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What is new around LONGING FOR DAWN?
Well we are currently starting to compose for our 4th album; autumn and winter have always been the best time for us to work on new material...

How did the EU tour with MOURNFUL CONGREGATION a MOURNING BELOVETH end up? Where is the best place to play?
The tour was simply fantastic, everything went really well and all 3 bands got along so well. The 2 most memorable shows were in Rotterdam for the 10 year anniversary party of Officum Triste as well as the Moscow Doom Fest IV, Moscow was simply magical.

Many Funeral Doom bands detest plays live. What about you? Why did you decide to play concerts?
I don't see why it would be less interesting for a Doom band to play live than any other type of music... When everything is right and the mood is there playing live takes the music to another level I feel, although it's not always easy to get the proper feel and you need to adapt to the venue you're in, magic can definitely happen in a live setting and we've enjoyed a lot of the concerts we did.

What are the reactions to "Between Elation and Despair" album? Is it important to you to know how others perceive your music?
The reactions so far have been tremendously positive, more than I expected. I feel this album has finally enabled us to show what Longing For Dawn truly is. Comments and feed back on what we do is always interesting and welcomed, we'd do this anyway regardless of criticís approval or not yet getting such positive feed back from people all over the world for your art is of great value.

This your new stuff reminds me sometimes bands as ESOTERIC, or COLOSSEUM. What do you say to these bands and their last albums?
These are both acts I enjoy and respect although they are not what Iíd listen to normally, Iím not into Doom that much as a listener, I have my classics from the 90's and donít really listen to what is coming out anymore. But I know there's a lot of great Doom acts out there these days.

The album contains a lot of ambient passages, some clean vocals and it has a spooky atmosphere. Did you want to achieve this?
I wouldnít personally use the term "Spooky" to qualify what we wanted to achieve with our music, introspection and emotions are what drives me, not making things sound spooky or scary... Music is a hard thing to plan, what you create is rarely calculated. It simply comes out and you arrange it in a concise matter... I like deep atmospheres and feelings so the music is a result of this interest too.

It has also very good, heavy sound. Where have you recorded it?
We recorded and mixed everything ourselves in various locations and our own studios. It takes a lot of time but it's the most comfortable way for us to work, to do things at our own pace and by our own means and expertise, we have no need or interest in going into a studio, it wouldnít make any sense to us, we have a complete DIY ethic.

I know that besides two projects you have even Cyclic Law label. Have you enough time for everything?
No not really.. :) I wish there would be more hours in a day to do everything I want to but I manage, let's just say that boredom is not something I experience in my life.

Why did you not release "Between Elation and Despair" on your own label?
Cyclic Law is dedicated to Ambient and Industrial sonorities and I keep things that way. We have also signed for a 3 album deal with Grau so this our 2nd album for them, the next one will also be released on Grau.

I have noticed that in two songs and band name is mentioned sunrise. What does it mean to you? Do you like it more than sunset? What is a concept or philosophy of LONGING FOR DAWN?
The idea is that we are in a sense always looking for better days, better times ahead and a better life for ourselves, so we are basically Longing For Dawn in our personal lives.. to heal, be healthy, have clearer minds etc... also music is the most positive force in our life, we are not doing this to be depressed or make people depressed, quite the opposite, it's a catharsis for us, so in that sense we are striving to better our lives and those that are close to us and this is reflected in our music, lyrics, band name and general attitudes towards life.

For the cradle of Doom Metal can be regarded England. How is it going in Canada? Donít you feel there as in a lonely island?
To an extend we are on a lonely island as far as Doom is concerned, very few bands play this style here and the interest is slowly starting to be felt. But we never worked in a local context or interest, we stick to what we do, if people here enjoy it good, but we know where to find people interest in this style and it's a lot more interesting to tour Europe than Canada..

Do you think you can be labeled as Funeral Doom Metal? Who actually invented it in your viewpoint?
I donít like for us to be reduced to such a narrow definition, to me there's only one band deserving this name tag and it's Skepticism, and we really do not sound or play the same style of music as them.

What is the origin of mankind according to you? Are you interested in Sumerian mythology or you read books by Zecharia Sitchin?
I'm not completely familiar with Sitchin's writing or Sumerian mythology, yet from my personal reflections on the matter I came to the conclusion that we are of course an integral part of the cosmos, we are stardust, and I think ultimately the true answers to where we come from will never be found, it seems to be our destiny to wander about this and Iím quite satisfied with not knowing.. But I feel a deep connection and awe to the splendor and immensity of the cosmos and find great inspiration in its mystery.

Do you think your music would fit at a funeral? Ok thatís all from me, do you have some message? Can you add your actual music albums top 5?
It could, like disco or classical or what ever the defunct would have wished to be played at his funeral...
My message would be: "There is no religion higher than truth"

My current top 5 would be:
Atheus (all singles he's done)
Intrusion (The seduction of Silence)
Karjalan Sissit ("Fucking Whore Society)
GAS (4 CD Box set)
Deepchord Presents: Echospace (The Coldest Season)

Thank you for this interview and for your kind support.
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Between Elation and Despair