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Dead Once More
Second interview for the 74th Lovecraft's death anniversary (so we timed it nicely) is Swedish PUTERAEON squad, maybe that name still says nothing to you, but know that their dark glory will come soon especially in the underground. Lovecraftian Death Metal expands its wings widely and PUTERAEON is simply part of this disgusting plan. New "The Esoteric Order" album is already warmed slowly to hit the stores, or it smells in many distros, definitely I recommend you to check out video for Coma song. So anyone who likes real Swedish sound, dark feelings and nameless horror in music and lyrics, let´s go to the PUTERAEON spheres. The questions were answered by Anders Malmström (drums) and Jonas Lindblood (vocals, guitar)...

Yeah, greetings to PUTERAEON band. How's it going?
Greetings minions! It's as furious as it shall be. Looking forward to this year as it started off in a really good way for us, debut album out, the first video off the album is up running and new ones in the pipeline, festivals booked, and new songs being demoed so it's looking to be a really disgusting year!

Before your debut you have released three demos. Has the music of the first demo sounded just like today’s music? What's your relationship to your demos? What do you think about bands that release an album without any demos?
That's correct. And the sound on the demos was never properly mixed and recorded as a whole band. The sound on the album is really close to the demos however, we found the vision early on so to say, and we are just keeping walking this path (of the left hand). I really dig the demos, they really are the gateway into Puteraeon for me. Even though Jonas did all the work on them, I am as proud as I can be as to be a part of them.
I really don't think any band release an album without first demo their songs, if they do I don't think they are in the scene like ours, or they keep the demosongs to themselves. The underground scene - actually releasing demos are more or less a way of the past. A digital demo or on cd-r can never replace a cassette with photo copied covers.

Debut "The Esoteric Order" is still quite fresh stuff, although the majority of tracks are from the aforementioned demos. How are you satisfied with the debut? What is more important to you, home or foreign response?
It's almost as the "The Esoteric Order" has become a sort of a wake up call, even for us. The responses have been overwhelming. I mean we know what we do music wise and are totally devoted to it. We never knew if other people would understand it or just put it in the thrash bin and let it to rest. I'll tell you, reading reviews and getting reports from all over the globe - it's all such an ego boost! Of course it's hard to be recognized, or praised so to speak, in your own country, but here in Sweden it's been really good reviews, sometimes even killer reviews! It doesn't really matter from where the responses come from, or should I say that it's equally important - home or foreign, as long as the word spreads!

How did the work in the studio go? Did you have an exact idea how the album should sound like? Is there a difference when you listen to the sound in the studio and then if you listen to it home from the CD player? Has something special surprised you with the sound that you have managed? Anyway, who was doing production and which studio have you visited?
Yeah, we had a pretty clear vision on the outcome, and also where not to step into when it comes to the sound. We recorded the drums in Studio D.K, guitars, bass and vocals at our own home studio; Studio Sunlight! Mixing and mastering was done by Andy LaRoque at Sonic Train Studios.
I think we changed only a bit on the over all bass from the first master to the final master, and some crunch to the guitar sound. Andy understood what we wanted and did his magic to the production. I think it turned out really killer!

Do you think you're playing a typical Swedish Death Metal as it was created by genre classics CARNAGE, NIHILIST, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and GRAVE? Are you proud to come from Sweden? Do death metal bands have it easy in Sweden?
Both yes and no. The sound, attitude and understanding is there from these pioneers. But I think we are like a homage to scene back then as well as an antithesis to the modern sound today, there are parts both Grotesque/At the Gates, Bolt thrower, Morgoth and Unleashed (to name a few more) would have wanted to create in our music. I really think so, and hope haha!
We don't have it too hard here, if people don't like what we do, so be it. Fuck them, forget them.

Most Swedish bands are known for its superb and distinctive kind of melody. Where do you think it takes in you from? There are really very few Swedish bands that are less melodic, as DERANGED e.g.
I don't know, it's just something that have happened and developed into something that people refer to as the Swedish sound. It's distinctive and easy to hear when it's done in a proper way you know. It's the same as with the Norwegian sound, or Greek sound, or Tampa or a bay area band. Bands that are far from the typical Swedish sound just take their influence from something else. Like the brilliant Deranged, it's the US style going in there.

