Desecrating the False Divinity
There are bands which can unveil the veil of burning darkness to the listener. There are bands which can take you into the subconscious thirteenth chamber, where they will show you things you have never seen before. There are bands which can destroy the boundary between reality and visions by their atmosphere. DEMONIC RAGE, the Chilean destroyer of souls, ranks precisely to the sort of these bands, their old demonic Death Metal unleashes frenzy in the minds of those who "feel". DEMONIC RAGE is true underground fanatic band, they have released number of releases of the type as demo, Split, Ep ...  the music of this colossus has so plunged me into the depths of the amazing horror, that my soul spins in insane vortex ... I am glad I can introduce the interview with DEMONIC RAGE, one of the best bands from Chile! Answers were engineered by drummer Abhorer.

Greetings to Demonic Rage demonic camp! Could you first reveal something of your history? Under what circumstances was formed your band? What was the initial idea?
Regards! Ok, Demonic Rage is a Death Metal band created in the winter of the year 2000 in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile. After my exit of the Black Metal horde - Warfare (r.i.p.) I contact some comrades and in a little time we were rehearsing our first songs as “Imperial Fall of Nazarene” and “Destroy the Holy Temple". The initial idea is intact create the most profane and dark Death Metal inspired by bands as Incantation, Sinister, Immolation, Totten Korps., Autopsy, Dominus Xul, Imprecation, Profanatica, etc …

Your line-up was thoroughly mixed many times for each post to hands many musicians. Has some original founder of Demonic Rage left in the band? Do you think the current line-up is the best and most stable in the band's history?
There have been many changes of line-up across the years, I think is normal thing. I am the only original member up to the moment but it does not matter great importance, the real thing is to have clear ideas and to be consistent with what is looking for.
Well, our new line up is with enough force, I hope these ones kept for a long time.
Current line up; Satran Xul (vocals), Raul A. (lead guitar) Johan (guitar) Aggressor (bass) Abhorer (drums).

Your discography is quite rich in many demos, splits and EPs ... in some years you have released several recordings, for example in 2008, or this year you have already completed two things, it seems that your creativity is unlimited, what about the next record?
Yeah, we have recorded many things, in grant part "demos" of terrible sound, but it’s served to learn of our mistakes and to better up ourselves as band. Actually we have not been very active in the composition of songs. You will be able to realize in our album debut that this composed by old songs recorded with better sound and execution. Only two songs are relatively new as “All Pest shall fall over me" and "Ancient Symbol to summon necrophag demons from the depths" we have been very lazy in this sense. Recently we record two new songs “The Occult formula to Desecrate Souls” and "Shadows of Prophecy", these songs will go out in format CD split with the Black Metal band - Anticristo - through Sangrienta alianza Record. Well we are still waiting for our album debut “Venomous Wine from putrid bodies" which we record in the winter of last year, but still is in process of mixture, design and everything adornments that there takes the exit of an album of an Underground band in a label. Our split 7 "Demonic Rage/Father Befouled soon will be going out through the label - Dark Descent Rec (u.s.a.)

How would you value the progress of your creation from the first "Cadaver Christ's Desecration" demo to the last "Sulphuric Congregation Towards The Holocaust of All Sacred And Holy" demo?
Not I see so much difference, now we are better musicians than before but we do not want to change very much the style that we begin. We are not experienced musicians, ours things is in the dark and primitive side of the Death Metal, and we are not interested in technology neither in the “hyper speed”.

Name of your band corresponds perfectly with your music; it is demonic, evil, hateful, embodying pure horror, blasphemy, dirtiness, and death ... all necessary components of demonic Death Metal. Do you feel like it?
Thanks for your words! Yes, I think that the name wears perfectly with the style and is unique in the world jajaja … but the truth is; the name was taken of two Incantation's songs: "Demonic Incarnate" and "Impetuous Rage".

Mind of musician who creates music the way Demonic Rage do, seems to be deeply immersed in the deepest abyss of darkness and madness, destruction and doom ... how do you create individual tracks? Do you use the altered states of consciousness at writing process, or it's all a question of clear mind?
Nah! Only we leave ourselves to go for our hatred and despise too many things of this rotten world, sometimes we allow that the songs should flow alone or simply we follow ourselves in some good riff!!!

Where do you draw inspiration for all those creepy tones, howling as if from an ancient tomb or from the unknown spaces of chaos?
You should ask this the artist whom worked with us, we only reach with vague ideas and ugly sketches, then they take charge of the rest after reading our lyrics and listening to the songs. Everything is merit of them. Hails to Selfdesecrator and our brother Sekker!!!

Your music is highly atmospheric, arousing strong feelings, but nevertheless there I can feel the brutality, the heaviness ... is the atmosphere very important to you? By what do you think you achieve the feeling, the atmosphere? Do you think technical way of Death Metal may destroy music atmosphere?
Certainly I supposed that the atmosphere and the feeling is the essential thing for our music, lamentably times the lack of resources does that we do not obtain a sound according to what we want to transmitter. As I commenting before to you, we are not interested in the excessive technology or extreme speeds in our Death Metal. Many bands try to push to edge his limits in technology and speed, as it tried an fucking sport, fuck off to all these drummers type Tim Yeung!!!

