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Ghost Chants
First they have released "Tranquillity" EP (2013) and even that year split with Thaw. They come from Krakow and play sneaky and perverse atonal Black Metal mixed with horrors of Death Metal and Sludge Doom. You might say it is strange style, and it still just does not exactly describe the music of this band, I would add perhaps even avant-garde. This band in the cast Igielski Damian (guitar), Maciej Pelczar (drums), Mateusz Jarmoz (guitar) and Marcin Radecki (bass) have released this year a new "Ghost Chants" full-length. We are talking about new Polish band I consider one of the most talented, most creative and darkest ones, perhaps only Cultes Des Ghoules are of similar quality level. OUTRE are here, it is their time and future is still waiting for them. Questions were answered by Marcin (bass).

Greetings to OUTRE in Poland. First I would like to ask the formation of the band, who and under what circumstances gave rise OUTRE? What inspired you to this band name?
Hey, thank you for getting in touch. Actually all information about our history are widely available on the web. Outre was born in 2012 as a solo project of the band's guitarist, Damian Igielski. Up till now the band evolved to full line-up ensemble which all of the members had their participation in creation of "Ghost Chants". The band's name speaks for itself - we are beyond reality.

You play dissonant Black Metal with various other influences. Seems these days there are more bands based on this style of music and not everyone can produce such interesting material. From my viewpoint your production is clearly moving on the creative, interesting and quality side, even new "Ghost Chants" album has quite surprised and enthused me. Why did you decide to play this style of Metal?
I think that our style evolved naturally from the connection of our influences, personal interests and common vision of goals we want to reach. Black metal is under permanent evolution and that is why it is so fascinating. I believe that this is the genre that allows you to push the boundaries further that everywhere else. It's kind of a paradox as 20 years ago this genre was one of the most conservative in metal world. Some beings do not accept it and try to keep it as orthodox as possible, but everyone got his free will and can do whatever he wants. For me this is the real idea behind black metal - absolute freedom and constant approaching towards excellence.

In my view the most important element for the band is composition of songs, but also the atmosphere and feelings emanating from a recording. You are using an interesting kind of melody which is not always harmonious, even the most harmonious procedures contain certain bizarre and scary feelings. The words I would describe the feelings of your music would be darkness, madness, ghostliness, despair, hopelessness, bizarreness ... do you see it alike?
Yes, I agree. Very nice interpretation. As the parts of the creators of Outre's music, I do not feel comfortable with giving such analysis. I'm a musician and express myself through music. There is also a lyrical part but this should be considered in a different matter.

Could you reveal how the songs of "Ghost Chants" album have been created? Of course, in viewpoint of listener your music sounds not only progressive but also a complex, complicated, somewhat technical. In your other bands you play probably easier oriented music. Was "Ghost Chants' challenge for you?
The songs are solely composed by Damian, that's why you may have an impression that they are very monolithical. When it comes to my other band - Sigihl - the way we compose the music is completely different as well as the instruments we use. When it comes to challenge part - due to the recent events and changes that happened in the band, we were forced to prepare the lyrical part from the scratch right before starting vocals recording session. Within three weeks I wrote all lyrics for this album and this was kind of a challenge.

So far I have read nothing but positive and enthusiastic responses to the new album, in many cases you have even won something like album of the month and so on. Do the similar responses enjoy you or you look at own music more critically? How much seriously do you take criticism?
Of course nice to receive positive feedback about "Ghost Chants", but putting the false modesty aside, we are aware of the value of this album and with full awareness I may say that this is the best album I was participating in. This doesn't mean that as of now we will be just copying what we already done. For now we are concentrated on proming Ghost Chants, however we have already started preparing schedule for coming months and writing and composing music for new releases is included into it.

If we were talking about the style of music you produce, would you call it modern? Or even innovative? Do you think bands as Deathspell Omega, Svartidaudi, or you push the limits of extreme music a bit further? Do you believe Metal as such can still move on, or everything is only repeated, mixed? Do you believe even today can come any band with a fundamental and revolutionary album as e.g. in the 80s when Metal musical territory was less explored?
I believe we live in kind of post modern world, however we have not reached the end of times so foreseeing the future is always pointless. The bands you mentioned are great but they did not set up new trends, they still operate in range of particular music genre. For now I do not see anything that would forecast a revolution.

Following the previous question...which recordings are the most fundamental and most revolutionary to you, which reflects whole genre?
For me, the most significant album are Emperor's IX Equilibrium, Dark Throne's Transylvanian Hunger, Mayhem's Grand Declaration of War and Arcturus' La Masquarade Infernale. Each ot it crossed the boundary in some way and is extraordinary.

What impact has non metal music to your music? Are you also fans of classical, jazz or any other music? Would you call your music as true Metal, or it goes beyond somewhere else?
I would describe such "impact" as quite limited as I don't suppose such influences can be heard in our music widely. We all listen to not only metal music, personally I'm a fan of many artists who represent many music genres.
I do not assume there is something like true metal and false metal - everything depends if the music is created with honesty and if the composer writes the music that he feels completely and not for example for money.

I would love to ask about your lyrics. What importance do you attach to them? Are the words equivalent means like music to you? Who is the author of lyrics and what subjects you deal with? Is "Ghost Chants" a concept album?
I'm the author of the Ghost Chants lyrics. I put much attention to it and I assume the lyrics have the same value as music itself, together it decides about the overall value. Ghost Chants is not a concept album but the lyrical basis is common for particular songs. In general I think it's pointless to write or say what has been written in the lyrics - that is what they are for, the message is clear and I always encourage people to dig into them to get what we wanted to express through it.

The Polish Metal scene is widely respected in the world, I would even dare say best from the former Eastern block. Names like Vader, Behemoth, Damnation, Lost Soul, Lux Occulta, Decapitated, Azarath, Hate, Cultes Des Ghoules.. .are terms that mean something. Which Polish bands you like most and which not? Is Poland metal scene cohesive?
Yes, I agree that Poland has one of the strongest black/death metal scene in Europe. The bands I pay the biggest respect to are Mga, Kriegsmaschine, Infernal War, Voidhanger, Blaze of Perdition, Cultes des Ghoules.

Your new album is out even just a moment. What will you currently focus on? Will you support it by some larger tour? Are you a band that will often stand on stage or you do not consider live shows to be so important?
Live shows are very important but we are not kind of a band that would touring like hundred days a year. We've got regular jobs, families etc. We are more focused now on less number of shows but to perform them as best as we can. In June we have one summer festival confirmed and we've got some plans for the autumn, but nothing confirmed yet.

The world is still caught in the chaos and frenzy, every era had perhaps something good and bad, now it is the Islamic threat, the conflict in Ukraine with USA interventions, terrorism in general. How do you see these events? Do you think it might be the end of humanity or it will somehow solve and other conflicts arise? Seems humanity is incorrigible...
Mankind had issued its death sentence long time ago, even not in this century and the previous one. What we see now is only the effect of its sentence that is being slowly executed. I don't know if it's going to happen now, but for sure we will fail. That's the wheel of time, biological species, civilizations, societies are rise and fail, it will happen to us as well and something new will appear.

That would be all from me, thank you for this interview and wish the band a strong inspiration. I believe your music will humbly enough big names. Thanks again for the interview!
Thank you for the interview.


Marcin                                                 31. 5. 2015 Mortuary