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Baptized in Devils Blood
Texas IMPRECATION can be clearly classified amongst old cult bands that were active in the 90s and even then they were swirling occult waters of Black / Death Metal. Especially here in Europe they disappeared in black earth for several years and almost all forgot them. Until recently, the hellish underground suddenly emerged new stuff in the form of "The Sigil of Lucifer" EP, which made it clear they are still alive and do not intend to pass any drastic style changes. Thanks to it I had to do this interview, the questions were answered by vocalist Dave Herrera.

Hi, what is currently happening around IMPRECATION band?
Greetings. Right now we have a brand new 7 inch released on Negativity Records entitled "Sigil of Lucifer", more or less a continuation of the "Sigil of Baphomet" 7 inch that was the last thing that the "core" of Imprecation was involved in before things started to "change".  Also, a reissue of the "Theurgia Goetia Summa" LP will be released shortly on Die Todesrune records (previously known as Death To Mankind record label) on both vinyl and compact disc.

Do the Metal Archives pages list all your official recordings? Because there are quite large time gaps, were you split-up?
Yes and no. Metal Archives is a reliable source of reference, and it's good to have a site dedicated to metal and its history. As far as some of the Imprecation facts they are a little off kilter, mainly concerning the releases. We have never released ANYTHING entitled "Of the Black Earth" aside from our first shirt with the inverted cross on it. So that may be some sort of bootleg, I don't really know. Our first LP will most likely be entitled "Of The Black Earth", as that has always been my plan for our "official" debut LP.  So.......anyways the "Live Manifestation" is also NOT an official release, it was just a quick live tape made for a few people and it got spread somehow. As far as the gaps in our history, yeah the band went through extensive periods of personnel change and non activity. It all started when I left the band in '93 (after the "Sigil of Baphomet" 7 inch) and Phil shortly thereafter. Then came the period that was what I like to refer to as the "musically confused" era of the band, mainly because after the deadly promo they recorded (the three songs that started the "Theurgia Goetia Summa" compilation) they went through a identity crisis between black metal and death. I always felt that we were always a black death band, there were not many like us in that time, but Mark really took it away from the true essence of what we started when he started wearing the capes and stuff.

When will we get your debut album? Will it contain only new songs, or just old ones?
Man, we are already planting the seeds of this, but with all of the bands that we are involved in this will take a little time. I cannot wait; I know that it has been a very long time coming for this LP to happen. I don't know why there has never been a proper album release from us; we have had plenty of songs to do it with! Our debut will contain about 98% new stuff, but there is one song that we all want to remake, not because there is anything wrong with it but just feel it is more or less a "horns up" to it!

How do you remember recording of the new EP "Sigil of Lucifer"? It's great you have kept dirty sound.
Thanks for the comments on our new recording.  It was a killer experience recording the new 7 inch. The place that we recorded it, called Noise Farm, is located on this ranch out in the middle of the woods completely isolated from EVERYTHING. The studio itself is set up in praise to Satan and all things dark, Tim (who runs the place) is all about the left hand path.

You have 666 pieces of vinyl released. How can they still survive in today's digital era? Do you think vinyl will survive for a long time?
In metal vinyl will always survive. Fuck the rest of the world. They can drown in their soulless mp3's for all I care.......

First time I met IMPRECATION earlier through "Theurgia Goetia Summa" record. What is your attitude to it? Do you consider it as your top stuff?
"Theurgia....." is merely a compilation. Nothing more. I hated the original; it never gave credit to Phil Westmoreland or myself. Phil wrote the music on about 75% of that thing, and aside from the first three songs all of the vocals and lyrics are mine, and I also wrote the lyrics for "The Throne is Lost" as well. Repulse would have you believe that Mark Beecher vomited all of the songs, but that was far far from the case. The re-release will make these corrections along with others. Also the cover will be presented in black and white, which I always hated the color version. The reissue will be released on Die Todesrune very soon and will also be available on gatefold LP as well!

Do you think IMPRECATION music has developed somehow over a long 20 years of your existence?
Well there was that transformation era that I was not apart of, but aside from that I think that we have stayed true to our sound, that being the sound that was achieved on the "Sigil of Baphomet" recording.

What is the most important thing in music to you? It is easy for you to write a song?
The genuine approach to me is honesty in your music. Do you truly believe in what the song represents? If not, then it fails tremendously......

Once you have Necronomicon sign and inverted cross in logo, the two different directions, but Necronomicon sign has disappeared from the cover art of the new EP, why? Is Satan more fundamental than Cthulhu for you?
Ha, yeah I still dig the Necronomicon element, but that was an era where I was greatly influenced by Morbid Angel and their approach in ideologies rubbed off on my artwork and in some cases lyrics. Hell, I still worship everything they did from "Abominations...." to "Blessed...."  But the main thing that has always been a factor in the music is Satan. That has never changed and will always be the case for myself at least.

How much are you interested in occult and magic? Who of you advocates it most in the band?
Yes, it is fuel for my existence. As far as the band is concerned, all in the band find serenity through darkness in one way or another, I really do not know personal beliefs from everyone but can only speak for myself on that matter.

Do you like a bit more technical bands like SUFFOCATION, NILE, DEATH, BROKEN HOPE, etc? What do you listen to most lately?
No. I like only hymns that reek of true black fucking death. The type of atmosphere that is found in bands like Hellhammer, Teitanblood, Proclamation, Blasphemy, Behexen, Necros Christos, Cemetery Urn, Katharsis, Father Befouled and others too numerous to list here. But no, I am not a supporter of the type of metal that you have mentioned, I always hated when people compared Imprecation to Suffocation in the early 90s. They must not really be listening to the music to make a comparison like that, because we are polar opposites lyrically and musically. Fuck bands like Nile, they bore the fuck out of me.

Many bands are trying to play extremely fast and technically in recent years, sometimes they quite exaggerate it, what do you think of it?
Playing fast for the sake of playing fast does not interest me. I don't care if you can wank off on your instrument; it does absolutely nothing for me. That is why I do not listen to grind core.

How do you plan your life in hell after death?
Personal matter here, rather not map it out. I will let the infernal element take me where I need to be.

What about your concerts, have you recently played somewhere, or you have something planned in the near future?
We have just played the last Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child fest here in Texas in early October. It was killer, real maniacs supporting us during out set. Upcoming show, well there is nothing planned as of now, but I know we will play a ritual soon enough.

Ok, that's all, thanks for the interview; you have the last words at the end. Can you write your top 5 albums of all times?
Thanks for the good interview, stay in touch!

(in no particular order)
1.  Blasphemy "Fallen Angel of Doom"
2.  Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales"
3.  Possessed "Seven Churches"
4.  Misfits "Earth A.D."
5.  Morbid Angel "Altars of Madness"
and Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", Godflesh "Streetcleaner", Entombed "Left Hand Path", Autopsy "Mental Funeral", Teitanblood "Seven Chalices", Behexen "By the Blessing of Satan", Katharsis "VVorld VVithout End", Vital ..........

well shit man, there are many other albums I could put in that top five, I don't really have a true top five as it depends on my mood!  Hails!!


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