Can you reveal something more about your lyrics? What are they most frequently involved in and who is the author?
All lyrics works in different topics, some are manifesto of our eternal hatred about the life codes and low forms of the Judeo Christian beliefs, other attacks the worshippers by histories of horrors and total mutilation, try to tormenting his conception of fear and morality and put in doubt his false creed and his intention to dominate the world by lies, manipulation and mental control and spiritual breakdown. We summon in some lyrics ancient divinities we put it like a reflexion of our intentions in a way to scare the hell out this fucking race and Once and for all exterminate every evidences of this historic cancer. (Satran)

Do you agree the occult death metal bands should be up to a certain complexity of the image, as photos, cover arts, lyrics, own sound; in order it all formed an ominous haze that hovers over the band? I think this is your case at 100 %....
Yes, the image is an important part in the music and the art that you want to transmit; I do not imagine playing dark satanic Death Metal, looks like a fucking whore or Gothic!!!
Think on these shits of bands like Dying fetus, Devourment, Walking the Corpse, etc. They look like fucking rapers!!!!

What direction will you go with the next recording? How do new songs that are probably prepared sound? Have you added some new elements, or you are holding its strict orthodoxy? Haven’t you been thinking about using some of the grim keyboards in certain passages?
You must wait the lunch of our album, in order that you do an idea to yourself of what we are playing now, but there is no great difference, now we handle better our instruments and we sound better. Yes we have experimented with more elements in our songs, as changes of rhythm, etc. You will be able to find Doom death, Black Metal and plus classic Death metal, but I think that it sounds well and fits with ours proposed.
Keyboards? Even you don’t believe it! We have thought it, but the opportunity to be able to use them it never comes yet.
I am not of “pseudo true metal head" that take charge throwing tons of shit to the bands that use this resource. The keyboard is an instrument as any others. If you can use in the joust measured you can achieve great atmospheres, is like any instruments as the guitar, take a look on all this bands playing with the same riff copied by infinity of bands and nobody complains!!!!

Chile has certainly a wonderful scene in terms of underground Death Metal, Black Metal Doom Metal, or mixing these styles, always when I see photos of Chilean bands, everywhere are nails, military clothing, leather ... as from the chronicle of real Metal, no trendy shit. Are you proud of your scene? What is your look at the European metal scene? Have you ever played in Europe?
Chile has a good scene, with good bands, zines, shows, etc … but also many stupid trendiest, false attitudes, mediocrity, etc … in Chile as in all sides all “piss out the bowl” do you get me? Of my country I can recommend to you good hordes as; Godless, Diabolical Messiah, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Afasia, Behead Christ, Communion, Magnanimus, Temple, Infernus Serpest, Excoriate, Anticristo, etc.
Zines: Hellthrashing, Ponzona, Compilation of Death, Putrescence, Merciless March, Underground Devotion, etc.
Labelss: Proselytism, Pagan South, Kuravilu, Sangrienta alianza, etc. …
Europe always has been respected as cradle of fantastic bands and styles and has used as inspiration for generations of bands here in South America. Though also it has been a cradle for stupid fashions and mainstream Metal bands, well I imagine that you know all about it, jejeje.

I like your logo very much, who is its author? It looks really dark and sick...
Thank you for your word, I am the author of the logo. I am not a drawl artist or anything like that. This one was inspired in the logos of old Death Metal bands like Pungent Stench, Incantation, Imprecation, Cenotaph (mex), Cannibal Corpse, Grave, and all this putrid style!!!

What about your live performances? How often do you play? Do you have a lot of clubs and opportunities to showcase your Death Metal in Chile? Which bands have you played with? Do you have many fans over there?
We play enough in our country. In our shows we offer a good dose of bestiality and blasphemy, always accompanied of a good dose of alcohol to strengthen our hatred, jejeje.
Till now we have playing with bands as Feneratus (bra), Black Vul Destruktor (arg), Melektaus, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Communión, Magnanimus, Godless, Slaughtbbath, Temple, Infernal Slaughter, Hades Archer, Antichrist, Burning Flesh, Regnum et Mortem, Evil Knight, Butamacho, Megiddo, Warfare, Inferis, Excoriate, Apostasy …

I have noticed that one of you has MASTER'S HAMMER shirt on a photo, what do you say to this Czech legend? Have you heard their latest "Mantras" CD? Personally, I think it's a flop...
I am whom appears with that t-shirt, I am a huge fans of this band so; Root, Tudor, Amon, Torr, and all those band of these lands.
Nop, still not a heard this record "Mantras" so I can’t give you an opinion about it… sorry!

It is said that Chile is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, although today isn’t probably safe anywhere, what is the life in Chile? What would you highlight and criticize at your country?
Hell yeah, one sees enough violence, but it is because of the drugs and traffic, but its see more in the capital of our country, we live to 1000 km towards the austral south of the capital of Chile. So this does not affect us, in a great measure, here the youngest generate that violence, but is because of alcohol, drugs, etc. … here there is no risk of going out to the street like in the Middle East where in anytime they make you blow jajaja.
Perhaps, if you want to hang out, always you must go prepared with a weapon only for safety.

That would be all on my part, if you have something to say, you have the space, wish Demonic Rage only the best in the future, and let the flame illuminates your dark path, many thanx for this interview!
Megathanxxxx for your interest and YOUR support TO Demonic Rage the interested parties in our Death Metal they can write to the following e-mails;

Available stuff:
Devoted to death CD - r compilation of demos
Sulphuric congregation demo cover bonus bonus

Coming soon:
Venomous wine …
Demonic rage/father befouled

Abhorer, Satran                                     12. 5. 2011 Mortuary
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