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Hi, you are just about to release your first full-length album "Mortal Repulsion", what can we expect from debut? Will it be in the classic way of GOREAPHOBIA?
It is very dark and heavy. The best thing we have ever done. The pure Goreaphobia sound.

When is the official release date of the album? What is the feeling to release the first album after so many years? What all was happening during those years in GOREAPHOBIA? When was your best and worst period?
I am not sure on the release date as of yet. We are still working out some details for the release. Of course we all are very excited about the release. We worked very hard on the record. The best time being in the band would be now. This is the best line up and the best group of musicians I have worked with. The worst time would have been during 1991.

What was the initial intent and the idea of founding the GOREAPHOBIA?
Me and Chris Gamble formed the band to play the music we wanted to hear. Express our selves. Create our vision, our magick.

You belong to the oldest extreme bands, but even though your discography contains mainly demos and singles. Why have you been writing material for a full album so long?
Well, because we broke up 17 years ago. We were originally set to record our debut record titled "Conquer of Thorns" back in 1991 at sunlight studios in Stockholm, Sweden. But me and Chris had the wrong people in the band. They poisoned Goreaphobia and we split up. It is unfortunate that we split up back then. I know a lot of metal fans are not aware of us and our history in the death metal world. That will change once "Mortal Repulsion" is released.

Who has written the most things for your debut? How have the new material been creating?
Most of the music was written by myself and Jim and additional help by Chris. All the words and lyrical concept was written by Chris. The creative part just happened from us jamming together. Working of each other and our ideas. There is a magical chemistry between all of us.

GOREAPHOBIA has always been somehow connected with the band INCANTATION, in your past, and now you have some common members. How did you get to play with John McEntee?
We have all known each other for 20 years. You have to remember in the early days there was only a few of us who played this type of music over here. And we all started out around the same time. There was us, Immolation, Incantation, Autopsy, Profanatica, Mortician. We all felt we played the real stuff. John has been a good friend for a long time. He understands what we are about so it made perfect sense.

From the beginning you play dark unclean Death Metal... What does Death Metal mean to you? Do you prefer this style exclusively or also Black Metal, eventually other styles?
We play Death Metal! I feel comfortable with that. It is our music, our statement. Death metal is dark, heavy, brutal and atmospheric! All these things. Black metal and death metal meant the same thing when we started in 1988. I have nothing in common with the so called new school death metal bands of today. I would say I have more in common with some of the black metal people. Most of the new metal fans donít know what real death metal is.

Where have you recorded "Mortal Repulsion"? What sound have you want to achieve? Is the sound exactly according to your ideas?
We record the album at Neanderthal Studios. That is Jim Roeís studio. We wanted to record a album that represented our dark vision and expressed where the band was feeling at the present time. I feel we have accomplished that. Jim recorded and engineered the album and he did a great job.

Do you think GOREAPHOBIA will have the best time after the debut release? Or the best period was in the beginning 90ís?
Yes, I would say after the record is released. We are all looking forward to the future. The band is more focused then ever before. The future looks very promising.

How would you compare overall metal scene in the period when you started and today scene? I mean even the trendy mainstream Metal which has nothing common with the original idea of Metal...
I would say there is a major difference from todayís scene and the early day. There are more clones then ever before. We all had our own identity back then. We played what we felt. Bands today are just trying to copy all of us. There is nothing real. It is very mechanical sounding. No balls!! I think the music is a reflection of our failing society. No more independent thinkers. People canít think for themselves neither can a lot of musicians. It is not about a fucking talent show and how much you can show off. There is no song writing no magick!

Which DM album is best demonstration of this style to you? Which bands influenced you most, and are there any bands today that can inspire you? Where is your inspiration source for writing music?
Some of my fave death metal albums would be Autopsy - All, Death - Scream bloody gore, Possessed - All, Bathory-1st 3 records, Necrophagia - Season of the dead, Morbid Angel - Altars of madness, Immolation - demos, Nihilist -demos, Repulsion - Horrified, Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, Sodom - In the sign of evil etc.. Some influences would have been Bathory, VoiVod, Celtic Frost / Hellhammer / Discharge /Pink Floyd, Motorhead. As for extreme metal I like today would be Death Breath / Hod / Aura Noir / Nightbringer / they are some of the better bands today in my opinion. Inspiration can come from some art music or something in my life. I donít really get inspired by music anymore. It comes from something else I cannot explain.

What is most important for you at composing new riffs? Do you prefer to play already done riffs, or you are fascinated by composition, so that you create new things?
There is no set formula. Sometimes I compose a whole piece by myself. Sometimes it is just jamming with Jimmy and Chris that I come up with some music.

What are your feelings when standing on the stage? Where is the best place to play and where you have biggest fan base? Have you already play live gig with total lack of interest of the fans?
It is feeling of power. Our fan base a spread threw out I cannot say where is the best.

Who is responsible for GOREAPHOBIA lyrics? Can you describe at least some of your most often items? How much do you take the lyrics seriously? Are they as important as music?
Chris is the lyricist it is his personal concept. His visions. They are a personal thing to him.

In general, Death Metal bands image is built either on the death, suffering, violence, war, gore themes, darkness, madness, perversion ... do you think there is still a lot of topics that could be used in this genre, or would be better not to change it?
It is a darkness within us. The only real thing to sing about is the truth.

What is the main difference between the bands of the EU and America? Do you listen also to European bands?
I think there are better bands in Europe. I think the European bands play with more feeling. But still there are many great bands here as well.

Whatís GOREAPHOBIA going to do in the near future? What would you achieve with this band? Do you have some unfulfilled dream in this area?
Release the record. We are scheduled to play some festivals over here in the US and do some touring to promote the record.

Ok, that would be all from me, if I forgot something important you can write. Wish you and entire band many successes with new album and a big thanks for the interview!
Thank you for the interview.


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