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The Secrets of Divinities
Top U.S. brutal bands as e.g. DISGORGE, SECT OF EXECRATION, BRODEQUIN, CINERARY, IMAGES OF VIOLENCE, LITURGY etc. have lately somehow asleep or spitted up, but a new beast took place, SARCOLYTIC features even some members of the above bands. They have enriched their ultra heavy BDM with many atmospheric, mysterious elements which I think is a good, refreshing direction for this style. Recently they have presented the world their "Thee Arcane Progeny" debut album, and its name suggests the direction the band lyrically moves on, into the depths of history of oldest civilization and similar things as demonology. In particular, these issues I spent most of space, so let us give the word to guitarist Steven Watkins.

Hi Steven, what is now happening around SARCOLYTIC?
We are currently working on new material for our second offering on Unique Leader and preparing for the Las Vegas Death Fest.

How did the recording of "Thee Arcane ProgenyĒ debut go? I think you have got great sound. Why did you choose just Luc Lemay (GORGUTS) for backing vocals?
The recording process for us is comfortable, but strenuous. We want to make sure we get the recording to be as natural and clean as possible, but Kris and Will at Amplitude Studios are masters of their field and great guys to hang out and drink a beer with as well. We will be returning to Amplitude for the second album for sure. As far as Luc doing backups, there is an enormous amount of respect and commonalities between us. He was just a perfect fit in the puzzle and we could not be any more honored to have him grace our album.

Your music features besides brutality also a large number of dark passages. It is quite unusual that brutal DM band is going into dark and occult themes; I can feel it also in the music. On the other hand, itís original as well. Who of you prefers it most in the band?
We all collectively appreciate an extremely dark, yet brutal sound. It is more important for us to write music that engulfs people in a certain atmosphere that you can absorb rather than just hearing a song that passes through without memory. It goes without saying that we obviously like brutal shit as well.

I have to admire great cover art; itís something mysterious and sinister. Was it drawn by Jon Zig? It seems to be inspired by the ancient myths.
Jon did all the art for ďThee Arcane ProgenyĒ and he knocked it out of the park. He captured exactly what the album is in a visual representation.

You were probably playing in Europe as well; is there a difference opposite U.S. shows?
We have only had the privilege of playing in Europe once, at the Mountains of Death festival in Switzerland and it could not have been more amazing. We hope to return to Europe soon for a more extended period of time. As far as the contrast between US and Europe shows, I canít honestly say from experience as this was an amazing fest. I am sure the shows would be sick as well, but we give it all we have whether it is 5 people or 2,000.

What does the word Sarcolytic mean? It sounds more medical than occult. Why did you choose it? Have you known just from the beginning what direction the lyrics will go?
Sarcolytic roughly means decaying flesh. Everything decays. Although it may not directly be comparable to what we sing about, that is the name the band started as and even as we evolve, the name is the foundation and will remain the same. As far as lyrics, we, in the beginning were more involved with the occult, but as we matured as a band, the beginning of our species came into light with our lyrics.

Only few people know the Sumerian civilization, they mostly know only ancient Rome, Egypt and so on. Who of you came up with the idea of writing lyrics influenced by the Sumerian tables? Are you all interested in their history, or only the lyrics author?

Everyone in the band is interested in all types of ancient history as well as the effects it has on human kind in the contemporary setting.

Do you believe mankind has originated in the area where the Sumerian civilization was living, thus in territory of today's Iraq? When exactly Sumerians were living?
We believe that is where the evolution of modern man took place. This is all found in doing research on the topic. If you are interested, do your own research. We are just a band that is intrigued by our possible origins and the beliefs of the most ancient civilized people. For more info, look it up yourselves.

What say the Sumerian tables that archaeologists have discovered recently about?
Deciphering the translations of the tablets can come under speculation as some say you must know the Hebrew background of the language, the way Christians use the history to form their propaganda and the writing of the bible, etc... You really have to do the research yourself to see where you stand with it all. It is all relative.

Between the planets Mars and Jupiter is belt of asteroids. Do Sumerian texts say something about it?
Yes, they called it the "Hammered Bracelet". You can find plenty of information on this and more by doing more research. Itís definitely eye opening.

Do you have any books from Zecharia Sitchin? Which ones do you prefer and why?
I myself have The Twelfth Planet and The War of Gods and Men as well as additional downloaded books. Collectively, we have a large collection of books on the topic.

How is it possible the Sumerians had such great knowledge, which we only gradually discover now? They knew our entire solar system...
Not only that, but if you look at the leaps in evolution of mankind, the process was extremely sluggish up until a point when it abruptly jumped forward. This has happened numerous times throughout our history. Did we have assistance from an outside source? Once again, I suggest doing your own research on the matter to see what you think of it all. There is no doubting the events that took place, itís just how you place the facts or twists them. Throw some common sense in there and open your mind. You may find something incredible.

They knew also yet unknown Nibiru planet, which returns to Earth every 3600 years and probably in December 2012 it should be back, just when the Mayan calendar ends. Do you believe this can happen and cause a great disaster?
Could it be disaster or another possible jump forward? It could end up being that the calendar just happened to end at that time. We will have to wait and see.

What is your view on world creation informationís origin in the Bible? Do you think they are primary, or only transcribed from older sources?
I think that the bible is actually extremely similar and obviously based on these ancient texts. It was just taken in a different direction. The masses look at the bible in literal terms instead of comparing it to the books of origins with other religions and beliefs. If you take the time to compare the bible to the ancient texts from Mesopotamia, you will find that it may have been great being, not "gods", that shaped mankind.

Even the Bible says about giants (Nephilims) who were once living here, how do you explain it?
This is true, but if we could explain, you would be reading books written by Sarcolytic as well as listening to our music. I am not saying that will never happen haha, but we are just trying to be a band with more depth and write about things that matter to us. Gain your own answers with your own research.

Can you reveal lyrics of the Exalted Gift of the Abzu and The Seed of All Beginnings songs?
Seed is roughly about the planting of the Nephilm seed on this planet and the splicing of DNA. Exalted is based on what our mineral resources have to offer to them to benefit their depleted atmosphere.

Ok, this was the last question. If you can, write your current top five albums, recently most listening to and what are your next plans. Thanks for the interview and good luck.
Thatís a little too personal haha. I listen to so many different kinds of music that it would be hard to say, but I am currently anxiously awaiting the new GORGUTS album. In the meantime I am enjoying the new IMMOLATION and some DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY. DARK FUNERAL has made its way into our CD player as well. It really varies. 
Thanks for the interview. We all look forward to getting out on the road soon in support of the CD and writing new material on the way.


19. 5. 2010 Storm