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Perhaps a little hasty question, but how does it look with a new material? Do you already have done some new stuff? Do you know what format of recording you will go next and how it will differ from "Morbid Spawn of Resurrection"?
The Master Butcher - Well actually there is one demo version recorded for a new song called “Just Another Burning Soul”…Alfonso passed us the music to Gilbert and me to find out what we thought…and well…I liked so much that started writing the lyrics and defining the phrasing right away…and with that done…I went to a Studio and did the vocals to see how they fit…at the end...I think is a cool song that preserves the Insepulto style of death metal focused in crunchy riffs, technical guitar solos and growling-screaming voices repeating the chorus…Just another burning soul…ha ha.

A.P. - Well, we have taken our time to come up with new stuff. It's been like that since day 1, I guess. I usually like to put a lot of effort into the songs. And even though we don't like to come up with something completely different, we all evolve. Evolution is part of everything and our music has been evolving too. I already have 3 rough tracks that could very well fit into our debut album. Also, I have been working on two more songs that sound pretty dense. I guess we are adding a lot more atmosphere now, more "darkness", without compromising our "style".

Your debut was released by Polish Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho. How did you get this label? Are you happy with their promotion? Will you continue to work with WMP?
The Master Butcher - Actually I had the contact with Robert because I used to write reviews of his releases in Archaic Magazine (rip) and also because we traded some copies of my other band Mummified debut album for some of the label releases…after some time we developed this cool friendship and when Insepulto album was ready I didn’t think it twice to send him a promo. He liked immediately and proposed to do album with him…something that Gilbert and Alfonso accepted also…and there it is. I feel the promotion has been really good…specially in webzines…recently we reached an agreement with Concreto Recs from Mexico to release the version for the Latin American zone…so…things are moving quite good I must say…and we are happy on that for sure…just let’s wait to see what future holds…

I am impressed by the cover of your debut, very interesting work. Are you interested in Sumerian mythology? Why did you choose just painting inspired by the Sumerians? What is special on this civilization to you?
U.Xerxes.H - The story behind the cover and its link with the musical content of the lyrics came to happen by coincidence, I guess... The artwork was done by Daniel Corcuera (a.k.a SelfDesecrator from the Chilean band SLAUGHTBBATH) and he did that piece way before we even would get together and give Insepulto another try. When we were in the middle of the recording and the creation of the lyrics I took a look to the title of the album “Morbid Spawn of Resurrection” and later read through “Summerian Throne of Evil” realizing how much of a connection there was with that artwork once I saw in Daniel’s Myspace site. So I ran into it and asked Daniel if he had it still available and well, the rest is history.  That cover was just there waiting for us to rise from the past with INSEPULTO. Was it coincidence or was it a force pushing a series of events for everything to fit in the right place? I don’t know. I’m personally very interested not only in Summerian Civilization per se but more into the aspects related to its theistic cosmology and the Occult which is something I’m quite related to. That is why of my inner interest in that.

There is Pazuzu effigy, Inanna, or even something like Tiamat etc. on your front cover art. There are separate theories about Anunnaki which were perceived by Sumerians as Gods, but it seems it could be a race of beings which had shared the creation of human race. What do you think of these theories?
The Master Butcher - I must confess that I am a huge fan of literature related with ancient civilizations, old religions, apocryphal gospels…also I am very much into psychiatric stuff and particularly interested in mental illnesses or pathologic deviations like Schizophrenias, psychosis, obsessive-compulsive patterns…etc etc…however..and being completely honest…for Insepulto when I write the lyrics I think more in what the music suggests me instead of working based on a specific topic…I want to put lyrics that are going to stick to the listener…so in my case, because Gilbert also writes lyrics, the inspiration comes directly from the music that Alfonso does…simple as that.

U.Xerxes.H - I’ve read about those theories, I just find them interesting but I don’t rely completely on them as others do to actually push their life into it. I guess, every theistic based religion past and new, have their metaphysic vision of how the human race spawned from the pits of darkness and I see the Anunnaki thing as something up to it. Interesting to read through but equally understood in the same terms when reading the Exodus from the Bible, in my case, with clear sense of doubt and marveling at the same time.

Do you think these Sumerian themes will you deal with in the future as well? What other topics are discussed in your lyrics and who is the author? Do you have some legends, myths in Costa Rica, which would stood for transforming into music?
The Master Butcher - I don’t know…I mean, I work based on what the music suggests me…however and going the second part of your question, for the album I wrote most of the lyrics and eventually you can see that songs like “The Posthumous Trinity” is about the three of us…ha ha…”Epitome of Rigor Mortis” makes a reference to the bands we are linked with like Colemesis, Pseudo and Paganus Doctrina…”Insepulto - The Devilish Enthonment” is about the band itself…hmmm, for “Religious Pedophile”…well I think the approach is quite clear…isn’t it?...ha ha. It’s interesting, but I am not interested about topics related with Pre Columbian history…even when it is a rich history…I don’t feel attracted enough to go to the level writing about that.

U.Xerxes.H - I guess the Summerian myths worked good for our debut album and fitted the concept incredibly well. Anyway, unlike Ronald, I have a different approach when writing lyrics. Of course, we both write taking as point of entry what each song suggest us yet, I’m more up into Satanic related themes in practice as much as in ritual. So, we have a very different way to express ourselves. For instance, I wrote the lyrics for the ending track of the album “Illumination through Flagellation” which has a lot to do with the postulates of Order of the Nine Angles (ONA) which I’m personally related to.

