Sickened by Holy Host
Profanatica band is there on scene over two decades even if it is true they had a dead period. During that time they has managed to take roots in the subconscious of many fans focused on a specific music, in which forces of desecration, blasphemy and madness are lying dormant and awaken, but mainly for the total resistance to Church and the Christian religion. This band is often labeled as Black Metal what can be accepted, but I think also fans of INCANTATION will find something in their music as Paul Ledney was in that death metal legend. Their music is truly original, uncommon; hardly would you have them confused with some other band. Therefore I was very pleased when they quickly responded to my request for an interview with quick answers as well. It is also the first interview for Necrosphere webzine in 2012 as well as probably the first Slovak interview with Profanatica. Certainly enjoy the fact the band just recorded their new EP and they are preparing other materials, but more information in the interview. The questions were gladly answered by John Gelso.

Hell-o, how are things going for PROFANATICA these days? Are you finally about to do some new stuff we can possibly look forward to in 2012?
Greetings, Paul and I have been working on new recordings through most of 2011. There will be 2 Profanatica releases this year. A double 12Ē titled ďSickened By Holy HostĒ and the third Profanatica full length. Sickened by Holy Host is a split. Both records run close to 20 minutes. Paul produced 7 songs. I then took his drum and vocal tracks and did my own versions of the songs without hearing his final versions.

In addition Iíve been working on the second full-length album for Royal Arch Blaspheme, which will also be released next year on Hells Headbangers. This album features Neil on vocals again along with Alex Cox on Bass and Blake Jones on Drums.

John, you joined up PROFANATICA even 17 years after the band's start, it is incredible! Have you known PROFANATICA since the very beginnings? How do you actually met with Paul?
I originally joined Profanatica in the autumn of 1990. Paul, Aragon and I all knew each other from school. In 1987 the three of us played in a black/death metal band called Toten. Aragon eventually left the band and Alex Gabriel joined to record the Macabre demo. The first song Paul and I wrote together was a song titled ďMiseryĒ in 1986. Prior to Toten, the two of us played in a Punk band, which is when we met.

This question would be more suitable for Paul, but perhaps you know the answer as well. PROFANATICA is here nearly 32 years, during that long time you have recorded only two full-length albums. How do you actually explain it? It is obvious you do not want to be a band that record album every second year ...
Profanatica ended in 1992, a few weeks after I left the band. This was during the recording of what would have been the first album. After that, Paul started Havohej. It wasnít until 2001 that Paul resurrected Profanatica. From 2001-2005, it was hard for him to get committed players to record a full-length. Paul and I got in contact in 2005. During this time I was working on my own material for a Black Metal project to be titled Aiwaz. He expressed interest in doing the vocals. Since many of the songs sounded like Profanatica, we decided to remove the few songs that didnít fit the Profanatica style, write a few new hymns and make it a Profanatica release.

You have already recorded both two albums. How can you see PROFANATCIA era before your coming and after? Do you think you have brought some other uncommon ideas to this band?
When I first joined Profanatica in1990 they had released the first demo Putrescence ofÖ I joined to record on the second demo ďBroken Throne of ChristĒ in addition to doing a few live performances with them. When it came time to record the split with Massacre I pitched the idea of the white background for the cover. The white surrounding us was to symbolize the concept of absolute purity. We were in the middle of this purity in an act of desecration.

Your last "Disgusting Blasphemy Against God" album is mix of blasphemous and unholy repugnance of strong caliber. What kind of reactions are you experiencing, whether by fans, critics or friends?
So far I feel the reactions are very good. Of course, there will always be those who donít get it and hate what we do. Iíve felt that if everyone liked what we were doing, it probably was not very good. 

If you should compare your last album with the former "De Profanatitas Demonatia", where can you see a major difference? Do you think your band is evolving to a certain extent?
Production of the second album is much better. The songs are less structured on the second then they are on the first. I would say Profanatica is devolving and I mean that as something positive. We continue to find ways to further simplify what we do.

Which is your favorite PROFANATICA recording? Would you also prove to say a song you like most, which is more exceptional than others?
So far, my favorite is the last thing we recorded, the yet untitled third album. I couldnít fairly choose one song over all the others. For playing live, Once Removed Savior is a personal favorite.

