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Dark French catacombs hide quite a few undead zombies and today we will shine on those who have already passed their own death. Resurrected MERCYLESS come after three long years since the first posthumous album to mercilessly struck again into the murky surface of old-school Death Metal water and trigger massive tsunami. With the new "Pathetic Divinity" album they made it clear the French DM can still compete with the world scene and at the same time they can celebrate 30th anniversary. 34 minutes of blasphemous DM can drive your blood as well as fall into the bloody well. Questions were answered by founding member Max Otero (vox, guitar).

Greetings. What was your  main intent to compose a new album? What does it express or what is most different opposite the previous "Unholy Black Splendor" album?
Max Otero/Hello! We were excited about recording "Pathetic divinity", because we had a lot of new ideas and a very precise vision of the result we were expecting, unlike the last album, this one is more intense, direct, aggressive and "evil"...

What was the most challenging song to write for this album? Do you think it is your best album so far?
Max Otero/ Simply "Pathetic Divinity" ....the last song we have composed for this new album.....this song is epic, heavy, raw and without compromises .....and with evil lyrics!!!! Intense and fast !!!  We love this song......

Which bands have the biggest impact on your work? Was it easy for you to deflect from them and go your own way?
Max Otero/ It has always been the same type of bands that influences us, those who marked us a lot in the 90's..Old school roots basically! From Morbid Angel to Immolation, as well as Death, Pestilence etc... We don't ask ourselves if we sound closer to a band or another, we have a firm musical past that allows us to evolve in our own style.

There is big onset of new bands with HM2 distortion in Sweden now. What is your attitude to this wave, or which bands do you like most of them?
Max Otero/ So in fact I think that's today it's a little bit easy to get this particular Swedish sound .... .and a little bit trendy for sure .....there 's nothing original ....and it's always the same concept with lot of Swedish bands based on the same way of sound .....for me I prefer the old stuff of Grave, Entombed, Dismember .....the new bands are ok but I m too old school !

How the recording was going on the "Pathetic Divine" album?
Max Otero/ We started the pre-prod of this album in September 2015 and the recording in Nov/Dec 2015, we proceeded like the later album, the drums were recorded in a studio such as the guitar, bass and vocals, then mixed at Psykron Studio and mastered at Conkrete Studio , France. We worked a lot on the arrangements and the settings of this album, we wanted it more direct and organic than the usual production nowadays!

Lyrically you are dealing mainly the criticism of Christianity and politics. The policy has an impact on everyone, but what impact has Christianity on you or the other band members? Does it have a lot of power in France?
Max Otero/ I merely speak of things that drive more and more peoples' lives in general, in the bad direction. The explosive mixture of religion and politics that severs us nowadays. We're in a world where obscurantism is law, religion is devious and foolish obedience. All of this within the omnipresence of social medias in this 2.0 Earth. There's no remarkable impact in France, just insidious and dangerous fanatism, where Chaos collides with Foolishness.

I saw you have recently bought a new BC Rich guitar. What was the main reason to buy and what does it mean for you?
Max Otero/ We were lucky to tour with Death in 93' and play with Chuck's guitar backstage! And I told myself that one day it'll be mine, I waited all those years to find it and I'm really glad of this guitar and what it represents to me, because I always have the face of Chuk Schuldiner in mind when I grab it !

Many ones certainly do not know why you have been broken up actually, it was probably quite a long period of inactivity.
Max Otero / Let's say that we stood-by in 2001 for a lot of reason, we didn't managed to take any pleasure out of it, we didn't like the Metal Scene present at this time, we needed some time to think so we made another band with the same musicians, a totally different type of music, we learned a lot about recording and production, then we missed Mercyless too much and 10 years later it was time to come back because we had a lot to show off yet, and this album is a proof!

In recent years Death Metal moves to underground scene where arise more new bands. Is the situation similar in France as well?

Max Otero/ We can same the situation is a bit similar, even if in France Commercial Metal is the master of these grounds... There is another really developed underground scene that makes it best to keep it up, it's an everyday fight, because we don't have the same advantages of course. I think that in the last 5 years, a lot of bands showed up in France, dark and violent, a reborn for the metal scene.

What is your attitude to Black Metal? Some dissonant Black Metal spreads over France headed by Deathspell Omega band.
Max Otero/ I really REALLY don't like the voices in black metal, they piss me off so much. I may like Bathory but all those frog like voices emerged from the 90's annoy me. But I like the rough and tough aspect of Black Metal, violent, disturbing, very direct and "punk" in a way. I like Carpathian Forest, Mortuary Drape, Taake and so but I don't get the success behind Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal. Maybe were they here first...

Where is the best place for you to play live? Each country has a different atmosphere and people.
Max Otero/ I think we must, as a band, play wherever we are allowed to, and as a social experiment it's nice to see the behavior of the audience in each country. I'd say France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland have really enthusiast audiences that like to react during the shows, Then there is Germany, Austria, Holland with an audience more attentive and careful, but wherever it's the band that has to show off anything! I'd like to visit South America because I heard they were savage!

Besides Eiffel Tower Paris is also well known for its notorious endless catacombs in underground. Have you ever visited them?
Max Otero/ Yes I visited them years ago, I don't think we still can nowadays... It's very impressive and it grows the dark and deceasing imagery, isn't it ?

What bands interested you most recently? Do you have any message for the fans? Thanks for answering my questions and keep it going
Max Otero/ Thanks a lot for this interview ! I listen a lot to the latest Rebaelluim, Asphyx , but the most impressive band as of today is Dead Congregation, whether on stage or on CD!
Thanks a lot for the long years of support and cheers, I hope we'll come by your country if anyone wants to book us we're ready! STAY EVIL!


Max Otero                                               22.11.2016 Storm
Pathetic Divinity