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Blood of The Universe
MORD'A'STIGMATA band is not entirely within the sphere of Necrosphere webzine, their way is more experimental than old school, avant-garde Black Metal bag says it all. Personally, I see in their music Death Metal dimension as well. We got this insane band through Godz ov War Production, who sent us promo. Music of this stuff has charged us so much enthused that Lamashtu immediately decided to do this interview. I helped out a few questions with it, since it is her first interview, the result can be now read. Questions were answered by Static, guitarist.

What is the history of Mord'A'Stigmata band? Now we got your new promo stuff. Has your music always been such avant-garde, depressive and crazy? Or all changed over time?
Static: Hailsa! M’A’S history starts in autumn 2004 and since then we’re existing in underground, celebrating our fear and psychosis. Our music, since the first demo in 2005, always had this strange element inside, something that makes discomfort for your ears. We’re never been interesting in easy-listening, also we’re rather strange people personally, so it had to end in that way, hehe. We’re of course changing our sound formula, and develop it a lot since our beginnings, but I think it always be something different from that you can usually hear on metal scene.

Your new album was released under Sun & Moon. How did you get to this label? Were they surprised by your music? Will you stay true to Sun & Moon?
Static: We get to S&M in the simplest possible way - I sent them our last material promo and few weeks later they mail me back with cooperate proposition. As they made more sober conditions than few other labels interested in, we decided to sign two album contract. So the next CD, if only world won’t end in fire, will be also released by S&M. I don’t know nothing about surprise, but they like our material probably. They had to, cause our music is rather non-commercial type, even if we look at the metal scene standards…so yes, they like it a lot, hehe.

Where can you see the main difference between "Uberrealistic" and "Antimatter" albums? Do you think you're a progressive band in your approach to music?
Static: We’re progressive than regressive band, no doubt. But in “progressive” I mean to find your own way and unique music solutions, no putting millions sounds and riffs in each song. Our way is progression in each possible level - ideology, music, atmosphere etc. If you compare those two mentioned albums you could see what I’m talking about.. “Uberrealistic” is set of ten songs; “Antimatter” is a monolith. Everything on the second CD, from booklet and graphics, through photos we made, ending at lyrics, goes to complete the ritual. Which ends and starts at the same time in the final song, (if we could call it a song), “Eternity is pregnant”. In more technician way, “Antimatter” is better constructed, arrangements are simpler, however riffs mostly are complicated, and of course production is deeper. But the best way is to check it by yourself, I think.

Where do you find inspiration for your psychotic musical visions? Does your inspiration come only from the music spheres?
Static: No, it’s not only about music of course. Inspiration could be in a dream, book or astral journey. It’s a process I couldn’t control, indefinable and unexpectable voice of something I couldn’t describe, especially in lingo language. There was an incident, that one heard word motivated me to made a song. As I said - it comes from everywhere.

Has your approach to music composition changed over the time? How do you work on the tracks, what is the "writing process" of Mord'A'Stigmata? Have you set certain limits as for your style?
Static: Yeah, it changed a lot and still does that way. We have no boundaries for our art and I think, (if “Antimatter” is not enough good proof for that), that the third album will send your mind to the darkest chamber by using some dramatically different methods than before. There’s no one way to describe of “writing process” in M’A’S, we used to do what we want, not what we should. Sometimes we improvising, sometimes one from us has prepared song for rehearsal, some other days we used drugs to make everything easier. There’s nothing permanent but change.

You play avant-garde extreme Metal. Do you think the avant-garde in Metal was made to revive the classic run practices, or it is a natural evolution of Metal genre? Do you think Metal avant-garde in general is somewhat limited?
Static: It’s natural evolution of the genre. When I started M’A’S few years ago with some of my friends, we didn’t think “let’s play some avant-garde”. We just want to make some extreme, occult music in our own way, more mature and complex than we did before in our other bands. The audience put us into “avant-garde” bag, we never aspired for that, also we didn’t call our music like this in early years of the band. For me it’s still black metal with touch of death metal aggression. And yes, we have some ideas not very popular on a metal scene, but if you call it avant-garde depends only from you. Boundaries are only in your head.
It is evident your musical influences are also non-metal. Which music or band would you like to highlight? Who had the biggest influence to you?
Static: I’m glad you noticed that. To be honest, our inspirations are rather far from metal scene. The bands like Deathspell Omega or Mayhem have influence for us of course, but mostly we listen to other kinds of music. Our great attention goes to Pink Floyd, Portishead, Curent 93, Rome, Neurosis, Ulver, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Blackfilm…

