Hail Bro! Could you reveal a brief history of your band? Do you regard UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN as your current main band? How did it all begin?
HailzzZZ Mortuary! Fevers, Pest and Plague to all readers! In the time of our demos 99-2000, were realized only by two members, for which we had to resort to drum machine, therefore only it has an experimental character, it was an excellent form of creation and composition, it is exactly like the realized for APOCALYPSE COMMAND, or the same form in which the Peruvian MORTEM do it in "Devoted to the Evil", but in our first album we record with a real drummer, the chapters are:

Esoteric Orden of Dagon Chapter I  demo (CD-R Xeroxed)
Crawling Chaos Chapter II demo (CD-R )
Esoteric Order of Dagon Chapter 0+Chapter I demo reissued by DDR Protape
Wake Up in the Night of Walpurgis Chapter III                     Album CD w/special 7” pack
People of the Monolith Chapter IV Album CD w/special 7” pack

Our actual line-up is I, Joseph Curwen - guitars (The original member) spells-words, guitars  and Spiritual Hypertrophy, Butcher of Christ -  Drums and BlackGore - guitar.

You have just released a whole new album "People of The Monolith", how would you compare it to your debut "Wake Up In The Night of Walpurgis"? What are the feelings you have from debut and what from the new one?
First, the bass player was expelled, and the “nameless cult” now has major clarity with regard to the concepts, with regard to the dark subject matters. I and Butcher are persons really compromised with Metal. I think this work is “spiritually black”, now this is pure aggression and evilness!,. The grace of “People of The Monolith", is that it is a hybrid mix between the classic European Death Metal like Sunlight and the American Tampa Florida Morrisound plus the old bands of Thrash, Noise and Turbo Records together with the Wild Rags ones and technical Death metal like Angel Corpse or Suffocation, but that’s just in the musical side. The thing is to write obscure lyrics, to take all that Metal that usually was just aggression to a more damned and black plane and in some way to pay the spiritual debt of Death Metal. Not to just take care of music, also of the message and the atmosphere.

I’d like to know what are fans reactions to your music, where have you the strongest fan base? And what about criticism? Have you already got some reviews of the new album? How much are the reviews important to you?
I read some review in “Voices from the dark side” , Necromaniac Zine and from Necrosphere Zine ( I don’t  understand  your review! Hahaha),  all are ok… But really… we does not have very importance to the critiques.

You play a very unnatural and gloomy old school brutal death metal, what I like very much. I know that some of you have played or are playing also in the Black Metal bands, why have you decided to play a pure Death Metal?
Unaussprechlichen Kulten born as a Death Metal Band, this is the only way that I know to compose metal, this is the only reason, I am not musician, I am Death Metal player, I am a Death Metal fanatic, and Butcher of Christ like the Death Metal too (he plays in black metal bands like Plague, Communion).

I would say that your music has its own feeling and depth, some riffs are really scary and sinister, but at the same time you do not forget to playing technique ... Do you think bands that care only for technical excellence and instrumentalities of music are depleted somewhat?
I make not a typical critic against technicism in Metal, if you can play in professional way your instrument, this is ok, and is your merit, the problem is the “reason” to make a band, the message…the “spirit” of the band… these should always be about Death Worship, independently of the approach that you have: Satanic, Anti Christian, Occultist, Esoteric or maybe spiritually empty (just guts, sexual depravation, shit and blood), but always in relation to the worship of the Death, you know.. felling!!!! Then it is Metal of Death. Therefore it should never have altruistic contents, finally in an implicit way Metal is antisocial and antihumanity, therefore all these social lyrics or any good intentioned word directed to the listener is an error, it's stupid to speak about against the paedophilia and the social injustices, Death Metal is not to improve the world, it's to poison it!!! This feeling is not only in the lyrics.. Is in the music in the metal too!!! Metal is to poison the minds of those who receive the metal. Now about those bands with gore-grind subjects like pure guts and blood, I don’t think that they’re false, very in the contrary, the only thing that I can say is that they are spiritually empty, but we have to recognize that an ode to the rotting, to the death and to the guts is an ironic way a jeer of the destruction of the human life and body, which at the end is also a worship to the Death, and in an unconscious way is a message of mockery to human dignity, I specially say it for classic works as Reek of Putrefaction of CARCASS, REPULSION, IMPETIGO, NECROPHILIAC or AUTOPSY, bands that without a spiritual message leaves you clear the scorn to humanity of the creators,  we condemn and despise all those false appearances hop/core/adidas/gangsta. Death Metal must be in only one way, like old Vulcano or old Sodom; leather, spikes, military boots, bullet bells and all the paraphernalia.

