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Southern madness
Hello to YOGTH SOTHOTH maniacs. Just I'm listening to your new CD ĄAbominations Of The Nebulah Mortiis" and I'm pleased I got old killing Death Metal with all the elements that right Death Metal recording should contain. How are you satisfied with the new CD? Have everything succeeded according your ideas?
Hello Bro thanks for your comment, we are very satisfied with our new CD because everything turned out as we wanted. 

It's very interesting that "old" Death / Black Metal bands are going well in South America and all your bands are really orthodox, from music itself through bands philosophy to image...no modern trends which flourish in other lands. How is it possible? Is it due to your natural mentality?
South American underground metal scene is growing defending the classic and raw sound of the metal music, all this is compounded by the political, social and cultural contexts in which our people live. Many people choose the metal as its lifestyle, because of its alternative fashions and sounds have no significance in our movement.

Smell of old spirit is spreading from the debut, as if breath of death from endless abyss....obscurity interconnected with brutality and heaviness, destructive strength, doom for false ones...I'm very glad these natural feelings permeate from your heritage, because today is very hard to find such honest and strong recordings...
Hell Yeah Bro, we try to make music with the feeling of darkness mixed to death metal, keeping the power of classic and current metal but with our own style although influenced by many bands.

Could you disclose what was before YOGTH SOTHOTH formation? Who found this act of hate and obscurity?
After the first separation of Planta Cadaver band, Carlos in company of Edwin and Victor (members) joined to form Yogth-Sothoth in the end of 2002 in order to continue in the path of bestial death metal, but now, faster and with more density.

How long it taken to rise your debut? Was it hard work for you? What is your way of music composition? Do you use clear mind, or you are influenced by altered states of consciousness?
We have been working during 5 years, in all that time we had many changes of drummers, and in 2007 we changed our vocal, looking for more affinity with our lyric base. Composition is very easy (some riffs mixing with drums and finally enter the voices).
Ha ha ha, lyrics are composed by Carlos (Guitar) based in your own living experiences, some horror tales, Necronomicon book. The idea is to make dark and mystic music into the death metal sound. 

I like sound of the recording very much, it sounds as apocalypse and blasphemy with an old feeling and good drums sound. Satisfied also in this aspect?
Completely satisfied, in previous recordings we worked with a very dense and dirty sound, now with more experience and more technological tools, we have been able to get better results in the recording.

Some guitar riffs remind me older American band CEREMONY where e.g. Steve Tucker and Pat O'Brien played. They recorded only one EP ĄDays Before The Death". Have you sometimes heard these maniacs? 
We know the work that those Metalheads made with Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse. We have never listened to Ceremony band. We are surprised that we are compared with some classic death metal band.

Your first CD was released by Severed Rec. and Butchered Rec. How did you get to these labels? Why it was released by two labels? Are you satisfied with their distribution? Do they promote album also in Europe?
We uploaded 2 songs in MySpace web page, premixed in what would be the CD, after that we invited several labels to listen these songs. Butchered was the first interested and they agreed with Sevared in order to make the cd among the 2 labels. The 2 labels was a good idea, because our band can be listened by many people, especially in countries where we never thought we could become known. These two labels got a lot of international coverage, we do not know exactly which countries they distributed bands, but we are very satisfied with what happened so far.

What is the feedback to your album from whole world, from fans to critics? Do you make a lot of interviews after the album release? Who is more active, printed magazines, or rather fanzines and webzines? Are you interested in reviewers reactions? 
Things have happened very positively for our band, especially at the international level, few people in Colombia realized of our contract with the two labels and much less of our new recording, some interviews have come from other countries (not much). The webzines are more active to us, yeah the reviewers are important to an album of a band and it is gratifying to find that someone with a mean of mass communication made a good concept of your band, but we donít create our music for being recognized, we do it primarily for our satisfaction.

What is actual scene in South America or Colombia if you compare it to scene before 10 years? Which bands would you recommend me? Seems that South America has immense metal base. Most of bands are pleased to play over there due to your insane and unleashed fans...Do you know INTERNAL SUFFERING personally?
Currently there are many bands in many genres of metal, now is easier to access to new technology in the recording and, also get a better sound quality (which in the past was difficult). 
Cromlech, Planta Cadaver, Lost In Darkness, King, Etnocidio, Exordium, Aorta, Dissektor, Masacre, Athanator, Martir, Dominion, Dirges, Eternal, Imbreeding Sick, Internal Suffering, Twilight Glimmer, Belial, Alcoholic Forces, Demonic Possession, Savage Agression (and lots more). 
South American fans have a lot of energy; it has attracted much attention from foreign bands when playing in our countries, because only few times a year you can enjoy North American or European bands shows in our lands.
Yeah Internal Suffering members are our friends and metal brothers since years ago (this is a Big and Real band).

