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OMEGAVORTEX is not such a new band as it might seem at first glance because they were formerly known as Ambevilence for a long time. This year, however, there has been a major change with a name that captures their production and direction much more precisely. Their brutal Black Death Metal has lunged from the stars to destroy everything that comes to its way. If you like the dark, nihilistic atmosphere from the cliffotic depths of the universe, this band is just for you. In addition, they are about to release their first full-length titled "Black Abomination Spawn" to show their true strength. What we are about to prepare for, revealed the main brain Rob (vox, guit).

For the first 10 years of your existence you have acted under Ambevilence name. Is Omegavortex a direct continuer? So why the name change?
Yes it is absolutely the same band.
I came to the conclusion that change was needed: OMEGAVORTEX is just simply a better name for its' emenations of DEATH. During the last few years I realized that the bandname AMBEVILENCE never completely fit to what the song material expressed. So I found OMEGAVORTEX – or rather the name found me. It is the ultimate end vortex from beyond the stars that consumes all life and matter. The purification of death through endless black void.

You have prepared material for debut that will be entitled "Black Abomination Spawn". Why just this name? Do you prefer to write music together or everyone alone?
„Black Abomination Spawn“ is one of the oldest songs written and has run or morphed through lot of stages. Since the band is now „rebrushed“ with a much better name and logo, using this song as the main album title is the best way to connect the past with all things to come in future. The song is a sick invocation of entities from the „other side“, for to appear and manifest in their absolute hideous ugliness to desecrate the human creation. Unchain hell to invert life and mutilate all forms of human being, to become formless divine death in all its netherworldly essences. The cover artwork will sum this up in a very frightening way.
I (Rob: Vocals/Guitars) wrote most of stuff completely on my own, with some input by other members. However things will change in future: I absolutely want others to contribute more. Songwriting is like a diabolical hypnotic event: the right participants will empower the forces from below and stretch your morbid inspirations into infinity.

Your music is atmospheric, yet aggressive, sinister and chaotic. Do you believe some dark forces slumber somewhere in the universe, or all the negativity is buried deep within people?
Great topic and question. First of all, we are humans so the abilities of our senses are limited to the structure of our physical body and the psychological concept of being. I am convinced that there are much darker things or processes around us that we either do not understand or are too strange to interpret. I am specifically speaking about the universe and our understanding of reality. Since the earliest days of my childhood I remember being absolutely fascinated with anything supernatural or paranormal that comes from „elsewhere“. Watching documentaries, movies or simply reading stuff about our endless universe, strange disappearances of people, demonic/paranormal activity, weird occult/satanic stuff, revelations, prophecies made a huge impression on me. It's not that I blindly believe everything of this, neither do I have any true answers. Nobody has. If you'd ask me directly, I'd say that reality is a complete mess and we know nothing. It is up to each one to make use of the best of all information available in order to live an every-day life. It is easier to live by a popular world-view that is not challenging and you may want to stick with the crowd not be considered a stranger in order to survive. Most ordinary people have this defensive shield of ignorance around them in order to avoid things that might shatter their believe-systems. Secondly, speaking of negativity inside people – that depends on how you make use of it to become your own god. One man's utmost brilliant creation could be another man's abominable inhuman genocide. I have a lot of negativity and positive things in my life which all tie together. I am using it to learn and become stronger every day. Most people delve into negativity and live a shit life by force, being unable to see behind it's patterns – instead of making use of it and turn things their way and create their own awesome reality.

What is your attitude towards the lyrics? Do they have to contain some deep philosophical idea, or it is just enough if they create the necessary atmosphere?
Yes, they MUST have deeper meanings. Lyrics are as important as the instrumental work - if not even way more. Everything has to tie in perfectly with the image of OMEGAVORTEX. A lot of the lyrical themes have subjects that go deep into the human psyche and connect with paranormal activity, things from beyond our known world. All references can be read as metaphoric at the same time so there is headroom for personal interpretation. The lurking human fear of something that is much greater than what we know as „reality“, is where I absolutely love picking on. The topic has always moved and inspired me.
Lyrics are the final and unconfusable statement - to the living pictures I want to create for the listeners in their minds. That being said, having this broad spectrum - I still try to keep the message itself simple: „Gateways“ for example deals with having your soul force-fed taken from your body into demonic trance away from reality, force-fed through an astral gateway in space with no point of return. Becoming one with the origin of all death and darkness in a paralyzed state, fully aware of what is happening. A state of eternal horror, shock far worse than any kind of dying or suffering. Given this concept, the riffs need to make the base for that. It requires chaotic tritonal riffs that sound „not from this world“ in line with brutal „in your face“ parts to maintain the devastating atmosphere.