Who made up most of the music and how do you actually create PROFANATICA tracks? Do you have a practice run, or it is always different?
Most of the material old and new was written by Paul and I. Bret has contributed some riffs along with Aragon who also contributed some of the lyrics in the older hymns. In regards to the new material, the riffs are about 50/50 between Paul and I. In regards to lyrics, I contributed lyrics to a few hymns on the first full length. Paul has done all the others.

Can you reveal where do you draw most inspiration, whether in music or non-music sphere? Are there also some subconscious processes, dreams, altered states of consciousness and the like?
I get inspiration from many different places. It can be a scene in a movie, many different styles of music, books, even something I hear or see in the news. There are a lot of emotions dwelling inside me at both conscious and subconscious levels. At times the only way I can express them or raise them from deep within is through music.

Yeah, your standard box is Black Metal, I personally feel there also dirty and bleak Death Metal, but it certainly does not sound like a classic and typical Black Metal, I mean for example, you do not have anything to do with northern European scene, you're miles away also from Slavonic, Greek Black Metal hordes, also you donít sound neither as typical representatives of the American scene, let's say, Absu, or Judas Iscariot, I would say you are highly original and uncommon. Is originality important to you?
Thank you, originality is the most important thing to me, the highest compliment. Itís partly my attraction to the left hand path, to reject societal convention and the status quo.

I like that each recording sounds otherwise, you always brings something different to the sound. Do you think it is a matter of experimentation, or do you leave it simply how it works?
Itís a little bit of both. I always have an outline, a basic structure and ideas I want to try for each album. I take the rough ideas and experiment, improvise, let it go where it wants to. Many of the songs have parts that are all improv. I record and just start playing and whatever comes to me is what becomes. The outros of I Arose and Betrayal of the Lamb would both be a great example of this.

Blasphemy is your natural and dark side of philosophy. Peter J. Carroll wrote in his Liber Null & Psychonaut book something like blasphemy is when someone exceeds certain customary norms of obedience to release energy, which strengthens the spirit and the courage to even greater rebellion, do you agree?
Absolutely. You need to keep in mind the source of where this particular energy comes from. In current times most people are ignorant to how much control-based-fear religion has placed into their minds. This has been going for centuries. There are reasons why millions of people over the years where hung for speaking out against God and the church. A few people with great power have built and controlled this facade of life that we have been living in for thousands of years. The energy of where and how this all began still exists. The act of Blasphemy takes back this control on a personal level.

What do Death, Chaos, Nihilism, Paganism, Faith words mean to you?
Death and Chaos mean different things at different times. For example, when I think of my own death, the word brings calmness. When this word is reflected to the people close to me, it brings sadness. When I think of Paganism and Faith, in the true meaning of the words, I think of nature, this planet, and the sun, these are the true creators of life.

Could you write something about the music you listen to most? Which albums are most valuable to you?
I listen to a wide variety of styles of music. Mostly Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Blues, and Classical. The albums I treasure most Iíve had for years and bring back certain memories with every listen. Venom - Welcome to Hell, NME - Unholy Death, Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids, Death - Scream Bloody Gore, Bathory - first album and The Return, Samhain - November Coming Fire, Corrosion of Conformity - Animosity, Mozart - Requiem, and the first Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin albums.

Do you believe the underground is still alive, or it is all only about the internet already? Do you think internet form of underground is false or not true?
The underground is barely alive, though elements of it are still strong. The Internet has had both positive and negative effects. While itís easier to get new music these days, it was much more enjoyable going to an actual store to look around and purchase something new. 

Could you describe how will be next PROFANATICA recording roughly sound? Will you use some new element you've not used till now?
Weíve tried some new things on the first 2 albums. The next full length is more like our earlier work, containing more disjointed riffs, less repetition. We even went back to standard tuning.

Are you satisfied you are American? Or better yet, are you proud you are American? If you could choose some other place to live, which would it be and why? Have you ever played in Europe?
Iíve never been a Nationalist. I donít have trust in any Government. Iíve always believed myself to be an earthling over an American. I abide by the laws of nature. At times I have thought of living in London. Iíve never played outside of America.

Ok, that would be all on my part, if I forgot something, you can write a message for your fans, thank you for the great interview and wish PROFANATICA let you are doing in all your steps.
Thank you and praises to those who support.

John                                                        5. 2. 2012 Mortuary
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