Which album impressed you most in last year? How much are you interested in the metal scene? Suppose you are interested especially in Underground. Do you think Underground of 90s can be compared with that today’s? Where can you see the biggest difference?
The Master Butcher - As for I am a HUGE fan of Chris Barnes work…definetly the “Undead” from Six Feet Under has to be among the best ones of 2012. Impossible to forget “The Chills” from Horrendous or the exceptional “Deathammer” from the mighty Asphyx…Gorephilia “Embodiment of Death”…and so on…

I wouldn’t compare underground from the 90s with current one because the conditions are pretty different…both have good and bad things…so..what do I like most from the 90s…the conviction at the hour of doing things…from today’s scene…the better equipment and technical stuff…

A.P. - Well, here's a small list of some of the albums that really impressed me last year (I guess we are talking about 2012): INCANTATION - Vanquish In Vengeance, NAPALM DEATH - Utilitarian, WORSHIP - Terranean Wake, OVERKILL - The Electric Age, DEVIN TOWNSEND - Epicloud, MESHUGGAH - Koloss and MY DYING BRIDE - A Map Of All Our Failures. as usual, I could go on and on with the list, but those are the albums that come to mind right away.

I have always been interested in the scene. My main interest hasn't changed at all. I am always looking for bands that make me raise an eyebrow. The underground has always been the best place to look for that kind of bands! Raw, good music made with no pretension!

But that kind of music is really hard to find. I think that is the biggest difference. I mean, back in the 80's or 90's bands were putting out music just because they liked it. They were never aiming for rock stardom or the likes. Put out demos, 7"s and do small international tours, that was it. Nowadays, it seems every band is trying to copy classic "big name" bands or making music with a formula. Honest music is so hard to come by. So, that creates a huge need, a need to be selective. I am amazed by the saturation of the International Underground Market. It seems that 100 new metal bands come out everyday.

Add the internet to that and there you go. Literally thousands of new bands, sharing their music over the internet. Even if you could sit down and listen to one song of each band on a 24/7 basis, you wouldn't see the end of it.

And even if some people think the internet has killed the underground, I firmly believe that the Underground never died. It has been there all along, squirming 6 feet under, like a huge earth worm, getting bigger and bigger with the help of emails, forums, websites etc. You can't deny that the internet has shortened distances. And that has also helped the underground movement a lot!

U.Xerxes.H- I think Alfonso spoke for both of us regarding our feeling towards the underground scene. So, I’ll just add that in recent years I’ve been more interested in rediscovering some old heavy metal albums from the past that I didn’t give a try before. Hence, I’m not that fond on discovering new bands as much as I was three years ago or so… Regardless, in the last couple of months I had the chance to purchase some underground stuff that really hit me in the nuts! For instance, HORRENDOUS’ “The Chills” Lp, SULPHUR AEON’s “Swallowed by the Oceans Tide” CD, CHAPEL OF DISEASE’s “Summoning Black Gods” and DENOUNCEMENT PYRE’s “Almighty Arcanum”. And now I’m waiting the third record from Canadian TYRANTS BLOOD’s “Into the Kingdom of Graves” to arrive!

What does Metal mean to you? How much does it interfere with your life? Is there something more substantial than Metal to you?
A.P. - Metal is music and music is life. If my wife and daughter were not the center of my universe, I think I would be dedicated to metal 24/7. And no, it has never interfered with my daily routine.

The Master Butcher - I think it’s part of my life…part of my self…an extension of my personality…through the bands I like or through the stuff I do as member of a band…I express part of myself. I don’t imagine my life without this music…it has given me the chance to meet many persons, see different things and learn quite a lot of things…so…now that I am grown up…have a normal work, pay bills and care about my wife and my son…the music is still  my companion.

U.Xerxes.H - Metal is just an extension of the self in me. An aspect that manifest itself in every aspect of my life so for me it is a serious part of my personality! This is one of the sources of the magic that keeps my soul alive, pushing me to strive better things; it is the soundtrack of my daily life in good or bad moments. It is the medium where even my most personal insights about life, religion and even love, are exposed through each of my bands. So, do the math dude… yeah, MUSIC is the picture of myself.

Ok, we have reached the end of the interview. If I forgot something, you have the space to write anything. Thanx for your time, of course I wish INSEPULTO only the best, HORNS UP!
A.P. - First of all, I can't thank you enough for this space in the mighty Necrosphere, M. Your support and help is greatly appreciated! Besides, it is always a pleasure to answer interesting questions like yours. Second, we want to thank all those maniacs out there who have taken or will take the time to read about us and to look out for our music. Go ahead and listen to a song or two. Maybe you'll like it!

We also wish you all the best with Necrosphere! One of the best, longest running zines out there! Respect and Support! Only Death is Real!

The Master Butcher
- Thanks to you my friend…really enjoyed answering the questions…thanks to the ones who took the time to go through this interview…I still have copies of the album…if you are interested…get in touch with at mummifier@gmail.com…and remember…Insepulto is here to corrupt your souls mother fuckers…!!!

- Horns up back to you my friend. The space in your magazine is very much appreciated indeed. It was an honor for us to answer this bunch of interesting questions. To all those who kept reading up till this very end, I do also run a printed fanzine called CALL TO THE INFERNAL HORDES and the 8th issue is about to hit the dirty underground metal streets… Those still loyal to the ancient traditions of the underground should contact me at cttihmagazine@gmial.com A.m.S.g!


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