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Chilean CONCILIVM duo is trying to explore the dark Death Metal coves under the names Alpha and Omega. This is a brand new band with a single "Veiled Enigma" recording under Von Frost Recrods. Their Death Metal is soaked with blood and enriched with dark visions from beyond. The EP is exactly one year old and it brings a portion of underground Death Metal without unnecessarily copying any big name. Experts may notice some influence on the Finnish obscure scene, but CONCILIVM has their own rules and spheres. You will be dragged into them as soon as you let this material pass through your ears and consciousness, but it will then nestle there emitting negative vibrations. So we are proud to introduce another band from Chile and questions were answered by M. (drums, vox, guit).

Could you first clarify and reveal the meaning of your band's name? Why did you decide on it and how does it relate to the overall philosophy and vision of the band? Does it have a deeper meaning to you or did you just like this name?
Concilivm is a clandestine circle, formed by V. and M. with the idea of create a spiral of obscurity and mystery, the name used is appropriate due to the creative forces behind it and the comradeship involved, so Concilivm is the entity or the vessel which contains all the energies transmitted as music, or as I like to call it, the art for the abyss, therefore We couldn’t take another name. The vision about our music is as simple as you can hear: The Veiled Enigma.

Is "The Veiled Enigma" your very first recording? How long did it take to finish and how satisfied are you with your work now? Is this music your way or are you still on the road to self-discovery?
Yes, T.V.E is our first work and recording, and it taken us about one month to create and record. We wanted something honest and not pretentious, so there are many mistakes in execution and sound, so we take notes to avoid in future manifestos.
The creation process was a little successions of inner works and insights to capture the moments on which we were.

What themes are you talking about in your lyrics? According to the cover art of the recording and tracks names I suppose you are a faithful to tradition of the left hand path. Do you deal with some specific learning or you draw from many ways?
We like to call it exegesis, but this interpretation must be about death, alchemy, dreams, astrology and occultism in general. We search obscurity in diverse forms, the feeling through arcane conceptions and visions; so as you call it “faithful” can be a proper word to see yourself as vessels and through the lyrics shape the final message. We like to read about many topics and history, ancient civilizations, some classic stuff and other deeper, always looking for the dark expressions. Maybe it’s an existential way of see the things, but yes, we are the Concilivm till the coming of DEATH.

You have chosen the path of Dark Death Metal. Do you think this genre can still offer some interesting ways of expression, harmony, or riffs? Your tuning resembles a bit of old Swedish and Finnish bands, although harmonies are dominated by darker feelings. Which bands would you mark as your influences?
The comparisons you mentioned we take it as compliments, so thanks. We think this kind of dark Death Metal is the mixture of influences, we both V. as me listen to a lot of Black Metal from the 80's and 90's and also some contemporary acts, so our mind is full of ideas oriented into this style, some kind of mixture of Death and Black Metal which result for us very comfortable to play. We don't want the excessive production of nowadays nor the pretentiousness of many people try to do in this Kali Yuga era, so that we do our own way, we apply our own wrath and blood on everything we do. Our influences can be from Finnish Death Metal to French Black Metal, but talking about specific band we can name some like old Bathory, Dark Angel, Atomic Aggressor, Deathspell Omega, Portal, Nidrosian BM escene, diSEMBOWLEMENT and other long list of bands and obscure styles and genres.

Could you tell what are your sleep and its disorders experiences? I mean nightmares, symbolism in dreams, bad feelings, insomnia, sleep paralysis, sleep deprivation, somnambulism. Have you ever had dreams which scared you to death? Are you using these experiences or knowledge in CONCILIVM creation, whether in music or lyrics?
Indeed, good question because for us it's an interesting and a deep focus to talk about in our lyrics (as I mentioned on Q3). I been passing through some experiences along my life, both sleep paralysis and insomnia where the body starts to shake by their own, or the anxiety come out of nothing, the nightmares are recurring and sometimes you confuse real experiences with oneiric ones. The darkness that dwells in this cases are very necessary evil at least in the search for shape this feelings through your music, so I can say these are good experiences after all.

