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Polish metal scene has many faces, but one is pretty sure. After the huge success of Vader in the 1990s, there were too many bands not that they would copy them, but they sounded alike, similar guitar sound, overall production, image... These bands I don't like anymore, but just UERBEROS as if they did something interesting to similar music. They've added some Black Metal elements and they're very fast and violent. That was why I asked them for this interview.

Greetings to Poland. You have finally released "Tormented By Faith" debut. Is it a dream album and what are your feelings? Is there still dominating euphoria?
Hello! As it happen to most bands after release the first stage was euphoria, second was to get bored of our music, then stop listening to it and forget about all that shit. After few months of deny we found again our music, start listening it and get euphoria again. At this moment we are bored of it. For second time.

The new CD was released by Slovak, reborn Immortal Souls Productions label. Although we are neighboring from the geographic point of view, but I still care about how you and Juraj have coped together and what is your satisfaction with the label?
This album previously was released in Poland by our own cost. ISP release is the second one. Work of Juraj is widespread and he found us somewhere in depths of internet. Few messages later things start to live in their own lives. We are very satisfied with this collaboration. Thanks to him our album has chance to get much more listeners.

The entire work begin with an interesting intro. Could you tell us where you find that record and who made it up to you?
Intro was made by our producer Rybson from Rob-sonic records. It is raw footage from our rehearsal room when we was trying to chase away some people whose has their own meeting or something.

Your music could be called as blasphemous and fast Death Metal with Black approach or influence. Is speed and intensity so crucial to you that you have already convicted slower passages?
No. Our music is coincidence of everything that is in our heads and we didn't try to limit it. Unfortunately Bartek (the skinny one) few weeks ago become a father so now he is composing slow and melodic songs. Expect heartbreaking choruses on next album!.

Have you already recorded any unofficial record even before "Tormented By Faith" to hear how you sound from the recording? Is UERBEROS the main band to you or it is a project?
Tormented by faith is our first record besides some smartphone recording made ad hoc on rehearsals. Uerberos is the main and only band of everyone of us at this moment.

What was the main idea of putting UERBEROS together? You almost all play in Inset band. Could you put it right? What is the main difference between Inset and UERBEROS?
Inset is split up. Uerberos was made on ashes of Inset but it is totally separate project. You shouldn't try to connect those two bands besides some personal similarities.

If I asked you what is the most important thing for you in terms of music, what does UERBEROS song the UERBEROS song, when is the right moment that the song is finished?
This is very complex question that don't has simple answer. This is just a feeling. We are playing with our ideas and try to change or mix them as long as we finally form conglomerate of our thoughts. If we are happy with what we hear it is great moment to finish song and move to next one. We don't try to made songs of specific length, we don't have any time frames that we want to meet. We don't try to make radio edits.

As I have read reviews of "Tormented By Faith," I still think there are quite positive reactions. What were you most criticized for and what did they highlight?
Frankly? I don't know. It is nice to read positive feedback, it is also nice to read constructive criticism but overall we don't give too much attention to them. As result we can't tell you what is most critized and what was highlighted. Read them and tell us.

Polish Metal scene has always been amazing, since the time of Kat, Turbo, later came Vader, Behemoth, Hate, Damnation and today we have Mgla, Outre, Blaze of Perdition, Cultes Des Ghoules / Doombringer, Bestial Raids, Death Like Mass, Infernal War, Azarath and others, they are all antichristian, satanic and dark. Do you think it's all a revolt against a church that has a great deal of dominance in your state?
We definitely aren't fans of Sunday's mass but in the world there are much more interesting things. They will be talked on our next album.

I have noticed today there are also various avant-garde Black / Industrial bands like Mord'A'Stigmata, Furia, Odraza, Morowe, Thaw, Biesy, Cssaba, Seagulis Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out The Void, Eerie, Genius Ultor, often with Polish lyrics. Do you have any favorites from this scene and what do you really think about it?
We didn't listen to that bands. Maybe sometimes but with no big feelings so we don't have any specific reflections about it.

How is it with you and your live activity? How many live gigs have you ever played so far and which ones do you consider as the best?
Due to some kind of insecureness of one of us we didn't play too much gigs already. We want to thanks him so much for the one and only gig that we played in last year and we hope to play another one in this year! But seriously... currently we are booking concerts for 2018 and we are hope to move some people this year and infect them with our live music.

Polish Metal fans are known for their fanaticism into the Metal scene across whole Europe, mostly there are people who prefer old school Metal, wear wallet jackets, waistcoats, patches, nails, drinking, some battles just like in the old days . Do you believe it is
in your mentality?
Here are not a lot of metalheads but most of them is doing it in some very intense way so you can't miss them. Maybe that is reason why we are recognizable in the world. We are much toned in exposure of our preferences.

Ok, that would be all from my side, hope I have not forgotten anything essential, if so, you have a room. Thank you for this interview and hope we will meet in the future, either at another interview or live gig, anywhere, good luck!
We don't have any additional words. Thanks so much for your time. I hope we will meet in the future, maybe on our next show in Poprad (Slovakia) 17.02.2018. Thanks!


17. 1. 2018 Mortuary
Tormented by Faith