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HETROERTZEN probably does not need to be introduced, Black Metal fans sure know their powerful works and who does not, he should fix it asap. This band comes from Chile, but they later moved to cold Sweden, which is a great geographic jump. Of course, I also asked Frater D (drums) for this. HETROERTZEN rank among the bands with unique and distinctive approach to the genre, their music radiates spiritual darkness, you can feels ceremonial magic and a smell of myrrh and other incenses. Lyrically they often deal with Luciferian magick, they are wizards of black magic and music spells. They have released already 6 albums, they don't give a fuck to short materials, they go straight to the full-lengths. The latest "Uprising of The Fallen" album has been out for some time, so let's dive into Fratera D.'s ideas.

You have recently released your latest "Uprising of The Fallen" album after three years. Earlier you've been releasing albums more often, but later the range between the albums is stretching. How do you explain that?
Perhaps is the fact that we have been much more on the road this time, traveling a lot more than ever before, that’s why we don’t have had the time for writing new material so often. Even if we wanted to. Plus, some of the members have jobs or studies to take care of and a long list of some other personal things you all know.
It seems like as soon as we get home from a gig, for example; we have to prepare for the next one and so on. Right now we are preparing for our next show in Finland and a short tour in Chile afterwards.
The plan is to start writing new material after that and try focus upon our next recording, which each one of us is very much looking forward to.

Could you indicate why and for what purpose did you form the band? I think the initial impulse is often quite interesting, many bands keep it until it lasts, but other ones change philosophy over time...
Sure, this is true. I have been making music since more than 20 years and back then, it was just the need of taking this (My art: music, poetry and image) a step further and develop with time in order to bring fresher ideas into the Black Metal circle. I mean, to really bring something worthy in all senses. Otherwise, one should forget about this and keep it for oneself.
Many individuals don't care about this very point and as a result, they don’t last much. So before entering that further step, I honestly recommend to reflect and meditate about all of this since it's not a child’s play and the only ones broken at the end are themselves.
About the philosophy. It’s acceptable to get better in many ways as one studies and experiences new things. I myself don't like stagnation, since we are in a spiritual way, beings of transmutation and that reflects in what we do. I am not saying that our philosophy is changing or such things, just developing. This means; New things come all the time, a part of them will be accepted and the rest grown away.

I have to say you play a unique Black Metal style. Your music has to be recognized by everyone who is listening to your work, especially the new album is interesting gem. What does your creativity and originality mean to you in general?
Well, first I thank you for that kind comment. Now it takes years to achieve that “magic” as we call it. First, we have to feel it in order to make the others feel the same. It's about energy in its deep core. Our secret concept of the “Circulation”; Give to take, take to give. That energy is “Blood” and that blood should flow.
Creativity is the source of Art and that leads to Magic. To be original is to purify that circulation… While copycats are often stagnated and grow older much faster than the ones they wish to be like. They eventually die first. Missing the whole point and most important; This is Art and there is no true Art that does not incorporate some magical energy.
So. Being creative and original is the key to develop in the ways of the Art. There is much suffering as there is little happiness, but the result will stay there. After we all die. That legacy should be worth!

It is very well known that you have moved from Chile to Nordic Sweden. What led you to this decision? Was there a certain influence of the Nordic Black Metal wave or it was a more complex decision?
Not only that. I mean, musically we always enjoyed the classic Swedish and Norwegian acts, almost like there were no others on the surface of the earth… Bands such as Bathory, Mayhem, Dark Throne, Dissection, etc., etc. They changed our way of seeing Metal music. Inspired and influenced us to try to do something alike and so it all begun.
But there were lots of reasons as well. You all know, life is short, and we are not trees. At some point we had to make the right decision for the one thing that keep us alive. It is unfortunately a long story fulfilled with wishes, sorrow, frustration, dreams, magic, etc. the rest is not difficult to figure out. Things did not really work for just Us there. I am not saying it does not work at all. At that time, we just got some contacts in Europe and Sweden and wanted to take the chance of our lives and try to begin a new. The Old world was always a dream for us and I knew that our Art should be better understood and appreciated here. Our network has grown stronger and the respect we’ve got after so many years of fighting is so worthy. Everything feel just better in many ways. That fills us with even more desire and our devotees shall see the fruits coming from that flow.

If you have to compare life in Chile and Sweden, what are the main differences? What would you like to highlight for your home country that is missing in the north and vice versa? Was it difficult to adapt to a completely different mentality, environment, climate?
The only thing I personally highlight from our home country is the nature, especially in the southern regions where we come from. One of the most beautiful landscapes are there. Magical and mystic. Scandinavia is very beautiful as well, of course, but even if there are similar kind of landscapes, the nature is slightly different. I think I kind of miss the mountains, being very honest here.
The people in Chile is perhaps a bit warmer, but since I was the weirdo there, I never truly thrived. It’s a question about how the individual is in general. Europeans are different. I personally like more the way they are. Perhaps it is because of my German heritage, I don’t know; But this leads to the fact that it was absolutely not difficult for us to adapt in Europe, especially in Sweden. I know some people from South America that have not experienced the same and somehow I can understand that, but as said; It's about the person.