Do you like surrealism in all types of art? Which artists are your most admired ones?
Static: Yes, of course, I’m big fan of surrealistic art in every possible form. I think David Lynch will be the one, who I admire most from present surrealists.

Does the avant-garde Metal have tradition in Poland? Personally, I took the last CDs of LUX OCCULTA or new one from TURIN TURANBAR. Are there still some interesting names in Poland?
Static: Unfortunately, avant-garde metal is not popular in Poland at all, as a nation we prefer more simple and traditional stuff. There are some searching bands like Non Opus Dei or Morowe, but the truth is, that you could point all of them in three seconds. In other words, it’s a very small part of our scene. The most important CD in polish avant-garde extreme is of course “Mother and the Enemy”. Btw, I heard last time, that Lux Occulta are finishing their new album, so…it could be something really strange.

Your cover and booklet are full of mystical, occult symbols, and also lyrics of "Antimatter". Do you study the occult somehow deeper, or is it just image of your band? Aren’t you a materialistic person?
Static: I step into eastern occult tradition few years ago and since then; I step down deeper and deeper. Also, I’m interested in European modern mysticism, kabala and gnosis, so every of those influences has its place in M’A’S concept. I’m trying so hard to be a materialistic person in my daily life, but my nature is dramatically different, as you guessed. The same is for example Silencer, but the point is, that he can’t be materialistic even if he try harder than me, hehe.

I am interested in your photo on metal archives... What about its creation and what does it symbolize?
Static: I’m glad that you noticed our photo concept. On the photo you mentioned there’s only two members, Silencer and DQ. We didn’t want to make a standard band photo, so session to “Antimatter” is rather set of symbolic scenes. The one we talked about presents Hunter and Victim or God and Man, and is connected to track “Kinetic Dogma”. You shall decide who is who on that picture.

How do you like the summer period? For me the only positive are the summer festivals... Have you played some?
Static: I like it better than fucking winter, which I really hate, hehe. Unfortunately we didn’t play on any summer festival. But to be honest, I’m not sure if our music suites to full sun.

What is your relationship to nature? Do you draw inspiration from it to your work?
Static: Nature is nothing for me. I was born in concrete forest, under the sky made of steel. I would easier find an inspiration in crowded, dark pub than in peaceful mountains.

Do you think negative music can be also written by positive thinker? Do you think the world view can be shared to negative and positive?
Static: It’s possible of course. People use their creativeness to different point, some positive person could make a dark music to throw out inner problems, it’s natural. Personally, I very rarely perceive world in only white and black colors. In my eyes there’s always a lot of grey shades.

From your lyrics it is clear to me that you are probably not atheists :) Could you describe what you believe in, you personally?
Static: Yeah, I’m rather not atheist type. Personally I believe in God, whose love is manifest in plagues, holocaust and chaos.

What is the life in Poland? Do you think quality of life (not only material) depends on the place of residence?
Static: Life in Poland is ok for me. But I know a lot of people, who may have different opinion. Everything depends what do you expect and what did you do in the past to make your life easier. It’s obvious that young people still have better opportunity to start on their own in, for example Scandinavia , than in center Europe, but it’s no such a big difference now. If you are smart, you get well.

That would be all from us, we are thankful for the interview, if we forgot something, you can write what you want, so thanks again for the interview and let you succeed in the future.
Static: Thank you very much. It was really interesting chat, I hope your curiosity is satisfied now. To all maniacs - if you want contact us, don’t hesitate: mordastigmata@o2.pl for a band, or static218@gmail.com for me personally.


Static                                    1. 11. 2011 Lamashtu & Mortuary