There is a lot of metal bands today which have very weak music composition abilities, combining the riffs and if they are rhythmically ok, they left it to be, they do not think about own music more into deep. But this certainly is not your case, how much important is music composition to you? Who of you brings most ideas and how are the songs created? Do you have a uniform method for writing the music?
We dont have a “formula” to make metal, your question really talk about “Inspiration”… a rare concept to day no??…. The inspiration is like a “possession” this came to you, very time firsts like a riff, after the structures, the “climax” of the track….. And normally the end is put with the lyrics, but not exist a “structured” or uniform method… just flow…. But is really really important make a good and matured composition…I think that your life way form, and your influences even come like “ideas”.

Your music is concentrated amount of darkness, blasphemy, fear and gruesomeness, what can I feel from each tone. Seems that music has a deeper meaning for you than just a write songs, record album, play the concerts ... is there something spiritual?
Yes we love Necromancy (the same necromancy from Lemegeton that HPL knew!!) … I dont like to share very much on this… but normally we tray “to invite” some deads (spirits) to our work….but not always it works well… Respect live shows...we play very often, but the fucking backlines and all the technical stuff in Chile is a real shit!!!! But in the end we like this  miserable conditions, you want to stand in front of the metalheads and want to castigate them. In our live presentations we try to canalize our internal demons (and  call the external demons) intensely, you know ....It is something from beyond, that’s why we use all these spikes, bullet-belts, militant boots, human skulls, cross of human bones... like a ritual of Death artefact !!!!

What does it mean to play in metal band for you? Do you think Metal in general today has still the same feeling as, let’s say, the 80’s and 90’s? Do you think trendy bands could transform Metal to mainstream?
Trendy bands must die!!!..Metal is not trendy!!!!.. I think that just in the underground you can have the same feeling of the 80’s and 90’s, the actual scene just want to be “popular” or be only a business.

It is interesting that South America is the birthplace of the quantity Death / Black bands which are a trend absolutely not concerned. Every time when dealing with some South American band, they are orthodox maniacs and true metal heads.  How is it possible?
Hahaha , why ????  Because we are primitive, raw people and we live in the third world!!! Hahahah hard music make for hard people!!! … normally all my friends here and Chile are pure sick people… and die hard metal fanatics, we love live with sick people.

On the last album you pay a tribute to SADISTIC INTENT, why have you chose just them? What other bands do you listen to? Listen also to non metal bands?
SADISTIC INTENT rules….!!! Our music is influenced by Classic and damned old school Death Metal spirit and our collection, musically in the old and rotten guitars of Nihilist-Entombed, Carnage-Dismember, Carbonized, Asphyx, Mantas-Death, Grave, Grotesque, Traumatic, the old demos of Sadistic Intent … .Conflict Within .. The demo of Incubus, Morpheus… the Peruvian Mortem as that of the Norwegian Slow Death, Purtenance, the demos of Colombian Massacre, Merciless Death, Chilean Darkness, Fatal, all that mixed with full Tampa Florida … CARCASS's Reek of putrefaction, BLOOD's Impulse to destroy and Chrisbait Rules!!!, IMPETIGO, NECROPHILIAC, REPULSION, Terrorrizer…all classic Death Metal  that is damned and occult . We are influenced by the ancient and classic Death Metal. Significant bands:  Possessed, Minotaur, Exmortis, Grotesque, Infernal Majesty, Incubus (god died on his Knees!!!) , Thanatos, Phantasm (Lycanthropy), Order From Chaos, Rottrevore, Imprecation, Disastrous Murmur, Cancer,  Angel Corpse, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Cadaver, Massacra, Demigod, Nocturnus, The old Chilean scene like  Rust, Nimrod, In aggression, Darkness, Atomic Aggressor. Death Yell, Cancerbero, Necrosis (Old), Bloody Cross, Pentagram, Totten Korps (ONLY old) even new as Dominus Xul.  Predecessors of metal  At War, Onslaught, Rigor Mortis, Kreator, Sodom, Celtic Frost, Blasphemy, Archgoat , Beherit, Root, Treblinka, Aggressor. Precursor Brazilian bands like Mortal Profesia, Flesh temptation, Apostasia,  Mutilator, Dorsal Atlántica, Sarcófago, Vulcano, Holocausto, Chakal, Exterminator, new bands as ABOMINATOR, Obeisance, Heptameron, Anima Damnata, SCENT OF DEATH, BLOODBATH, Nominon, Delve, Unholy Archangel, Axis Powers, Bestial Mockery, Throneum, Violent Attack, Nocturnal Vomit, Evocation, Crucifire, Necros Christos, Mortem, Black Witchery, ALLFATHER, Conqueror, AXIS OF ADVANCE,  Kaamos, Morbosidad, Dead Congregation, Funerus, Interment, Apocalypse Command, The Chasm. But also we like more current Black Metal bands as Horna, Gloria Diaboli, Katharsis, Teitanblood, BlackFlame, Corpus Christii, DeathSpell Omega, Funeral Mist, Ondskap, Pest, Acrimonius.