What is your view to actual world wide metal scene? There is too much bands which play some curious trendy shits and they look like true metallers. I think metal scene was quite different in 90's. Sometimes I'm astonished what all has been released in metal genre.....
Yeah man, nowadays is difficult to find bands which transmit the same energy and power of classic metal music, although many existing bands are exceptions... The idea is to maintain the objectivity of the metal as music and advance in genre without blending them with elements of fashion and trends

Do you suppose that true Death Metal bands will survive even long time? Nevertheless, bands which are worth one's salt have members older than 30 years. Only rarely happens that some young musicians feel the old school, even if some exceptions can be found...
The secret of this is to maintain the objectivity of bands and their members. It is interesting and it happens in our Colombian scene that many young people are taking an active interest in bands of the old school and this is admirable, that ensures long-term metal really takes a long significance ... in areas such as death metal Colombia is full of bands who play fast and brutal death metal just by copying North American and European trendy bands, without a feeling for what they do.
All this depends on the mentality and the respect it takes to the classical genre of metal music, many people simply found the metal music by mistake and take the fashion some time, then they realize that it was not for them.... the true metal maniacs keep through time... Time reveals the false ones.

Your lyrical message comes out from gates of other dimensions. Maybe inspired by H.P.Lovecraft and surely by Necronomicon. Was it elementary intent to write lyrics in such way?
Somehow HP Lovecraft inspires us with his writings, and we are also inspired in parts of the Necronomicon that seem terrifying. Our lyrics basically are based on mysticism and fear surrounding the unknown by man and we take this whole atmosphere to mix with our bestial death metal.

What does Lovecraft's creation mean to you? They say he was skeptical to matters which he was writing about, but on the other side he knew to elaborate these themes perfectly and he has still more and more fans...
It's a fascinating literature and also is the way in which he mixes different areas of knowledge (science and literature) in his writings. Fantasy makes his work take a very evil essence.

Necronomicon is only Lovecraft's fancy according to many ones. Even they claim that nobody mentioned Necronomicon before Lovecraft but on the other hand there are stories that famous English hermetic John Dee, living in 16. Till 17th Century, had Necronomicon...
Yeah they are referred to several special editions and translations made by some writers in antiquity in different languages. The intention of this cursed book is terrorize the reader with the horrors of abysmal beings who want to kill every living thing... From that perspective, Necronomicon takes a very sinister character, and because of that perspective transcendence emerges.

Most known Necronomicon nowadays is Simon's or Gregor's one...what do you think of these versions? Do you suppose that incantations included in them are really working? Don't you sometimes have dreams or visions from these spheres?
Man in reality I donít have those versions of that cursed book is in my hands now; the truth is that the book fascinates me and I called to mind when thinking about everything that contains... if the Incantations work or not, it depends on the degree of abstraction reached by the reader.  
The content of this whole damned material inspires me, not only to make music but for my own imagination that flies every time I enter in.

What are you most scared of?
The natural fear of death itself instinct of conservation, human hypocrisy.

Ok, let's back to your band. What about your live shows? How much gigs have you played thus far? Have you been playing also outside of South America? Do you have more live show offerings after the album release?
Our shows are full of energy, and real headbanging metal... So far we have only done 4 concerts in 5 years, 4 of them in our city Medellin and one in Neiva (a small town in the south of Colombia). The gigs have been few, because personally I donít like to saturate the local scene with frequent shows of my band, besides the public deserves respect when it comes to see the progress of a band in each show (in the same city).
Our band has never left Colombia, currently playing abroad is not in the plans of the band because even we are a band little known in the subterranean metal scene, we are more focused now in spreading our seed of hatred through our CD.
The public and the scene were more interested in our band since they listened the first promotional songs, the band is receptive to any proposal.

What all would you achieve with YOGTH SOTHOTH? What is your biggest dream? What is most important to you now? 
What we want is to play death metal in a raw way and bring much energy to everyone who listens to us...
We are not an ambitious band, it is excellent to get some recognition for what we do (with that our dreams materializes in some form). 
The most important thing to us at the moment is to compose the new artillery for the second CD.

That would be all from me, hope I didn't forget something important, if so, you can write. Many successes to you with YOGTH SOTHOTH in every aspect and thanx very much for the interview. I'm proud to do interview with your band!
We will be eternally grateful to you, is the first interview with an European webzine, and we are surprised to see that our music is listened in a place so far from our homeland ... success in all your projects, you have an excellent webzine.
Brutal greetings to the real metal maniacs in Europe and to everyone who read Necrosphere webzine.