From my point of view is Black Metal one of the most creative, deep, spiritual and artistic music Metal genres today. While Death Metal has been stagnating and recycling ideas lately, Black Metal plays a fatal role...
It seems like there are no other styles of music that could represent the spiritual in a deeper manner. My personal view is that there are plenty of other kind of music which could drive one crazy in a more spiritual way, It’s about one’s personal taste and interests of course.
There are plenty of classical works from composer of the medieval, gothic and baroque eras. There are also old rock bands from the 50’s onwards that have succeeded with the addition of a big spiritual touch in their whole concept. The only thing one should know is this: Spiritualism should not be necessarily related with the satanic and the hosts of evil…
I can count plenty of ambient bands that have really pulled my attention, but I don’t want to be so specific and mention every single one of them since this is very generic and they all adapt to certain tastes and needs.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work? It has to be a strong challenge to get inspired by anything from music alone through art, nature, magic, society, all that makes up an interesting mosaic of inspiration...
Nowadays it starts with the knowledge we already got. Talking about the mystics and the occult. We study some mysteries and try focus upon one particular issue before starting to write our texts and music.
There are always some old and new bands that we listen to when we meet, some of them are Metal acts, some are not.
There are also plenty of own experiences and memories that inspire us to write certain songs, also different moods could help to master different feelings while playing those songs.
Of course we get inspiration from nature, we are surrounded by beautiful, sometimes, magical landscape where we can actually meditate the kind of art we will be dealing with in our next work.

Your music emits the darkness and ceremonial atmosphere as if you were the personification of the presence of something superficial and difficult to grasp. What is happening in your mind when, for example, you create and when, for example, you reproduce your own work on a live ceremony?
Oh well, this sound like the personification of my (how to call it); “inner self” or “alter ego”. It feels like it was a long time ago when I was the frontman and our shows were an act of expressionism, for the stuff I wrote and sang. It was not just music, but a way to reflect that magic and conjure those spells in the most proper way possible.
In order to express that outer image, one should first get involve with the “real thing” you know. Swallow it and let it flow. The rest just came automatically. It is like the work of a priest in a ceremony, it was actually the exact thing, just bathed in art as a form of spell or poetry mixed with the music and the theatrical. Now just about the image, there were lots of more things that helped to create that vibe worth of our true and deep devotion.

Most of the Black Metal bands go by the left hand path which is actually the quintessence of the genre. Do you perceive your music and the overall concept of Black Metal as something bad and negative? What does this art represent and symbolize to you?

There are many things that deal with negative “things” in this very music style. I am not saying that everything that comes from something you are supposed to love, brings only hate and misery. But this music works sometimes like a “Medium” of frustration, hatred and anger. The positive thing is that one can actually get rid of those feelings with this music and feel better afterwards. Like a void absorbing the feelings that are drowning us from the inside.
There are also those really nice rhythms or riffs that give one the chills. This only leads to personal joy, so nothing negative with that.
The Left Hand Path deals with the secret (or the hidden). In my eyes is the world as we know it, the universal failure. A broken system trying to survive in extreme decadence, going down as we (the hidden) grown wiser.
This Art once decadent and dark has now crossed the flames of purification and its magic is stronger as its time come to pass. It gives us the strain to continue standing strong and without regret.

On the Nordic Black Metal scene of 90´s there were happening things they were writing almost everywhere, also outside of Metal territories. How do you perceive those events now? Was there something similar, for example. in South America as well?
No. It was so much peaceful there. I myself did some stuff in my teens as well. All back in the 90´s. But the cosmic question now, how smart was I? Why did I do such things? Perhaps because I was badly influenced by those acts, or because I was a teenager and got a restless soul.
I can understand why people do those kind of actions and it all come as an answer to repression, but there is a lot worse outside the BM culture. So before pointing their dirty finger on us, they should read the newspaper. Oh sorry, I meant the internet.
People kill in masses in the name of religion, politics, secrecy and the thing that control every fucking cell; Money.
There is as well nameless things people do, that cannot even be compared with death. I bet most of them don’t even know what BM is, nor they care.

Some time ago you have come back from a very successful tour and other rituals will follow. What are your impressions of these performances? Have something surprised, sadden or delighted you? In which country do you have the best feedback?
Oh. That’s is very difficult to say. First, I cannot remember the best gig ever or the best experience in a certain land, it's almost impossible.
There are plenty of very nice memories and good experiences while touring. One might meet good people, establish some strong links as well and learn, especially this is important; to learn (from the bad things of course) new stuff in order to be better prepared, to know what to do or what not to do next time, etc.
We have been surprised in almost all senses when we come to a different country and see how things are just there. In most of the cases, we have been positively surprised. There have been some things that sadden the whole, meaning when we argue about something, since it’s very normal to have a different will and it’s difficult sometimes to agree. A band is a sacred circle that should be respected as such and our own will should not come before the best of that circle. 
It has also happened that somebody has been affected by something and the mood is not the best, but again, it’s just a question of caring about the others and pull himself together to make things work.
What we gain at the end of the road is priceless, most of the times. It is so worth all the small bad things.

Many bands are already seen on the scene as a cult, most of them are big names that have influenced Black Metal or the bands that made by their recordings and acts something strong, memorable. How do you perceive HETROERTZEN name from this point of view?
Still like a growing project that have so much to learn and master. Our way does not stay there we are, as I have mentioned before; I don't like stagnation, that's the thing. We are a restless spirit. Thirsty for more! As you do not hear from us, it only means one thing, we are behind that old black curtain working in secret. Bringing something that our devotees have been expecting.


Deacon D.                                               16. 1. 2018 Mortuary
Uprising of the Fallen