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Lethargy of death
Emiaj is a musician who started in 2000 his funeral one man band LETHARGY OF DEATH project, which seeds the gloomy mood of Grim Reaper presence in the world. "Necrology" debut album isnít maybe so famous over here, but everyone who searches for atmospheric Funeral Doom, he would try to listen to it. Some exotic feeling is guaranteed by a fact Emiaj lives in distant Chile, but there is no need to worry for distribution because Endless Winter label is based in Russia. Since the "Necrology" was released in August 2010, he could have done some new songs, but Emiaj itself will say more.

Hi, can you say what's up in LETHARGY OF DEATH? The debut "Necrology" album was released quite a long time ago. Have you got some new songs? How are you satisfied with reviews on the debut, there was enough of them? What would you say about your lyrics? Are they important to you? Do they have some deeper meaning or they only serve as accompaniment for music?
In these moments Iím working on new songs composition, although in a slowly way because of some technical adjustments.
In addition, Iím very satisfied and grateful for the critics Iíve read; there are a lot of them.
About the lyrics, theyíre a lot more than a simple accompaniment. They reflect an estuary of thoughts, feelings, own experiences, and how I assimilate certain themes of life in general.

How is it possible the Chilean band's album was released by the Russian Endless Winter label? Are you satisfied with their distribution? Will you continue with them in the future?
Iím very comfortable in ďEndless WinterĒ, and I appreciate their interest and confidence to Lethargy of death. Undoubtedly, I hope to continue with this record label in future.

Why did you decided to play just funeral doom, and not e.g. death / black metal? And actually do you fit LETHARGY OF DEATH into funeral doom genre, or that box is tight for you? I suppose you probably do not play live gigs since you're in charge of everything yourself. Would you like more band members? Does this suit you, or it is difficult to find someone else?
Funeral Doom was simply the best style adapted to the ideas, and the feelings of what I wanted to do as a music project. Regarding to playing live, Iíve already decided not to do it; I think this kind of music isnít for stages, and personally, I donít feel the need.
On the other hand, Iíve think about adding someone or other female voice, but itís not sure yet, and regarding to the music per se, Iíll keep doing it, and creating everything by myself. I prefer it in that way.

Is it difficult for you to create a song? How long does it usually take and where you are drawing inspiration, from other funeral doom bands or from completely different genre? What are your favorite albums, or what recently disappointed you most?
Itís been a little bit complicated for me lately, for no having certain technical tools that would do a better work; moreover, inspiration doesnít came in the perfect moment, however, all the time Iím creating new compositions, some of them convince me,  but not all of them.
Iíve heard Dreams after death band recently, which has been very nice to me, musically speaking; however, the sleeve (directly speaking) is the ugliest thing Iíve ever seen.

It is interesting there are always present keys in your music to create a strong mystical atmosphere. Do you think true funeral doom should be built on the atmosphere? Would you prove to listen to your music alone in the middle of the forest at night? Also all your cover arts are interesting, where have you got them from?
I donít know if Funeral Doom should be only in one way. From my point of view, atmospheric part is essential in my project. I like to unleash sensations according to the lyrics; I love to play with weird sounds, visceral ones; to create instruments and new sounds, whenever theyíre well combined with what I want to give expression in that moment. Itís like going to an art exhibition and give it your own interpretation.
Regarding to the discs pictures, they have been created by me, and some of them are borrowed with some modifications. Iíve drawn my entire life and I like to do it, nowadays I work creating designs for my next disc, in fact, Iíve already develop more than the front cover of the disc, that will be named ďDeath is the throne where my poem dwellsĒ.

Are you interested in the Chilean mythology? What's your stance on the Mayan civilization? Do you know how they disappeared? How do you feel there are no castles in America? Do you have there any interesting cultural heritages, or natural attractions? Maybe some long, dark caves...
Chile is very rich in mythology, and deserves the interest of any person that likes mythology in general, although my lyrics have a different approach. The beings I occasionally talk in my lyrics are from my own nightmares, nightmares that follow me since I was a kid.
Regarding to your question about the Mayas, I can only say that itís another mystery in life.
I love architecture and mediaeval period; in Chile Iíve had the pleasure of enjoying south woods and all their legends.

Do you think only death is certain?
Death is true, in the sense of stop existing as we know. Death is more for the body than consciousness.

Ok, that would be all from me, thanks for the interview and you have the last words for fans. Can you write your current top 5?
It only remains for me to say: thank you for the interview, thanks to Endless Winter label, and thanks to all de people interested in this particular style of music.
I hope to launch the disc as soon as possible, and say that Lethargy of Death is an active project, which still has a long life ahead.


Emiaj                                                           18. 3. 2012 Storm