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The new German HEXENBRETT band has appeared as a lightning bolt from pure skies, which is hard to find out about. Nowhere the line-up, interviews, photos, who knows if they are really from Germany? So far they have only one 4 tracks "Erste Beschwörung" demo / EP out there, but the charisma evaporating from this material can shake the brain of anyone who worship the style they present themselves. Even it is not easy to identify, simply it does not meet the criteria of any particular style, and that was probably their intention. To get out of the rules so no one can compare them to other bands. The next interview was supposed to shed some light on this obscure commando, but the opposite is true. Some of the answers further obscured the questions about this mysterious band, so there is no point in finding out who wrote the answers.

Hi. Hexenbrett translates as witches board. Do you believe we can communicate with spirits? If that was really possible, one could find out what is happening after death. It is a question about which people have endless philosophical considerations. What conditions must a person have to undergo in order to establish contact with the dead? Certainly it will not always succeed.
That's correct, we however do not see ourselves as involved in any kind of spiritualities at all. The name was solely chosen to enhance the creative output of this entity. The phonetic as well as visual aesthetics of it absolutely overlap with the vision we have in mind.

To return to your question - where there's a will there's a way.

I think you've got this question a few times, but I haven't read any interview with Hexenbrett yet. Why did you choose to sing in your native language instead of English?
This is only the second interview, so not a lot of information about TTERBNEXEH is floating around the internet.

German is not the native language of TTERBNEXEH. We simply chose German due to the fact of the language fitting the music extremely well. We use language as an amplifier to enhance the overall feeling of the music and not to bring across any messages or ideas.

I assume you prefer old black and white and silent horror movies with subtitles. What fascinates you most about them? Do you think the new modern horrors have lost something?
Horror and genre movies in general are the main source of inspiration when it comes to creating music. While gothic horror from the 1920's onwards is of course of huge importance it is also eurocult cinema from the 1970's with directors such as JEAN ROLLIN or SERGIO MARTINO that is absolutely crucial to our creative process.

What makes these movies so important is that they create a certain world that is so different from what we are used to. General aesthetics, language and social standards completely differ from real live which makes an escape from it very easy. This is something that is absolutely vital to us.

Modern horror usually rarely manages to create that same feeling that used to be so prominent in movies from the past. There are however many new movies that absolutely deliver. The duo of HELENE CATTET and BRUNO FORZANI creates high quality for example. Especially within the independent scene one can find a lot of brilliant and recent work. It is very similar to the heavy metal scene. The essence was and is always there, but it is within the underground where it strives, not the shallow mainstream.

Your first and only "Erste Beschwörung" EP was released only in digital form and on tape. Do you attribute certain magic to tapes opposite CDs? Do you think tapes have recently overtaken LPs as for retro feelings? Would you actually like to release this EP on a CD?
ERSTE BESCHWÖRUNG is a demo which is also why we chose to self-release it on tape. This is just us following the traditions. We don't think that there's a specific magic to it, it is just the most convenient format when self-releasing music. Outside of heavy metal tapes probably are felt to be something that is very retro but is that of any importance or interest to anybody reading this interview?

As of today a CD release will happen in a not too distant future.

Joining together Black and Heavy Metal is certainly something magical for many ones and not so widespread. Why did you choose these at first sight distant and unrelated genres? Much more often Black Metal is mixed with Thrash Metal.
We would not consider our music to be a mixture between heavy metal and black metal but rather the one or, to be more specific, the other. We just create what we want to create without any restrictions. The only restriction is that there are no restrictions.

Did Master's Hammer influence you? Do you also watch their new creation?
Not primary. Some people within the band do not really care about them while some absolutely do. We would however still sound the same even if they'd have never existed.

Do you think there may be a collective unconsciousness from which some individuals can draw and receive thoughts, musical ideas, predict the future?
There maybe is yes, and it seems that some people truly experience this. There are however quite some more people who probably solely refer to something like that in order to make themselves appear to be more interesting than they actually are. 

Do you like scary dreams? Do you think they could be good inspiration for music or lyrics? Are you trying to get some epicism into your work?
Yes they are extremely inspiring. Since I'm a very vivid dreamer I do get to experience quite intense things while asleep. It is one of the most beautiful feelings when waking up from a nightmare and feeling this special kind of bliss afterwards.

Although your EP is still quite fresh, I would ask. Do you think it's too early for a full length? Do you have any idea about the next recording, or you will let everything flow out of it?
We so far have written already more than 30 minutes of new music, this is all I can tell you as of now.


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