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13TH TEMPLE is a band you probably haven't heard about over here yet, you may have already encountered them. These are Chilean daemons of the occult character you can see on their new two EPs. "Passing Through The Arcane Death" is a four tracks stuff that locks you behind the forged door of horror, where you will discover a new fear and another universe of death. At listening you will be possessed by spirits of the dead and you will not even realize it, you will be in the arms of death itself. The second "Totemnacht" EP presents the band as a living ritual, to penetrate behind the curtain of knowledge and let your soul mutilate at the spiritual level. Both materials are so mad I have just decided to confess these two masters of occult practices and music monsters. Chilean BM scene has another grim name, so just enter the 13th Temple. The questions were answered by drummer Kéikruk.

Every interview I always start by asking band for their name, so I would start from here. Could you tell why just 13th Temple, what does this name symbolize to you? Suppose it is a profound name for you that should not sound good only. Also I have to highlight a wonderful logo, that font is beautiful. Who is the author?
Good night, First of all the name 13th temple makes an esoteric citation to the 13 shamans of hidden names in our indigenous culture ... As we also mention and practice in the cabalistic scheme of the dead tree, the number 13 is the hidden sphere ... Apart from Daath we present the other side to an inner temple in the man who is full of wisdom. The Author of the logo is our member Melek Rsh Nvth (Mahamvantara arts.)

From your music evaporates a difficult-to-define ritual atmosphere, everything is as if obscured, unclean and covered in mystery. Do you consider your music as original embodiment of  Black Metal? Do you think Black Metal should be original or just keep the black flame of old masters?
Our music embodies both the old path of the pioneers in the visual-aesthetic execution and the ritualistic sonority. As a result of these organic elements we can operate a new fresh sound with "tints" of the primitive that was left in the last scene. There are new and current ways to study the art of music and always keep it underground "sonority and the primitive element".

Many countries have their typical signs as for the characteristics of the Black Metal, sometimes the band can be recognized by their music from which country they come. What do you think of Black Metal in Chile, its traditions, cult? Do you think your scene is typical, or you take the things rather individualistically?
As 13th Temple we are not followers or sympathizers of the majority of Chilean bands, except some friendly bands. 13th Temple was born under an individualistic threshold, therefore we do not feel part of any scene.

Could you tell where you draw inspiration to show your artistic intents? Can you say that certain places, gloomy and scary, can affect some of the form you are working with? Or maybe other inspiration from nature, universe, old cult buildings? Or everything is simply written in your inside...
Our main artistic focus is expressed from the Sitra Achra as some tend to operate. Each element that is absorbed works like a puzzle, but in conjunction with the "meat and sacrifice" is not a complex methodology when doing your work well and make it work with the right intention. Certainly there are places of good organic energy in our land which we occupy, as well as the hidden verb in them ...

Do you use some ritual objects, candles, bones, dagger, incense and the like at writing process or playing? Can these objects open something in you what you usually do not feel, or even better, to open the gate to even greater depth? Do you think you could write music with your characteristics for example on warm sunny days, on the beach? Is the place and time important to you?
Everything you mention we implement and occupy to execute our art. No doubt a dagger is an extension of the magician as well as the human body itself. Bones ... candles and incense are sacred offerings to allow a noble entrance to your purpose. A ritual camera is an explicit way to conjure the divine of your art. Personally I occupy each element of this to create. They are basic connections that apply to a cause. Once the message passes through me, you shine to express.

Dreams are definitely interesting sphere of human psyche. Someone can say at a certain dream it was just a nightmare, someone else can see something deeper and fascinating in it. How do dreams, nightmares, sleep paralysis, sleep deprivation and so on affect you? Do you let yourself be inspired by these subliminal signals as well?
In my other bands and of course in 13th temple, I occupy this element daily. Seven states of semi-trance, lack of sleep are opportunities that a magician creates to ritualize later. It is somewhat risky in certain methodologies but always effective "Ekpyrotic lucidity".

Are you interested in Chilean myths, folklore, religions, history? Is there a specific topic in this area that fatally interest you, as if it had been in your blood?
Undoubtedly for us it is interesting the history, the folklore, the worldview that the native peoples practiced. The magic, the rituals and ceremonies performed was the highest projection of understanding with the earth, the connection with our ancestral spirits occurs today under the mantle of what we practice today as 13th Temple.

How is death perceived in Chilean folklore, myths and legends? Do you know some interesting facts (funeral rituals, or dealing with the deceased for example) from some areas of your country that are at least strange or remarkable? How do you perceive death yourself, do you think about it, or you just want to enjoy life and you displace death from your head? Do you believe death is the gate to somewhere elsewhere?
Here in the fields of southern Chile, death is perceived as a process of spiritual phase changes, therefore large feasts of food and drink are held to praise the soul that has left its material body. Naturally there are many myths about death that are mostly inherited from ancestral peoples. Personally I think that death is simply opening the door to the next state of spiritual solemnity. I do not see it as something negative, just the opposite. I enjoy life and I try to be wiser every day.

Do you also draw inspiration from alcohol, drugs, or other altered states of consciousness in your work? What do you think of such a way of inspiration in art? Can the changed states of consciousness shift the artist somewhere else where he would not get?
In 13th temple do not take drugs or alcohol. Nothing that affects the meditative processes. Only one natural method is used, which is the body's own dopamine. Secretary voluntarily to implement an act of sacrifice is efficient and not damaged for the temple or vehicle if you want to think. I am not against peeo nor in favor of drugs. Many magicians use this method but like any toxin, it invades significantly any organism.

Chilean history includes also Andean civilization, it is often said they sacrificed small children for their gods, their skin was removed from the body. What do you think of such religious practices? Do you believe such victims could help the indigenous people?
They are practices that deserve all my respect, each indigenous people have a special and unique connection with their environment, their rituals had direct impact with their environment and their people.

Easter Island belonging to Chile is most famous by monolithic sculptures, which everybody knows. Were you to look at these sculptures and how did you feel? Definitely everyone gets stuck by their size and processing. How do you explain they were buried in the ground to the head?
Without a doubt we have a strong example of conviction and wisdom, they knew every detail of their work and transformed all that knowledge into these huge representative statues of their strongest ancestors.

Ok, that would be all from my side. Wish 13th Temple a lot of black inspiration and other great recordings, have a great time!
Thanks for All.


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