What is the utmost important ingredient for a song, according to you? What aspect of the CD are you most proud of?
Hard to say as my taste is someone else’s vomits, right? There is a feeling that can't be described, but that's what define your own taste. You always are on the search for a perfect riff, passage, break down, song pattern or whatever, and try to incorporate these things into a song and be happy with the outcome, that must be the most important ingredient. That means your own satisfaction.
When it comes to the CD I must say it's the whole package, how every little aspect surrounding the recording went. Of course there are small bits and pieces that appeal to me more than others but as everything has turned out I can't say anything else than it's the whole damn thing. Maybe it should be the gatefold LP then...that one is massive!!

What does PUTERAEON mean to you? Would you prove to imagine your life without this band? What is the philosophy of your band?
Puteraeon is here to execute the Death Metal madness upon the face of the living and dead. We, and several upcoming bands, have again showed the world on what path Death Metal is supposed to tread! I can live without a lot of things; Puteraeon is not among them...

For the new album you have also recorded a brand new and great video. Why have you chosen just Coma song, although it is not favorite song from nobody of you? Has it some sense to shoot videos today?
Haha, that's a funny note and our next video is not among our own favorite songs either...if we don't change our minds... Coma is a really strong song though, and it seemed to be a good candidate for our first video, and it turned out really really good.
With all the free video channels on the internet there are all the reasons to record videos. It's so much more than just listening to a song; even if that's the thing you do most.

Your lyrics are full of darkness, horror and death. Are you using these topics just because they are easy to fit Death Metal, or there is some deeper sense?
Death Metal is about these things. It's not just about to down tune your guitar, blast away on the drums, and growl. It's equally about Death. If you don't worship it, you can't play it. Call it something else then. As I said earlier, "antithesis to the modern sound today".

One of your song deals with Elizabeth Bathory. Which one it is and why you have chosen this theme? Otherwise I live a short walk from the castle of Cachtice. Would you like to see there sometimes? It is interesting that Swedish bands are interested in Elizabeth; here in Slovakia is maybe no band that would deal with Elizabeth in the lyrics.
Jonas: The song that's about her is the bonustrack "Castle of despair". I think the whole westworld is fascinated by this kind of cruelty. Maybe all of mankind... Murder sells. I'm not justifying what she did or anything. It's a fucked up world no doubt. If I am near I would like to see the castle yeah.

It is evident that much of your lyrics are influenced by American writer H. P. Lovecraft. Are you all fans of this genius? There are not much Swedish bands that would be influenced by him.
Jonas: We love the creepy horror he wrote and I think it's an excellent subject for songs. If the rest of the Swedish scene does not sing about this subject I don't mind. Let them sing about what they want.

Necronomicon undoubtedly belongs to Lovecraft, many people feel this is a great Lovecraft's fiction to supply more expression and atmosphere in his tales. But after his death there were actually written occult works on this subject and magically they should work. What do you think of it? I mean e.g. Simon’s Necronomicon, Donald Tyson’s, etc...
I have one of those "false" necronomicons at home. Interesting read though.

Have you got any offers for live shows in Eastern Europe? Have you already played outside Scandinavia? Where would you like to go and show off your live shows? Do you prefer smaller gigs, or large festivals?
Yes, we actually got a European tour offer this may that we unfortunately had to turn down. It was just bad timing this time. As of now we are booked to play on this years Party.San Festival, the first confirmed gig outside of Scandinavia. But I am certain we will do a few more festival/club gigs abroad before PartySan, check our website for upcoming gigs, as we are planning the spring and summer gigs at the moment.
Festivals or smaller clubs - that doesn't matter really as they are two separate things, and equally fun to do. And wherever we perform, we will SLAY!

Ok, that would be all on my part, if I forgot something important, you have the space, thank you for a great interview and wish PUTERAEON only the best for the future, have a good times...
Thanks for the support and the very good interview!
Be sure to check out the “The Esoteric Order” album, the Coma video - and watch out for an upcoming new video and live songs from our release party - be prepared to be crushed because I have already been!


Anders & Jonas                           10. 3. 2011 Mortuary & Storm