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Tombs of Fallen Angels
Hello, how are things going for UNCONSECRATED in these cursed days?
To be honest, I’m taking a break with the band, besides my job I’ve got no time enough to create new tunes, But Unconsecrated is not dead, it’s just taking a break!

Let's go now to your album. As it actually was, that album came out as connection of your two demos? I think that today it is already quite normal thing...
I don’t know if it’s quite usual, but we started to compose the songs, and after a while we realized we’ve got 7 songs, so we decided that would be our first demo.
A month later, we started to create new tunes, and again we discovered we got 6 new songs that compose our 2nd demo.
What I was really keen from the beginning is I would like to release them on CD, and we did it.

Are you satisfied with the overall result of debut? Would you change something on the album if you could?
Without any doubt, the guitar sound would be changed on the “UC” Demo. Their sound is too weak comparing with “DO” Demo. What I wouldn’t change is the programmed drums, it’s unbelievable its sound, quite real!! You know, you re never 100% satisfied with the final result, There are things you could change on it.

What responses have you got to "Unconsecrated Cemetery / Dark Awakening" album? How much seriously do you take criticism from fans, zines? Have you already met with some curious reactions?
To be honest, I feel quite granted with the response about the CD, We’ve got more positive reviews than the bad ones, Although in those negative ones you’ve to take out the positive things ´cause it’ll help u to improve.
Just two persons told me they realized we used a programming drum, when everybody have been stunned with the great sound we’ve achieved. But they’re just opinions!

I have to admit that the demos sound really killing; the sound is almost perfect, clear. Where have you recorded the two demos?
I don’t know if you’re going to believe me, but both demos were recorded in my home, it’s true! We don’t have to shake our asses from home! Hehehehe… We’ve not got neither the experience nor the Money to use a pro Studio to record the 13 tracks of our demos.

It’s interesting that you use drum machine, why have you decided so? Personally I don’t like any drum machines, but in your case, it sounds so authentically, that is the problem to recognize it from a real drummer! How did you make this?
I’m pleased you are one of those who think the drums sounds real. As I said before we were looking for a drummer, but it was impossible! We had to pay for the recording Studio and we can afford it! Robert, our last guitar placer, was the guy who programmed the drums, but I can’t tell you how he did it. It’s going to be a great secret, just comparable to “coca-cola” recipe!! You have to ask Robert.

What do you lay most stress at songwriting on? How much crucial is the question of composing, playing techniques, and feeling for you?
No tecnicism at all! I can’t be tecnic with just three months playing my guitar! What I was stressed more its to mix the whole lot of guitar riffs once they were composed and make them sound properly, but after all here you are the result!

It is quite obvious that you are great fans of mainly old Swedish bands from the early 90’s as well as other Scandinavian acts ... Why did you decide to go this way?
As you said, I’m listening to DM since 88, Nowadays its the only music genre I’m listening to, and it’s what I enjoy playing, that’s the main reason. No way ´cause these days there are plenty of new bands playing this music, I’m playing ´cause it comes from my Heart out!

Your style of Death Metal contains many feelings making shivers on the back; some passages are quite scary, dark, morbid ... just as it should be in true Death Metal. Will you use these feelings also in your new recordings?
That’s my real intention when I’m composing the new tunes, i like they sound darker and more terrorizing as u say, I’m not changing my mind in Fact the new tracks we’ve got continues with this pattern, but with better sound structures and with a real drummer.