Your promo is ultimately fresh stuff compared to hundreds of clones that flood today's Death and Black scene. Was it your main intention to break out of this flood of clones, or your style came naturally?

Thanks for your words. It came out naturally, but of course I also know what's going on with the scene currently and most of it just pisses me off . It wouldn't make sense for me to release music that does NOT stand out. You will never ever hear anything substandard or inferior in the name of OMEGAVORTEX.
I cannot stand most of the stuff in the extreme metal underground genre as of today.
What totally annoys me are all these boring blackened Death Metal bands that all have the same downtuned sound FULL of reverb on all instruments. I mean downtuned/muffled can be cool, but guys: where's the bite and inspiration that the originators had? Sometimes I see a logo, cover, aesthetic piece that advertises for music and in 95% of all cases I can tell EXACTLY how the music sounds before listening and I as much as I might be joking – I remain right after all. It's is getting worse and worse – and there are actually labels out there which seem to have the agenda to sign and spread as much of this trash as possible. This is laughable. Trash recycling plant would be a description much more sufficient. Who listens and buys all this shit?

Dark matter is a very mysterious phenomenon in the universe that scientists do not know much about because they cannot see it. Together with dark energy they should make up 96% of the universe, and our visible world should make up only a tiny 4%. Due to the dark energy our universe is expanding still faster. Do you think this expansion can once cross a certain boundary in which our reality will tear apart?
Anything is possible. As fascinating as it all is, we probably know as much as anyone else I guess. Keep in mind science is mostly based more or less on assumptions, given what we learned in the past and what makes sense due to the current scientific popular viewpoint. What you have addressed could have already happened aeons ago. In fact, what if we only assume it is dark matter/energy, while in reality we cannot measure the true meaning of them? What if our universe is only expanding within a globe which is made up of multiple universes with deep abyssic seas of black death in between. The black void... have you ever thought about what would be, if there was no universe at all?! I think there are things around that we, as humans, weren't supposed to learn or know about. All the mysterious stuff is right here, in front of our eyes. Does the beyond actually need a space that can be measured? What if all space, the whole concept of matter, is just a complete illusion?

What does the word extreme bring to your mind these days as regards music? In what respect, if any, do you see Omegavortex as extreme music?
A funny mix of confusion, laughter and utmost arrogance. What is considered as „extreme“ currently is strange and makes me wonder how many of the social engineering processes that the elites put upon humanity actually succeeded: like lowering the average intelligence haha. Honestly, I don't have so much respect left for all the sensationalist crap on the internet or elsewhere; where e.g. progressive and occult new band posts a song to get hyped around for the sake of cashing in on behalf of some promoter, trying to live off this crap. In fact, then you get watered down shit like a cross of extreme metal and 70ies crap. Fuck these hippies, fuck self-supply, fuck all these illusions of freedom and love. I want them all to die. Slow and painful. Fuck long beards, fuck collecting old vinyl just to be „cool“, fuck all the retro shit. Go get a shower, a job and impress me with your income, individual strength or whatever achievements instead of copying some original music shit from back then. They are making black/death metal an inferior crap fest for cheap and ugly uneducated hookers, with purple candles, stick them up your ass. Come to my house and suck me off you unshaved fucking „occult“ whores - I'll pay you all accordingly, with no respect...
EXTREME METAL to me is an expansion of mind, strong and sick feelings for individualists that take the world in their hands against everyone – total domination – no place for weak shit - and go for greater goals, success. Use your existence as a means to become stronger than anyone else. Everyone against everyone. I mean, why shall we call something extreme that sends out messages about unity, love and peace?
OMEGAVORTEX is extreme musick in its purest form, it feeds off the absolute cosmic chaos and dissolution of our dying world. Why am I saying that? I formed the whole thing as a vehicle to spread geniune darkness and very dismal ideas, however not to get attention of mundane trend people, weekend-warriors who consume „extreme Metal“ via big magazines or sluts who found it out via their boyfriends: Stick to what you can do best instead (see a few lines above).
I'll conclude that all they want is attention and likes on instagram, they all want to be „relevant“ because most of them had been picked upon in school by bigger evil men e.g. the mean me – hahaha.
This is where you can differentiate OMEGAVORTEX from any other band. Leaders, not followers: It is about the art of black death, not stupid inferior human emotions which are worthless and temporarily anyway. Everyone's gonna die and I hope the world of „extreme metal“ becomes much more close minded and really dark again, like it used to be. I'm tired of all this transvestite crap with guys that look like women... respect is a resource that should be used thoughtfully and worked out with sanity, not spread like free water so anyone with internet access and an asshole can take part of some „counter-world“ which is in itself completely fake and corrupt. I'm not a sexist, but I know a lot of people feel the same when they read this...

