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GRAVE MIASMA belongs to the more orthodox bands releasing new recordings only sporadically, but they are all more concerned about them. Similarly, this is also the case with the interviews, they do not reply to every single request, so every new interview with this occult band is such a small Metal holiday. Since this interview has come as the last one in this issue, it is essential they have reached the deadline. Some members played besides other things also with Cruciamentum band, so they must have some points of contact, but GM belong to the more original bands. All you have to do is to hear their works and there will evaporate grave miasma into the air, bringing only suffering and sickness. Since from the last "Endless Pilgrimage" EP has gone 2 and a half years, I could not skip the subject of preparing new material, but I was also addressing a few questions outside the music. The speaker of the band, Yoni (guit, vox) replied.

Do you prefer to write tracks under pressure in a short time or you give them as much time as possible?
As is perhaps indicative from the length of time between each of our releases, we tend to show patience when completing tracks. Whilst some of the material written for Endless Pilgrimage was put together with a studio date looming, each track is often restructured to the point of absurdity until we are all satisfied.

Do you think the night cemetery would be a good place to compose music?
Absolutely, if not with an instrument in hand, then directly afterwards. I would often engage in writing sessions with R. after scaling the gates and walking through a pitch-black cemetery to feel the graveyard air in our lungs and the presences of malefic spirits. A lot of our lyrical content is revealed in such circumstances.

Every artist needs some energy or inspiration for creation. Of course, external one is also important, but if he wants to create something original, he needs especially the innermost inspiration. Do you think some magic techniques, meditation or anything else can help?
Speaking from a personal perspective, inspiration can as easily originate from the mundane as it can from concentration. The bitterest aspects of daily experience are often the most beneficial.

Do you agree with statement the mixing of different genres is a sign of art decay?
If we are confining this statement to Death metal and metal in general, conflating genres over the last decades has seen some disastrous results. More than a sense of decay, I think it displays a desire to musically develop whilst not being able to detach from one’s roots.

Many people do not even know what is Kabbalah. How would you describe it and how did you get to it?
As with any mysticism, it is an attempt to decode the nature of the universe and the ways of man. My personal fascination has centered around the Lurian tradition, which emphasizes the prominence of the Sitra Achra and Qlippoth. It is my will to exalt the emanations of the Sitra Achra. However my fascinations in what are broadly the hidden sides of mysticisms extend to numerous traditions, eras, locations and so on. I derive much inspiration and nectar from the visions explored in Castaneda’s work to the writings of Tibetan Budddhism and Lamaism, to name a few.

How would you describe your music, what is different from the past? Have you changed anything in relation to the beginning of the band, whether it's music or attitudes?
Grave Miasma plays LSDeath metal, Black metal of Death and Rebirth. We have been conscious of maintaining characteristic stylistic strands however we are not strictly bound to these. I would like to think that each record is recognizable as us without sounding redundant or as a repetition from the previous release.

Many albums of the 90's survived the test of time. Do you think even strong albums can still be created today that will survive for decades?
In recent years it has become en vogue to praise everything from this period as classic based on the context of the time being the era of the originators. Whilst this is in many cases the truth, there were as many bands back then who were following trends by copying their contemporaries than there are now. For instance, I don’t need to listen to another unearthed Nihilist-worship Swedish band that disappeared soon after. On the other hand I revere some albums from this era as personal classics even though they were perhaps nothing too ground breaking. Thus this cycle has repeated itself, and I have dispensed of a number of releases from the Death metal explosion of around 12 years ago which evolved to creating no effect within me. I fully expect that we may become such a band for others over time, and therefore there is no clear answer to this question.

The last "Endless Pilgrimage" EP has been going on for a while, so maybe it would be good to come up with another EP or album.
We are currently working on a full length, and have recently been performing the track ‘Erudite Decomposition’ live. As with the previous records, this will take the necessary time to complete.

A lot of extreme Metal bands deal with hell in the lyrics. Do you believe soul can get there after death, or is it just a metaphor?
From Gehenna to Naraka, the hell realm has stirred so much imagination concerning the most depraved excesses of torture and suffering. Hell is found on all levels of existence; on earth, in war, and torture. Hell is certainly existent in other realms, in particular with experiencing the last pangs of consciousness watching one’s own death.

Do you think the greatest artworks come from negative experiences, emotions?
If experiences can be confined to the binary of negative or positive, then I still cannot agree with the statement. If viewing or hearing a great work of art, I am often immersed with the devotion and dedication that exudes. Listening or reading the words of great writers and artists has led me to this view. The work attains its own life and the artist is carried on an ascended chariot. The result is something beyond human emotion; from a plane of consciousness that is a journey without adequate description.


Yoni                                                          27. 10. 2018 Storm
Glorification of the Impure