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Rotting reality
Infernal greetings to Poland, how are things going for MASTABAH these days? Could you introduce your band?
Hellooo. At the moment our line up is: Levan-voc, guitar; Belzebub-guitar; Mar-bass; Goro-drums, backing vocals. MASTABAH specialize at dark brutal death metal, You can find here a lot of crushing riffs, infernal vocals and extreme speed too. The best way is to listen our stuff.

Do you remember even the day of MASTABAH creation? What idea was created MASTABAH with? What does your name actually mean?
Yeah, of course I remember it. MASTABAH was born in 2004 by Thorn and Goro. At the same time we played in Dark Legion band, but soon this band died and we decided to make MASTABAH priority. MASTABAH is a dark and brutal band, our lyrics are a philosophy of many things, like evil, hate, murder and many many other things, I need to say again it... Itís music, not a book, so we should listen it, not read :D. Youíre welcome to our site, thereís a lot of tracks to listen. What MASTABAH mean? In short it is a grave.

Your music is really violent and heavy, fast and dark. Have you sounded like that exactly from the beginning? Can we say MASTABAH is some continuation of DARK LEGION band?
Yeah itís true, it is dark, fast (but on a new album ďQuintessence of EvilĒ are some slower parts) and heavy. Our first album was a lot of hi-speed riffs and drums (I need to say that thereís no gravity blast). On ďQuintessence of EvilĒ we continue it, but music is much expand. MASTABAH is an individual band, itís not continuation of DARK LEGION, by the way MASTABAH was born when DARK LEGION existed.

What position do you already have in underground? Do you get good feedback to your music?
I can say that MASTABAH is getting more recognizable. We hear a lot of good words from all the world, people come to our gigs and enjoy, all of that is so crazy and sick. People feel our songs and live MASTABAH and listeners devastate everything :D. Thatís great!

Your new record is still quite fresh, has it satisfied your expectations? However, when you hear the result, it sounds a little different than in the rehearsal roomÖ Would you change something at this moment?
Yes, we can say that the new album satisfied us. I think it sounds better than we assumed. In my opinion thereís only one thing I would like to change a little, sound of drums. Itís ok, but it would be better :D. We concentrate on it when weíll record third album. I hope it will be near half of the 2010. So, look out!

Which studio have you visited to record "Quintessence of Evil" album and according to what you decided? What was the atmosphere in the studio?
We recorded ďQuintessence of EvilĒ in our home studio on equipment which we pill up for many years. It was comfortable situation, because we neednít to hurry. So the fact is, that we recorded our stuff about three months. But final sound is a credit of Szymon Czech (:D) who works at Studio X. He made mix and mastering. I think that he did great job.

I think the final sound is great, itís clean, but for all that very heavy and devastating...
Thanx! Yeah, I think the same too :D.

Who have written most of the material for "Quintessence of Evil"? How has the music been really created?
A lot of riffs made Thorn (at the moment ex-member and cofounder of MASTABAH), but finally rest of band modified a little some things. Levan and me record and made vocals, but lyrics wrote Thorn. So, everybody did something for ďQuintessence of EvilĒ, itís collective work.

What is most important for you in terms of composition? Are you thinking about composing or it runs naturally? Do you think composing is a difficult issue?
Can everyone learn to compose, or a musician must have it in himself?

Itís different question... I can say that it runs naturally, but I think that to make good songs is needed to have sick mind and skills of course. On all the world are a lot of great bands, but on the other hand much more are poor. What provide people to hear this band, not another?

Darkness is probably an important aspect of music for you. Would you prove to imagine youíd play Death Metal without any feeling?
Itís not possible to play music without any feeling. You must feel what You create. Music is from inside of musician. Death Metal of MASTABAH is all what we think; this is all what we feel! Weíre very serious when we record songs, or when we play gigs. I think we couldnít live without death metal music...

Why has Thorn left you? What does he currently do? Doesnít he think of revive DAMNATION band?
No, it has nothing with another Thornís band. Itís very simple. Thorn already hasnít time to play longer in MASTABAH. This is a life....

Itís very interesting that Catholic Poland has so much mad, blasphemous bands and most of them have excellent playing, composing and creative level. I love guitar leads of Polish bands; maybe Wojtek Lisicki has determined the direction. They are always well composed and sophisticated and, of course, you are not any exception...
What can I say... Itís true :D haha. I think that a new, young generation isnít so Catholic like older. Itís true that we have here a lot of good bands, itís really nice, but I donít know where it come from hahaha.

Your drummer Goro moves you really fast forward, sometimes it seems as if it could not be played by a man: D. Extremely fast bass drums and rhythm drum as well. Are you satisfied with his performance?
Yeah, itís controversial subject :D. You know it happens that itís me play the drums, and what can I say... it is possible to play so fast without gravityblast technic. I donít like plays with hmm cheats.... Playing in this way doesnít make sense; it would be the same to play with drummachine... The point is that all what You hear is true, played by alive humans :D.

What is the main philosophy of MASTABAH band?
Music of MASTABAH talked about many things around death. MASTABAH is a dark story...

Do you play some live shows? How do you actually take MASTABAH? Is it just a project or a regular band??
As I said, MASTABAH is a regular band. Weíre trying to play a lot of gigs and weíre happy that people come to our gigs. I think that music of MASTABAH sounds better live :D. Come and try it :D.

Except one, our webzine is dedicated to a writer H. P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu myth, just everything what is connected with it. Is any of you fan of this writer? What do you think about the Necronomicon book?
I like read books, I prefer thrillers and horrors, but You know I didnít read just this book about which You talk. So, I must read it, thatís it!

Can you reveal something about your faith? Do you believe in something that is over us?
Everytime when I think about all the world and about faith, God, Satan etc. ... my mind is going empty and I know nothing than... I hate religions; this is a shit which leads to discord and even to wars. I donít know what will be after death and thereís no human which know what will be... We need to wait for a death and weíll see :D

Have you ever thought about mankindís creation? If so, what is your theory?
Hmm... I have nothing more to say in this subject as I said in earlier question... On hundred percent Iím sure that I live now :D but how the human was created... sorry but I donít know, maybe You know?? :D

What is your view to the phenomenon of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth? I think that basically we would have to come from intervention of some extraterrestrial entities, we could be brought here to earth from somewhere elsewhere...
Hahaha, Iím not sure, but I think it is less probably that we are made by aliens :D

Ok, it would be all from me, if I forgot something important, you can write. Big thanx for answering my questions, wish MASTABAH all the best, stay dark.
Thanx for the interesting interview and all good words about MASTABAH!
I hope that we will be able to play in our neighbour Czech Republic soon!
Thanx for Your support!
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Stay sick and brutal!! See Ya on gigs!!!

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