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Polish Metal scene, especially the Death and Black Metal one, has always been at an excellent level, and I do not mean all those Vader and Behemoth clones, but rather I'm going to dark underground matador as TEMPLE DESECRATION! Although their discography is not too rich and after eight years of existence they have released debut, their qualities are for many maniacs the music others do not quite understand. After "Abhorrent Rites" demo ´12 and "Communion Perished" EP '14 came "Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos" full-length full of hideous madness mixed with immediate chaos and powerful monstrosity this year at Iron Bonehead Productions. But more in the interview for the sixth Necrosphere issue, the answers were done by T.

Greetings to TEMPLE DESECRATION band. Your moniker speaks for itself, perfectly capturing your music. What does TEMPLE DESECTION name mean to you? The same thing I would ask for the logo, it certainly belongs to the most original ones I have seen in the last time. Does the logo have a deeper meaning for you?
Hails! Both name and logo have special meanings to me. But I’m not going to explain it, it is art, and art should be interpreted in solitarity.

On "Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos" debut seems you have changed production opposite "Communion Perished" EP, but also you have improved your playing skills and the songs seem to be more robust and stronger. For bands playing War Metal or Black / Death Metal it does not happen very often. Do you go the transformation path?
Of course. The idea, concept and climate of “Whirlwinds…” are different than on “Communion…” so it is natural that production is different. The aid is to making steps forward, not backward nor staying in stagnation, I believe that it is noticeable in compositions and structures of tracks.

The music you play is definitely nothing to look for the masses, I would have said rather the opposite. It is for a specific listener who revels in destruction, direct brutality, but also a specific atmosphere emanating from the barbarity of performance. What is happening to you when you hold your instrument in the rehearsal room or on the stage? Do you feel the awakening of animal instincts?
Agreed. We don’t care for the masses, we aid our art to people who can understand it and let it flow through, otherwise one can simply fuck off.
While on stage yeah, it is completely different. Instead of calm person as I am everyday I’m focused on my psalms, all wild instincts fulfill me to become a beast.

Your music and lyrics are strongly directed against the Church, but also against all the saints. Why do you think a man needs God to live? Do you think it makes life easier for him or it give him a sense of life? Do you think if there was a belief end in some sort of way, many people would psychically collapse, maybe they would commit suicide?
People prefer not to think but rather want to be followers, they prefer that way because it’s far more easier and don’t need to torment their lazy brains. That’s why they need their gods, priests. I spit on this. I never thought what would happen if the faith becomes perished. I wouldn’t regret if this happen though.

Poland is a strongly religious, a Catholic country with great political power, so it is interesting there are so many anti-Christian Metal bands coming from Poland, perhaps in no other country is this "phenomenon" in such great a boom. Do you think it's precisely because of this situation as resistance, dislike, hatred of what you see and experience everywhere around you?
Poland is a perfect place to learn why and how to hate the whoredom called catholicism. The censorship, trials of cancelling shows (mostly more commercial ones like Marduk), building statue of that crucified jew etc. is a kind of sick normality over here. Luckily underground rather is untouched by this plague, I did few shows, played more ones and never had any issues with it. What I wanted to highlight – pussies of antifa have no power here.

Did you as TEMPLE DESECRTAION ever meet with the Christian's dislike of your music and lyrics since you do not hide your intentions? Has anyone tried to cancel your live gigs or even threaten you?
As I told in previous question – no such issues at all (at least, so far).

Do you use Satanism as a provocation against the believers or you are real Satanists living daily with this philosophy? When did you first get acquainted with Satanism and his thoughts? What fascinated you most about this teaching and which path is the closest to you? I think Satanism was quite popular (of course except for the 60s when many forms were created) even in the 90s. Do you think it still has a lot of followers?
What you mean by real Satanism? I’m fascinated in Death, Devil, magick, necromancy. I have my own thoughts, conscience, philosophy, I have my own path. But I’m not a believer. Maybe someone previously had the same thoughts as I have, but I didn’t discovered it yet. I know that I know nothing, this is very wise sentence that I’m familiar with and this fuels me to constant extension of my knowledge in every matter by reading books, experiencing things… but I don’t consider myself as a follower of any doctrine. This process started long time ago, in teenager age, and it is constantly deepening.
I don’t know what to say about popularity of Satanism. I know that “satanism” is popular, when I see those candle circuses, “wise” nonsenses, written and then screamed by “enlightened zealots”, that are doing “magick” during their gigs onstage with plastic skulls etc. the sea of contempt is pouring out of me.

On your recordings you often use intros or samples from various Polish films. I do not know where you were taking samples of "Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos," but I'd like to ask you about the Diabel movie (1972) by Andrzej Zulawski, a film that was forbidden immediately after shooting and the director had to emigrate to France. What do you think about this movie?
I’m glad that you asking this, intro comes from Diabe³ by Andrzej ¯u³awski. Yes, the movie was forbidden, but what aura hide behind this prohibition – I can’t tell you. This movie is fantastic piece of art, with a lot of symbolism, references. Every time I’m watching it I see something new, understand something in different way than during previous spectacle. It’s difficult movie and it needs of a lot of concentration.

How do you perceive Chaos? What does this term mean to you and what role does it play in TEMPLE DESECRATION creation? Chaos can be seen as a philosophical as well as a physical or mythological point of view...
I don’t think that there is one proper definition of Chaos. In philosophy it is everything and it is nothing. In a physical way wise men are telling that there is natural order etc, but when we are observing the natural order during a time we can see that this is more or less slowly changing. As it is changing can we still call it an order? I’m interpreting Chaos as an ore that I’m forging and shaping my path, my reality. And this refers to Temple Desecration as well. And reality of Temple Desecration is damnation.

Are you using any means at writing process to change consciousness states? Alcohol can support an aggressive side of personality, which can actually contribute to inspiration to be even more animal. Do you have any special rituals in live performances, whether just before or while live gig?
Not really.

Could you write what book you are currently reading and which books you prefer most? Did you already know about H.P. Lovecraft's works during your life and what consequences did his work leave for you? Are you also interested in occult or esoteric literature?
Actually I’m reminding second part of Lovecraft’s works. I guess you noticed his influences in my lyrics on “Whirlwinds…”? Yes, I’m very impressed by his works, his dark canvas, definition of fear and insanity. Except him I read whole spectrum of books, from occultism to fantasy, from fantasy to sensational books. Names like Poe, Tolkien, Wilson, Herbert, Crowley, Hine, Clancy or Ford are known by me. Everything depends on mood and free time. In the future I wish to get acquainted with the work of such names as Yeats or Blackwood.

Ok, that would be all from me, thank you for this interview, have a great days!
Thank you, keep desecrating!


                                                   19. 10. 2018 Mortuary
Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos