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Space coffin hallucinations
Hello Eric, what's up in GIGAN?
Greetings from the GIGAN universe...Things are going quite well!

Say how did your tour succeed? What were the reactions, where was the best live gig and most of fans? Who have you been playing with?
We have been touring for about 8 weeks so far and it has been great! Some of the best shows have been in Florida, Wisconsin, New York, California and Virginia! We were on one tour with Lightning Swords of Death and Valdur. Another tour was with Bleed The Sky and The Destro.

Almost every extreme music listener knows HATE ETERNAL, but GIGAN is still unknown. How would you lure people to buy your CD on?
GIGAN is purely original music with no limits! We are also more experimental that any other true death metal band out there. GIGAN is the beginning of a new breed of metal.

There were some hurricanes and tornados in America just now, evenly also at Florida. What is the feeling to see it by own eyeball? Or it avoided Tampa?
I have seen hurricanes and tornadoes before, but we were lucky enough to be on tour when they came this year!

Your music isn't definitely typical brutal death metal, oftentimes you use outlandish rhythms and riffs. Are you influenced by psychedelic jazz rock?
Definately. I listen to all types of music and I am inspired by all types of art....Therefore GIGAN reflects many aspects of those things!

The album has very raw and aggressive sound. Have you been recording it in analog mood? I think combination of loud and complex music must make head ache also to some death metallers, not even to common people, haha.
It was an analog/tape recording. GIGAN is a natural, organic band that needs a natural sounding recording to express itself. And yes, we do give people headaches!!! In fact we even gave Billy Milano a headache! (TRUE!)

Which song of the album is your fave and why?
My personal favorite is "Space Coffin Hallucinations". I believe it is a good overall representation of the GIGAN Universe.

Do you conform to some rules at song writing? Do you use also some hallucinogens?
We conform to NO rules when it comes to songwriting, except that every song should have it's own personality. Yes, we do use hallucinogens.

Behind the "delusional" chaos you are using also various outlandish industrial background sounds as in Hiding Behind The House of Mirrors song. Sometimes it sound frighteningly till sci-fi. Do you want to emphasize music atmosphere by that?
Yes, we wanted a spacey feel to the whole album...but all sounds you hear are created by guitars or guitar effects...There are some MOOG synths on the hidden track, but that is it.

What is the house of mirrors?
Just what it sounds like. At American carnivals, they have a "house with mirrors" with different types of mirrors on all the walls...People walk around in it and freak out...

How did you make the last Untitled song? Not in the studio at album recording?
It was in the studio, but we recorded it with a different process. It was all recorded at once during one long session where we all took psychedelic mushrooms. The last song is just 22 minutes of one very LONG session!

What about GIGAN name? Does it have something common with word the gigantic?
GIGAN means "false eye" in Japanese. It is also the first half of the word, GIGANtic.

I like your songs names, they are equally outlandish as the music. Which monsters are your lyrics about? Are you influenced also by Lovecraft or it is something quite a different?
Lovecraft is definately an influence, but my monsters and concepts come from my own imagination. "The Occult Rites of the Uumpluy" is based on some of my monsters. All GIGAN records will have at least one or two songs based on my monsters and the GIGAN Universe.

How do you like Canadian NEGATIVA band creation? I think you are similar bands enough and if you’d go on tour with them it would be strong coffee for fans...Would you like to go on tour with them?
We are good friends with Steeve, Luc and Negativa! It would be an honor to tour with them!!! They are as inspiring as they are creative!!!

There is hardly anything on your official website, only reference to Myspace site. Many bands don't update own official websites and don't care of them. Will you join them?
We will have a better official site when finances allow it. Right now the Myspace is there for info and the official site is there to buy merchandise. Hopefully our official site will be something special someday! Until then just go to www.myspace.com/giganmusic.

Thanx for the interest in GIGAN!!! We will come to Europe as soon as we can!!! Until then, THRASH IN SPACE!!!