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A Call From Beyond the Grave
Black Metal in Canada has its long tradition, worshiping BLASPHEMY cult lasts for decades now and there are many other great bands, however a new scene is not left behind, holding the old traditions on. One of the best contemporary Black bands from the cold continent is certainly BURIALKULT. The band came to the attention especially in recent months due to the superb “A Call From Beyond the Grave” debut released by Blood Harvest, but even before the band released “Burialkult” demo and “Evil Hordes Antichrist” EP. BURIALKULT firmly holds the torch in deep crypts of disgust, keeping the old flame alive and illuminating the world of chaos and nothingness. Decayed and original Black Metal full of rawness and dirty. Get carried away with answers, backed by vocalist Phlegathon.

How would you compare your earlier creation with last "A Call From Beyond the Grave" album? Is your debut the best what BURIALKULT have released so far?
I think with out any doubt this Burialkult album is the best so far. While the our last EP was a great and heinous first effort put forth I think A Call From Beyond the Grave is much closer to the original vision you now know. 

You are a fairly new band by the year of creation, but on the other hand, playing music typical rather for 80´s or 90´s. Most of newer bands are trying to play something modern and clean, on the contrary, you are returning back and bring a hefty dirt and filth on scene...
Burialkult has emerged from the black cunt of HELL and as such we have brought our brand of filth and wretchedness to this very saturated scene. This is the brand of metal we chose to make people choke on and vomit. The 80's and 90's saw bands that were so fucking raw and uncompromising, so ahead of the curve. I have a profound and prodigious respect for the BM bands that carved a bloody path for us. Burialkult just does what we do and don't give a fuck what any one thinks. I think the Black metal scene in general needs more unholy and uncompromising filth spewed forth. Burialkult brings back the unholy reverence, the ugliness and the "fuck off!"

The logical question, where do you draw inspiration for your sick and morbid music? Have you got some old recordings right as you have started listening to Metal? Have something interested you also in so-called modern Metal? Personally, I find that many bands, returning musically back to 80´s, are not only returning to the roots of Metal, but it can be a boycott and protest against commerce in Metal as well...
My inspiration comes from many places, many mediums and from the blackest depths. Lyrically speaking I think the common denominator is clear. I hate humanity and have a general lack of empathy for most things. Misanthropy comes easy when I am constantly faced with this damned and wretched earth! I have little interest in anything new in the metal scene; I chose not to boycott something that has little or no consequence.

It is interesting your EP was released by Blood Harvest. How did this cooperation come? Was it on the basis of your first "Burialkult" demo? Would you like to work with this label also in the future?
Blood Harvest has released nothing but great and promising bands. Because of this and the fact that BH generally releases only cult vinyl I wanted to release our first EP and subsequently our first full length CD and 12". I would indeed work with BH again, of course.

What is the response to your "A Call From Beyond the Grave" debut? Have you seen also kind of reactions you should look around for something new and not to play the old, hundred times heard riffs?
The response to A Call From Beyond the Grave has been fucking great and very positive! Very few if any negative reviews. Some people would like a clearer recording or this or that but with Burialkult you get what you get. We consciously wanted to release a dirty and raw recording for A Call. I wouldn't change a thing.

I really like the production you used on the debut, everything sounds naturally, dirty, raw and not polished. Maybe you have used an analog recording method which adds authenticity and atmosphere to the recording. Is this the only way for you?
For this album it was the only way. Black Metal should stay underground and appeal to underground standards. It was recorded digitally but with all of the proper malign and wretchedness we could muster. I think with the next album that is in the works it could bare a similar atmosphere but who really knows. I can tell you this much however… You can be pretty damn sure it won't be polished.

What does atmosphere in your music mean to you? Is it natural and obvious for you that music must have a certain aura of evil, gloom and creepiness or it is rather your intention? Would you prove to listen to the recordings that have no atmosphere? Would you prove to create such music?
Black metal should bring you to a particular place, that place should be uncomfortable and dark like wondering around in cold wet dungeon. That is atmosphere and yes it is important. I think I might have answered the first part of your question already. For this band it is most definitely our intention to make our music dark and gloomy and possibly a little uncomfortable. I recently just formed another project called "Holocaust Lord" with other local black metal demons. It is a hellish dose of satanic powered rock'n'roll riffage with black metal blood deeply flowing though its veins! This won't be like Burialkult but will share some of those same qualities.

In your music I hear a message from old recordings of early BATHORY, VENOM, CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER, MERCYFUL FATE and the like, of course also later followers as BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT. But I think you have also your own procedures, melodies, even if you hold this old black craft...
I think Bathory was and is one of the most important bands in this genera period. Total black reverence for Bathory. If you hear the message then we've done our part with success. You can't really touch the old gods of black metal but what we can do is worship!

How do you feel about Black Metal from the current perspective, our time? Do you think it has changed a lot opposite 80´s and 90´s? Do you think Black Metal is today still the rotten style full of abomination, blasphemy and celebration of impure forces? Do you believe the original heritage of Black Metal will be preserved forever, or once this old school style will extinguish and will be completely replaced by modern Black Metal?
The old guard will always be here, preserved by the impure forces you had mentioned. There are heaps of great BM bands that are rotten and full of abomination and filth and I think there always will be. That being said, music must evolve and sometimes with evolution there are aberrant creations. Modern black metal has produced some fucking great bands but also heaps of shit as well. This is a natural process.

"A Call From Beyond the Grave" is probably the best BM release of this year to me. Which one is best to you in Black Metal for last time?
Thank you very much for the compliment! Fuck there have been so many great release in 2013! I’m not sure if I can say I have a favourite band or release at the moment… 

What do you think is most important thing in BURIALKULT? Do you think you have your modus operandi and outlined way across the burning fields of underground in 21.century? In my view you write powerful tracks with their own typical character, strength and atmosphere, which is now deficient in general.
First and for-most the most important aspect in Burialkult no matter who's in this band is to produce absolutely wretched and unholy metal period. Yes we have an outlined modus operandi and with the release of A call… we are one step closer to achieving it. For three cursed years Burialkult has been around and Burialkult will be around for a long fucking time or until I am dead.

Ok , that would be all from me, thank you for the interview and wish BURIALKULT inspiration from the black realms of endless void. If you have a message for the fans, I'll be glad if you’ll write. Thanx again. Horns Up!
Burialkult is in the midst of crafting a new blasphemous album that will be as black and discussing or more than the our first full length. In the mean time keep your ears ready for the unholy peelings of my other wretched project "Holocuast Lord!!" HAIL SATAN!!!


Phlegathon                                           21. 10. 2013 Mortuary