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The second Norwegian band of this issue is already BM group called DJEVELKULT, which has almost 10 years of existence, previously called Skadefryd. In addition to classic materials such as demos, splits and live albums they have 2 full-length albums, the newer one is from last year. Perhaps it would be strange to look for the influence of bands from other parts of the world, because this is pure cold Norway of second wave with classic satanic and blasphemous themes, but besides them they also deal with other areas such as. nuclear energy and the destruction of mankind. In a high snowy mountain environment, only cruel and raw production reflecting inhospitable conditions can emerge, so if you need to cool down a bit and let the cold Nordic wind take on, this is an ideal opportunity. Cover of the last album was drawn by visual artist Jose Gabriel Sabogal, who made cover art for example. also to Czech Inferno, Chilean Unaussprechlichen Kulten and other ug bands. The four-piece line-up brings visions of darkness and chaos, and the interesting thing is that they combine lyrics in native Norwegian, but also in English. Xarim (vox, guit) introduced his ideas.

Greetings. As we know, there are long dark winters in Norway. Do you have any rituals to celebrate Samhain feast, when should the crossed boundaries between this world and otherworld?
Ave Necrosphere.
Yes indeed so. The common and oldest is Jol/Yule, which was the celebration of the equinox and was meant to hold off the hoards of Asgardsreia. The tradition later became christmas after the christening of Scandinavia. Also we have some Vinterblot, which also celebrate the dark times of the year.

You come from the mountainous region of Norway from Oppland. Are you used to go to the mountains of Glittertind and Galdhopiggen for inspiration, or you rather spend endless nights in old pubs at good Norwegian beer?
Its correct that Djevelkult is spawned in that area, but in these days I spend more time in the mountain range between Oslo and Bergen. But in the past I used to hike a lot around in the area, yes. There are countless hidden jewels of nature in all of Norway.
Of course Norwegian beer is never wrong either.

Do you think old historic cities can also contribute to inspiration? Do you like to enjoy their mysterious atmosphere?
In some degree, yes. Cities like Bergen, Trondheim, Lillehammer I always like to wander in and feel the vibe of the past echoing in those locations.
But I get more inspiration of being out alone in the forests and mountains in this case.

Is the lyrics of Atomic Holocaust related to the bombs thrown down at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? Many people don't even know that the Allies planned to drop four more bombs. Do you take these events from a historical political perspective, or purely from a physico-chemical?
It's inspired by a lot of different things related to nuclear war and disasters, both through events of the past like those 2 bombings of Japan, all the nuclear test both in Pacific and in Russia during the cold war, and today's nuclear threat from North Korea, Russia, Iran.
And from much fiction novels and movies as well.
The lyrics of Atomic Holocaust isn't only just about Nuclear bombs, it's about all-out war and total destruction to our planet and life as we know it.

The new "Nar avgrunnen apnes" full-length has an old sound like from the 90's. Did you really record it in analogs, or you achieve this effect with modern technology? What purpose did you go to studio with?
Yes, we did it analog in a necro old school fashion. Our purpose with going into studio is always to create something raw and necrotic, as well brutal and powerful. To bring forth our vision and message of Death and Blasphemy.

How do you remember the 90's when churches were fired in Norway? I suppose you're not very happy with the new Lords of Chaos movie.
I was just a small kid back in the days, but I remember well the terror of the burning imagines of churches through the television. It did struck fear into the common folk of Norway back in the days after all.
Lords of Chaos is pure Hollywood barf. Saw half of it one day while being bored at work, but I couldn't take it and just had to stop. Totally cringe of a movie.

As a humanity, we are increasingly multiplying, technological development is also moving faster on. This explosion was once hampered by wars, concentration camps, but today it is mainly the disease and hunger that are playing this role. Do you think humanity is condemned to eternal void?
The humankind is a plague upon this world, a rotten and ugly species which, unfortunately, we all are enslaved in. And today's societies around the world declines just faster and faster than ever. Humanity keeps on destroying, corrupting and polluting everything around us.
But Death always comes. The eternal void awaits for all living creatures in all of the Universe.

Do you have any festival in Norway or Scandinavia designed mainly for Black Metal? Or do you prefer small club gigs? In March you had an EU tour along with Acherontas and Inferno. Do you have good memories of it?
I just attended to this new black metal festival, Imperium in Halden, Norway. It was the baptism of its first year run and it was great indeed! Hope they will manage to keep this beast alive for the years to come.
And always there is the Inferno and Beyond the Gates festivals, which are the biggest Black/Extreme Metal festivals for years. And other festivals are worth mention as well, Garasjefestivalen, Hellbotn, Til Dovre Faller. Many other festivals has came and gone in the past as well, Bunker, Blastfest, Nidarosian Black Mass, Motstoy. The list just goes on.
The Eosforian Adversary tour was really a momentous experience, as well as being together with the people of Acherontas and Inferno. Such inspiring and illuminated spirits.

Do you have any idea what direction your music will take on the next full-length? Are you influenced by the new, third wave of Black Metal, or you are an orthodox supporter of the classic second wave?
The third album is written and ready, we are waiting for the studio to be available. The record will be in the same vein of the Djevelkult style, but our music is always a beast that are growing and evolving.
Its was never meant to be a way to "preserve" the sound of any particular era, even though the music will always be heavily a lot of the bands from the Norwegian second wave.
For us the black metal is an timeless art, so which era things are from doesn't concern us much.


Xarim                                                           Storm 6.8.2019
Nar avgrunnen apnes