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Horrifying visions
Finnish SWALLOWED clearly belong among the most interesting, what their today cold and dark scene offers, after the demos "Putrefaction" 07 and "Epitaph of Nauseation" '08, they come with EP "Swallowed" this year. Material with three tracks to test your mental stability and proximity to the dark forces! Samu Salovaara (guit) answered for this freakily band with a wonderful logo. The questions were asked by Azagthoth.

Hello to SWALLOWED band. You are some fairly unknown over here, so try to introduce your band a little more… When and what conditions you have started under?

We formed Swallowed in 2007 and were heavily inspired by Nihilist and Abhorrence at that point. We composed few songs and recorded the first demo. Then we had some member changes and we recorded another demo. And now we have the 7" out. Next will be the first full-length.

You seem to be still quite young, what is the average age in your band?

You have two tape demos and one EP that you have released on vinyl. Have you released everything on your own, or how it all happened?
The first demo tape "Putrefaction" didn't get much circulation when we recorded it in 2007. I have made more copies later though. "Epitaph Of Nauseation", our second demo, was first released by a Belgian label called Detest Records. Jerry released about 200 copies of it and I have made about 500 more.

The sound of your new EP is pretty brutal, crude, death metal, it sounds like the early 90's, while you have released it recently. What are your impressions from the EP? Are you happy with it? Has everything worked as you expected?
Hell yeeH, the sound guy was a total blasphemy freak, and therefore it kinda sounded like fallen angel of doom at first, but it was too brutal for us, so we fired him and got a real wimp guy and he made us sound cool. We are quite happy with the outcome.

Why did you release it right on the vinyl?
Vinyls are niceeeeee.

Where you draw inspiration for creating such eerie music...?
From our minds, movies, music, books and other arts.

Do you play live shows? Which bands have you played with? And who would you like to play in the future with?
We have played two shows so far. First was with Asphyx, Evil Angel and Wolf. It was good but our bass player wasn't able to play due his broken arm so our second live guitarist had to play bass. Otherwise pretty cool. Second show was with some Dutch black metal band. It was nice show too.

Your demo tapes contain a covers from AUTOPSY and NIHILIST. Which other bands have influenced you?
Well we are inspired by many different bands and styles. But I can say few cool names. Here you go: Blasphemy, Nuclear Death, diSEMBOWELMENT, Saint Vitus, Goatlord, Beherit, Electric Wizard...

I know you own Emptiness productions label, how you managed to set it up?
All you need to do is to invest some money in the first release. If it sells well you can do more releases and be happy.

Which titles have you released?
I have released our EP and DESOLATOR demotape. There's also a SATAN'S SATYRS 7" on the works.

Can you disclose how many interviews you've done thus far?
10-20 maybe... I don't count them.

What are you trying to express by your music and lyrics?

What are your plans for the near future?
We have a gig in Copenhagen, Denmark and probably in Uppsala, Sweden. We are also writing new material for our first full-length LP which will be out during the year 2011.

Ok that's all from me, your last words for the Slovak fans? And can you give your top 5 albums?
Thanks for the interview and reading it. My top five at the moment would probably be: Drawing Down The Moon by Beherit, Vol 4. by Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus by Saint Vitus, Dopethrone by Electric Wizard, Reflections Of The Solstice by Goatlord.


                                                   14. 7. 2010 Azagthoth