Another interesting thing is your vocalist Kent. Coming from Norway, how did he get to your band? Are you satisfied with him?
Satisfied? I’m really pleased with Kent, He´s the best growler we can find, and i´m not going to change because he fixes perfectly with Unconsecrated.
To be honest, a friend from UK, told me if I’ve listened to a norgue band called Unspoken, He gave me their “myspace” url. After I listened to their very first song I was shocked with his vocals, I wrote him immediately and told him if he would be interested in record the vocals for our demos. After a week he answered me told me he’ll be helping us, so that’s the whole thing…

When they say Spain, I remember names as AVULSED, HAEMORRHAGE, HOLOCAUST, UNNATURAL, UNCREATION, DYSPRAXIA, REINCARNATION, FERMENTO ... What is the scene in Spain today? Are you interested in your Underground? Or are you more concentrated on the Swedish scene? Do you think that the current Swedish scene is still at the same level as in 90’s?
Of course I’m into Spanish UG scene, but not only Spanish Scene, I’m into every DM scene worldwide. But it’s true that Swedish and Finnish scenes has got a lot of bands lately, but there are bands such as Necrowretch... from France, Chaotic Aeon...from China, Cerekloth... from Denmark are just a few examples.
The epoch are different, and compare what the bands created in the 90´s with today’s... now it’s not got the same feeling or sound but the bands that has risen now have nothing to envy to the 90´s ones, just with a more modern sound but very catchy as well.

What music have you grew up on and what you listen today? What would you answer if I asked you which Death metal album you personally consider as the best and why?
Good question! I Grew up with bands such as Metall.., IM, Slay, Ven., Posses… until 88 when I listened to Death “leprosy” album, since that album I’m into DM.
The best DM album? It’s a very difficult question, but I’d say “LHP” from Entombed, ´cause it has got everything a good DM album should have.

Your lyrics are typical Death metal, where is your source? Are you fans of old Horror movies? Which ones are your favorites? Are you going to change lyrics in the future?
As you say, I love horror movies, and it’s what our lyrics are about. But it’s our singer who composes them. Except for the first two demos, which were composed when Kent joined us. An American friend did them for us. There is no intention to change the subjects, so death, zombies, horror… will be in our lyrics by now…

How about writing new songs? Are you thinking about the new album by now? What will be different compared to demos? Will you try some progress in your music?
Well, we got 2 new ones, The “older” one, Its supposed Relapse Recs was going to release it in a 7” split with norge Abominant but, we have been waiting for more than a year for it release…
The other one, called “Slave to the Grave” its finished right now, we’re looking for a label to release it in a 7” split with the Spanish band “Broken Gravestones”.
We try to get better day after day with our music, but always playing DM in its purest way!!

Because you play Old School Death Metal I conclude that you are fans of mainly old extreme bands. How do you like the current metal scene from the Nu Metal to various Core bands?
You shouldn’t ask me that question, because I’m not interested at all in nu metal, I’m living in my own world.. hehehe

How many concerts you have played till now? Have you already played with some great bands? What is your dream in this area?
We’ve never played a gig! Even we’ve not got a rehearsal.

Currently you are looking for label. Is it difficult nowadays to find a good label? What must the label fulfill to sign a contract? Do you think that in 90’s Death metal bands have more easy conditions in this area?
I don’t know but I think in 90´s when DM came up, bands had some facilities if they sounded more or less fine, Now internet give you more chances to get a record label, in my own experience, but I think now is easier than before.

Try to describe all three in your band, what you like, what does not ... do you have some philosophy as the band?
I going to describe myself, it’s the honest thing, I like listening to DM most of the day, share the freetime with my girlfriend, walking out with my friends on weekends to drink some beers, more or less the usual, isn’t it?.
My filosophy is to give 100 % to my band and be compromised with this style, because of you have to feel what you play.

Ok, this would be my part of all, if I forgot something important, feel free to write, sure you have some merch ... if you can, add your personal music top 5, much thanx for the interview, STAY DARK AND HEAVY!
My top 5? Uff… each interview I change someones, but I’d write:

ENTOMBED - Left Hand Path
CARNAGE - Dark Recollection
GRAVE - Into The Grave
UNLEASHED - Where No Life Dwells
MORBID ANGEL - Altars Of Madness

About our merch, we have available the following stuff right now:

Unconsecrated - Unconsecrated Cemetery / Dark Awakening - CD 10 €
Unconsecrated - Buried in the Crypt, T-shirt 2 sides Size M 12 €

Thx a lot for the int. And I hope to see our 7” released very soon!