If you should say which Death metal album in history is most superlative for you, which one could it be and why?
“Altars of madness” is a kick off of death metal, a perfect mix between Occult Lyrics of death (and Lovecraftian too!!) an a Technical Death Metal, Pete “commando” Sandoval was a revolution in this time. And riffs have a evilness felling. In this time Vincent are not a gay.

According to some sources Unaussprechlichen Kulten is a fictional book as Necronomicon. Why have you named according to this book? Don’t you have a problem with the name pronounced in German?
  It is the correct name and destined for us, in a beginning we wanted to have a name in Spanish, "Culto Innombrable" was the indicated one, but later I realized the tongue, destined, suggested, mentally whispered by Azathoth, the “Coincidence” with the Lovecraftian Apocryphal German book "Unaussprechlichen Kulten", Spiritually perfect, devilishly whispered, I joust with the concept of the letters, pure HPL. In the beginning the moniker pronounced in German are a problem, but not now.

You are quite influenced by Cthulhu myth, H. P. Lovecraft etc.. Where your interest in this subject came from? For me personally Lovecraft is also best writer of all time ...
Lovecraft is best writer of all for me too. A “initiated one”. I was 13 years old when I read “THE WHISPER IN DARKNESS”. From there I never stopped. This explains the occult sense of the lyrics, the literature around the circle of the HPL, and an indirect way of contact  with  the Occultism,  Specially for “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”, from where I take my pseudonym… Where interest in this subject came from???...mmmm….The “truth”  whispered between lines???... Chimeras, Harpies, Gorgons are in the human mind as inheritance, you know ….maybe genetically memory??...blood memory…..

What is your opinion of the original Necronomicon? Do you think it was written, or just invented by Lovecraft? What is your look at the work of the Simon’s Necronomicon?
Lovecraft said that is invented “Literary exercise”  ... Read books and to Believe inmediatly in them are crap...... Believe in lies is for Christians!!!! This one is an old discussion on the one that did not want to get longer. Only I will say that all the existing editions are false. Especially the SIMON of edaf. The Necronomicon is really the mystery of NEKROS-NOMOS-EIKON, the Old Ones rules the universe from beyond spheres an time!!! In our blood memory…  but all this superficial shit like movies and games about Lovecraft is crap!!!

What does this topic mean to you? Is there something deeper for you, or you are just influenced only by sickening horrors of Lovecraft’s stories? Are you interested also in old Sumerian mythology and magic?
I respect, read and study Sumerian, Classic and Chilean Mythology,  like Goetic Demonology an Classic Magick from Crowley and the Esoterism of Miguel Serrano, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's Secret Philosophy or the Clavicle Salomonis, Johnn Dee's writings Mysteriorum Libri Quinqué  or the Liber Loagaeth, or the Turba Philosophorum, but our music is totally and exclusively Lovecraftian Occult Death Metal.

They say, in 21st December 2012 planet NIBIRU returns into our solar system, which causes the Earth's huge cataclysm again. Mayan calendar ends on this day, also some of the prophets on the date predicted the end of the world, what do you think?
I respect to Zecharia Sitchin, and you know… from Annunakis to “Olds Ones” is a little Border, but really I don’t “believe” blinded this theory, maybe are interesting like a Mayas to me, but I am not in this way.

What is the atmosphere at your concerts? Do you play often? Have you already played outside of South America? Where would you like to play?
Our live shows are pure Necromantic Death Metal, real human skulls and bones, and headbanging all time!!! ... all our live presentations begin with the Lovecraftian  invocation from “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”… Y'AI 'NG'NGAH…. YOG-SOTHOTH…
We don’t play outside of our country, but if some one would see our live show, we play in anywhere only by plane tickets and some beers.

Seems that you have no website of your band where fans can find some information about you, don’t you think at least over creation of a myspace page?
We don’t like webpages or myspace… internet maybe are a very “democratic” tool… we are a underground, and occult Death Metal band, we like to know the people behind zines and distros,,, maybe really we are primitive people and live in a third World!!! Hahahaha, if some one like contact us, only write us, tape trading rules!

What are the most updated information about your band? What are you going to do in the near future? Do you have also Unaussprechlichen Kulten t-shirts?
In the near Future we await the Vinyl edition of “Wake Up in the Night of Walpurgis” and “People of the Monolith” by Blood Havest. We have t-shirts, only write us !!!

Ok, that would be all from me, Big thanks for answering questions on our webzine, if I forgot something important, you have the space. Thank you for the interview and wish you all the best!
-Thanks to you, zines keep Underground alive. Unique official contacts for mail are joseph_curwen@hotmail.com   and butcherofchrist_@hotmail.com. Writte for trades!!!


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