It is said the sleep is a small death. How do you look at death personally? What does it mean to you and how much do you care about death? Sure you agree this is one of the most mysterious areas which humanity has been struggling with since ancient times, what religion or philosophy, that other explanation. Are you afraid of death, or directly of dying?
Death can be our liberation, our unlocked door to the next state of consciousness, but you must look and think closely for what do you want to do in the meantime your time comes. Death is the only sure thing you have since the moment of conception, it is irreversible and omnipotent, so we must accept it with proud and let us be embrace by its mystery. The human being has been attracted by the mysteries and the banned since immemorial times, knowledge means power, are you afraid of be powerful?

Some nations or ethnic groups have different funeral practices and rituals, often quite bizarre. Are there areas in Chile where, for example, they leave the dead a few days after the death at home until the soul breaks out of the body or something similar? How do you in Chile, or you personally as a band celebrate October 31, thus a holiday of the dead?
Due to geographical reasons We can't drink some beers, celebrate equinoxes nor solstices together as band as often as we would like, but in that aspect each one has its beliefs and in the proper time we like to do some trekking and behold the nature. About funeral practices I can tell you about the Selk'nam, an ancient people who lived in most austral south of Chile, the rite consisted in when a man died, all the people in the camp covered his face, arms and chest with ash mixed with red clay and whale blubber, and cut the top of his hair in the form of tonsure in mourning. Moaning and crying they approached to the corpse, which was wrapped in guanaco skins and tied with nerves of the same animal, to bury later in the forest or among the rocks. When the dying man was an adult, his closest relatives inflicted wounds on his arms, fingers, chest and thighs as a sign of the pain they felt. The selk'nam funerary rites also included the intonation of sad mournful wails that were usually sung by women.

Do you ever feel strange feelings, shivers, dump into the depths of your subconscious at writing process or at playing alone? When is the best time or where is best place for you to write music? As you visit some dark place that "tune" you?
We consider the best place or instance to compose some music is to be focused on what do you want to express, this is a moment which suddenly appear on mind and we try to take advantage of it and do our best, communicate and express the accurate ideas. Sometimes in decadence I can feel the power of the self, it's something strange to explain, but it is a time of completely insight, where then comes the transmutation from desolation, hopelessness and nothingness into music. I live at the foots of a hill called Nielol, a natural monument from Chile, where you can find vast areas of forest, trails and quiet places, also close to a cemetery where we took some promo photos for Concilivm. I could say these are my favourite places here in the city. I invite you to search on internet about "Monumento Natural Cerro Nielol", maybe it could make you an idea.

CONCILIVM is two pieces band. Is it convenient for you? Do you admit your band could have more musicians in the future? Are you a live-active band?
Yes, we are comfortable being a two pieces band, we won't have more members and we played once with session live members. Maybe in near future we can be playing in accurates live rituals, but now we are focuses on composing new music due for us isn't priority playing live.

What kind of art fascinates you most and why? Are you dealing with some other art in addition to playing? Do you prefer literature or cinematography? What book are you currently reading?
It's hard to choose, because the mix of all these things through the pass of years builds inside of you experiences and develop your taste, vision about thing and also clarify some aspects which help to create some kind of art or whatever you want to express. I could prefer these days cine rather literature, but I am all the time reading thing that I'm interested of, Nietzsche books, some papers about urbanism, astronomy, geology or reading/watching interviews of bands that I like, so the specter is quite vast. Nowadays I’m reading the Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" a book that never read because of lazy. I recommend in case you didn’t read. On the other hand I've always hooked about the oneiric representations made by the polish painter Zdzis³aw Beksínski, the surrealism of Salvador Dalí, the John Martin's apocalyptic representations and of course the classic Gustav Doré.

The Chilean Metal scene is quite diverse, but in my view the best are bands in Death / Black area. How do you look at your underground and which bands would you pick up? Do you still have traditional paper zines?
Nowadays and almost everyday some new band is puked from the boiling entrails of this desertic, rainy, snowy land so if you are into the urderground maybe you can heard about their work, either in their bandcamp page, zines, face(jew)book or youtube. We can say that the Chilean underground is burning always and also exporting some good bands like Wrathprayer or Godless, and also some others not so well known like Horryfying from Puerto Montt, Cenotafio, Nihilifer and Dead Moon Temple from Temuco. "In paper we trust".

Ok, it would be all from my side, great thanks for this interview and wish CONCILIVM strong inspiration from the depths of the pit, once again thanks!
Thank you for the support and interest in Concilivm! Stay tuned to the further work and keep an eye on the Anti Orthodox Concilivm circle.

Stay in DEATH!


                                                         29.12.2018 Mortuary
The Veiled Enigma