioned I cannot compare your music to any big Death Metal band, but even smaller band. What does originality mean to you? Do you think KEVER is band which we can say that is original?
Originality is very important for me, I would hate to sound like some particular band, I try to take many influences from different sources, all of the element that I like in death metal and other genres I try to combine in my music, not focusing only in one direction.
Also the lyrical ideas are more into the stuff I personally believe, trying to avoid these over saturated and mostly boring "gore" and "Satan" shit hehe.

I like your music contains a lot of atmosphere and negative feelings, I think the atmosphere is a very important part of extreme music. How are you trying to incorporate atmosphere into your work? Can you feel the atmosphere already at writing the first song riff, but that feeling will come later when the song has an comprehensive structure, or it will arise even at recording in the studio?
Most time when the song is ready I'm able to imagine its atmosphere before it goes to be recorded, sometimes I know exactly how it supposed to sound in my head.
Elements of the vibe and atmosphere are very important and those are the things that I want to take to another level on the future releases.

Is 'Eon of Cycling Death' something like a building block for further development? Do you think your manuscript could change in the future so the new stuff would sound completely different? Will be KEVER the band that doesn’t wants to record two similar recordings?
Lets say that "'Eon of Cycling Death" was kind of experimental... I'm still searching for right sound, there is always the will to progress and to become better, and to change things overall... It's gonna remain evil and heavy with the right atmosphere hehe, but it won't be the exactly the same as before.

Cover art of your EP is very interesting. Could you write something more how you got this drawing, if it was drawn to order for KEVER and who is its author?
The art was done by - Raul Gonzalez, a very talented artist in my opinion, I had the concept for the artwork already in mind, all the details you see there, are stuff that I wanted to be on the art, and those details have connection with the lyrics and the EP title, even if you look at the song titles you will find the connection. Then I found Raul who I thought would be great for this job and the rest is history.

Theme of your cover art is very dark and perfectly suits to the music you're doing, ancient ziggurats which evaporates some miasma at solar eclipse, I adore just these subjects. Are you interested in lost ancient civilizations? Which old civilization is closest to you?
I'm mostly interested in the lost ancient civilizations that existed on earth Tens of thousands of years ago, they were highly developed technologically and build many phenomenal structures like the pyramids in Egypt and the "Saqsaywaman" in Peru, but we don't have much information regarding those obscure times... and those objects are very a few from what have remain ... official science simply denying these theory because the books are already written and nobody is going to change the history, or the truth is so out of this world and mind blowing that they keep lying to us... but this is a big subject and I could talk for hours about this stuff hehe.

Do you think ancient people had more mature mind and knew much more than we know today? I do not know if you are interested in theories of Zecharia Sitchin, who held the view, that even before many thousands of years we have been visited by extraterrestrial civilization, which had a large share on our development...
I'm sure that ancient people knew much more than we today as you say. I do think that many thousand of years there was a highly developed civilization that was much ahead of our modern civilization... you can find it traces all over the world... as I said before, the official science and the government are hiding the truth from us and mostly brain washing through many methods of manipulation such as religion, and I find this ironic cause in my opinion god of the bible that is basically "gods" in the older versions of bible later on translated to one "god" but in fact I believe there was many of those "gods" as people called them, the same gods you can find in every myth of an ancient culture , it hard to tell who they were but I do think they have an extraterrestrial roots, every ancient culture had the same knowledge regarding those "gods" that could fly in their "chariots" and made wars with each other. And created the first type of human being in their image and form.

Seems that death itself is central theme of KEVER, what do you think about the death? Do you believe death is the physical and spiritual end of human? Why do you think we are born, we had a few years to die? Haha, quite a philosophical question...
Well, the questions about death are asked by many but nobody have an answer...the occult subjects around it attract me, when a physical body dies you clearly know that it came to it's end of existence and next what going to happen is that it gonna rot... but the most frightening subject is what is going to happen next, on the spiritual side.. I believe that there is an astral body as well.
Why we are born? I personally see no reason for that besides the sake of it, its just the algorithm of the universe to keep evolving all the time.

What are you plans with KEVER this year? Will we see some new stuff? Do you already have written some new riffs or songs? What about live activities? Do you take the band only as a studio project, or you are gaining some session members for stage performances?
No big plans for this year specifically, but working on new songs right now, not long ago there was the first ever live gig with a full line up as well, and probably there will be some more in the near future. Hope we will make it to play abroad in the future as well.

That would be all from me, if I forgot something essential, you have the space. Is there any KEVER merch? Thanks for answering my questions and wish you a lot of inspiration for new stuff, Horns Up!
Thank you very much for the interview and the interest, there is no merch yet, probably there gonna be some in the near future, stay tuned.


Alex                                                    27. 9. 2014 Mortuary