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If someone likes Cruciamentum band, but thinking the breaks between their materials are too long, he can check out the new British corpse Death Metal VACIVUS band. It's their guitarist Daniel Rochester, who has recorded some passages on their latest "Paradise Envenomed" EP. Both bands record at Priory Studios with Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and they are both under the same Profound Lore Records label. However VACIVUS certainly does not want to walk on walkway, they add more Black Metal riffs and atmosphere, this is probably their main motivation. Despite many mistaken information they take "Temple of Abyss" album of 2017 for their real debut distancing themselves from times when they act under the name of Dawn of Chaos. VACIVUS focuses on much darker themes as emptiness or death and in this direction they will go in the future, even more in depth. The questions were answered by drummer Ian.

What concept is hidden behind your second "Temple of the Abyss" album?
Temple of the Abyss is actually our debut album, despite the misinformation being peddled by certain worthless websites. Although the record is not strictly a concept album, all the tracks are bound together by a cohesive vision;
a glorification of the ancient, all consuming force of entropy and death which will eventually devour the universe and free us from the shackles of existence.

Do you think your writing process is different from the other bands? What do you think about the writing process way if the band first writes the lyrics and then the music?
Different artists have different way of approaching the creative process, and we are no different. Sometimes songs will be birthed in the rehearsal room, as a true collaboration between the members of the band, as we all bring our own unique influences to the table. Other songs are written almost in their entirety by a single member of the band, however we do feel it is important to let our different influences shine through in the music. Our lyrics are
primarily written by myself and our vocalist Nick. Sometimes these will be written after the music has been arranged and other times a strong set of lyrics will shape a composition. We try not to limit ourselves to a single method of songwriting, as we want to be free to explore different ideas within our music as we grow and develop together as a band.

Is it better to draw inspiration from bands of the same style or rather from completely different genres? Creativity is very unpredictable. What to do if a musician has a longer period of time when he cannot write anything meaningful?
I feel that inspiration can come from anywhere really, so to limit yourself creatively to a single genre of influence can be very stifling. We definitely prefer a more natural, organic form of songwriting where we can draw on different influences, sometimes outside of the sphere of metal itself! We're quite lucky in the sense that the band contains a number of songwriters who all contribute musically, and so if someone is having a creative dry spell, it can be helpful to have someone else to bounce ideas off.

Do you create some concept before writing an album you hold on or do you just create tracks and then you try to align them in a way to make the album cohesive?
Rather than writing a concrete concept for an album, so far we have tried to write songs which have a cohesive sense of purpose and work well together. This has been guided by the core concept behind the band, which is to glorify and explore the worship of the true cosmic destroyer; the ancient force of death and decay which pulls us all inexorably towards the grave. This is the conceptual glue which binds our songs together.

Some people in Metal underground condemn internet, but everyone uses it. Would you prove to imagine the internet would never have occurred?
The internet is a fact of modern life, and we simply use it as a tool to spread our message of death to those who would listen.

Do you think the surrounding world can be only a dream and after death a person finds himself in a true reality?
The nature of reality has been discussed at length and yet the individual will always be the true arbiter of their own reality. I personally view existence as a painful state of being, and so the idea of awakening after death to find myself trapped in another existence, rather than finally being free to disappate into a state of nonbeing, is horrifying.

Would you prove to explain how can a matter emerge from emptiness? Or the order from chaos?
It is important to remember that we are only 3 dimensional beings and so are unaware of the universe outside of our simple dimensional reality. It is true that the universe as we understand it appears to have been created from nothing, however this may be due to external forces acting from outside our observable universe. It is not my place to explain how this happened, or to prove it to anyone. Each person must walk their own path and come to a personal understanding of this chaotic cosmos by themselves.

Do you think reality can be so endless that everyone sees only a small part of it, according to what does he believe?
An infinite universe/multiverse is a fascinating and mindbending concept, as humans struggle to conceptualize the infinite. I agree that each individual's understanding of 'reality' is hugely subjective and is shaped by individual experience, belief and perception. However when you consider the infinite nature of the universe you begin to understand how insignificant we are on a cosmic scale. We are simply fleeting observers of the slow death of a universe: a
slowly crumbling island of order within an infinite, seething sea of chaos.

Do you believe there can be fate or man chooses everything by himself?
Humans are born of this chaotic universe and so we are, ourselves instruments of chaos. We carve our own paths through this uncaring cosmos until we return to the peace of nonexistence. The idea of fate relies on a sense of purpose or divine provenance which mankind simply does not have.

It's been more than a year since your last "Temple of the Abyss" album. Do you begin to think about some new material?
We are currently working on our next album which we hope to record in early 2019 ready for release later next year. The new material is sounding really strong and we are eager to unleash it upon the world.


26.11.2018 Storm
Summoning Apophis