What do you think, is there something in the very early Death Black Thrash Metal recordings that simply can't be amplified or made more powerful?
Yes and no. The reason why all these early recordings are great are: Completely different society and backgrounds. There was no internet, nothing to prove: it was all about the maniacal underground and pushing the boundaries of extreme music. People were outsiders – Heavy Metal wasn't as accepted as it is today. Copying tapes of your latest rehearsals all day and answering letters from fans takes up much more time than you can imagine. MORBID ANGEL or MAYHEM for example all lived in a house to rehearse all day, I'm sure you know all these stories and so on. They did not sit there to say „hey, let's form a band that sounds like SLAYER or BLACK SABBATH and get attention from cheap whores on instagram or facebook“. They believed in what they did, paid all the prices (becoming lone wolves in society) and succeeded in that. The early bands really believed in what they did and created new worlds out of the very very few influences they had. Before NECROVORE, you had DARK ANGEL and POSSESSED, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST or something. Nothing else to listen to or copy, aside Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. People were forced a lot more to use their mind and very personal inspiration instead of going through lots and lots of records in their collection, subconsciously copying stuff they didn't want to create in the first place. It is very safe and common these days to form e.g. a „Swedish sounding Death Metal band with BOSS HM Distortion Sound“.
How many bands are there around in our times, who are actually trying out something new and original, really believing into what they are doing? Right, hard to tell – I'd say that almost none.
The mindset of my music in OMEGAVORTEX is the same as of the originators, however it is up to the fans to decide whether they hear this fire or not. I cannot deny that I listen to a lot of stuff that came in and after the golden era of extreme metal so to say – I believe great music is not bound to time, eras, genres or people. It is about attitude and inspiration. Like I said, the early creators of black death had nothing else but inspiration because there was not so much stuff around to copy. I know quite some people who have been around since the early days – but honestly I don't want to switch with them, because my time is NOW and I'm not into this melancholic shit of denying reality. Life is too short to cry about the past. Black / Death / Thrash can still be killer music if you do it with passion – then it will stand out.

Do you consider your music to be rather cosmic or abyssous?
It is the haunted abyss from beyond the cosmic borders of all matter.

According to the ancient Mayans and Toltec, each man lives in a certain bubble of his faith, and this bubble is called "the veil of fog" or "veil of Maya". It follows that no one can see the world objectively as it is, but only through his "glasses". The funniest thing about it is that most people do not realize it and they think they see the world objectively. Do you think some drugs can clear this veil, or vice versa, they even more obscure the look of man on the surrounding world?
Definately. While I must confess I don't take drugs that alter my mind like mushrooms, DMT or something – I stick to some alcohol and pina cokada for the nose every now and then. However I know people that use „advanced“ drug paraphernalia so to speak to clean the spirit and become one with e.g. the reality of the artwork they are painting, or vice versa. The question I find interesting is, is there a connection behind all these processes e.g. an astral connection in a „spirit-world“ beyond matter? Like, is it all just a personal hallucination or is it part of a higher or deeper „network“? I wouldn't rule it out. Actually there had been experiments which allegedly prove that thinking about certain objects which are far away from you changes very small sub-atomic patterns around them, which indicates that the use of mind actually is able to influence objects per se. Sounds very interesting and could be an explanation for some of the weird stuff happening here and there, but actually there is no real proof and anything is possible.
If this would be true (and like I answered earlier I believe there must be a lot behind our reality), it re-opens a whole new perspective which might be frightening to the bone. Demonic possession, human mutilation, missing time, disappearance of people or items before your eyes, spontaneous combustion and all the unexplainable shit suddenly mix up with reality and become possible within a realm of interdimensional existence. Is it true or do we, as humans, make it up from our deepest subconscious desires – and the drugs make use of that? Who or what entity gave instruction about these concepts in the first place?
There must be something behind the physical world to connect all the dots. It is definitely dark and we will never find all the answers. Ain't so bad, since it keeps us unsettled and hungry guys moving and inspired to create twisted musick.


7. 10. 2018 Storm
Black Abomination Spawn