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Holy Chaos
LVCIFYRE from England moved underground waters early in 2011 when they threw out "The Calling Depths" album under the Blood Harvest Records. Overall, the album have got decent criticism in various magazines, fanzines and webzines worldwide, the band did a good name as Dark Descent offered them a contract. LVCIFYRE will release their new stuff under this brand new label at the end of 2013, now we have to look forward to, their Blackened Death Metal full of anger and hatred celebrating darkness and light carrier Lucifer will definitely not let you sleep. The questions were sent some time ago, but since the guys just recorded new album, answers came till these days. My questions were answered by vocalist and guitarist T.Kaos.

Hell-o, how's it going for LVCIFYRE these days?
Hails. Just finishing work on our upcoming opus: Nine curses of crawling darkness.

Your last release is still "The Calling Depths" debut. What responses have you got by critics, friends or fans? Do they often likened you to any other similar bands or they even say about some originality or your own style?
So far so good, I must admit, but then again we're constantly being compared to Immolation, Morbid Angel, Vader or Behemoth - I think it is easier to classify a band than to actually try to figure out what they are really like.

Could you reveal the circumstances that led you to the band formation? Could you also write which bands you've already gone through and if you consider LVCIFYRE as your priority now?
Lvcifyre is my only band at the moment, and I donít feel the need to play anywhere else, it gives me all that I need.
We have all got different bands in our background. I was playing in Adorior, Hodur and Sons of Serpent, as well as a few Dark Ambient projects before I formed Lvcifyre. Menthor was playing in Corpus Christi, and now also in Nightbringer and Enthroned. Dictator has Necrosadist and a bunch of other projects, and Cvltvs was in Isolated.
Lvcifyre came to life when I left Adorior and started working on something new and primitive that in the end became very complex and flames rise above it.

You play a little technical Blackened Death Metal, but that technique is not dominant, it rather serves only as an element. More technical bands manage to achieve some atmosphere only rarely, which certainly is not your case. Is the music atmosphere the reason you are doing all this?
Yes, it is. We focus even more on atmosphere on the new stuff and donít care anymore about the technical side, which in the end became even more technical than ďThe Calling DepthsĒ. In fact, we never focus on that, things just end up that way. Maybe that is why it does not really stick out; rather it becomes a natural flow.

Your lyrics deal with Chaos. Do you think your music also includes elements of chaos or you rather think you are playing a more harmonious Metal style? Personally, I see it as certain compromise; I feel a lot of Chaos mainly in leads...
I think it is controlled Chaos, but yes it is a big part of our music and I'm not afraid to say that we are Chaotic Death Metal and Chaos is our source. As for harmonious I am not so sure, but I canít speak for everybody; Lvcifyre is like one of those paintings that works on your subconscious and everybody sees things differently.

I wonder how do you perceive your music, can you feel something negative or bad in your songs? Many Death Metal or Black Death bands claim their music is positive, but it seems that impartial listener perceives it differently. Personally, I think Metal music is negative and dark, I think positivism has no place in Metal. Of course, these concepts can be seen from different perspectivesÖ
Positivism is for hippie scum, we are Sonic Darkness and Wrathful Fyre Metal. What sort of retard would I have to be to create a positive vibration within the Devilís art?
I have never met anyone who thinks that Metal is positive, who the fuck is that? Break his nose next time you see him.

How was "The Calling Depths" born? Who is behind the authorship of all the songs? What did you feel at writing process when the tracks were acquiring specific shapes?
All songs on TCD were written by me and Menthor. It wasn't anything extraordinary: we meet twice a week to rehearse, work hard, progress and get the job done. Chemistry between us, start creating another consciousness, something that starts to speak for itself shortly after.

Can you even remember what the atmosphere reigned during the recording of your debut? Where exactly was it recorded, how a long did it take and happened there any problems at recording process? Was the recording of your debut a new experience to you or rather a routine from the previous recordings?
The atmosphere was rotten, as two weeks before we got there, the whole studio was flooded and the basement where I recorded the vocals was full of frogs and insects and this overpowering rotten smell was with us all the time. That helped as the rites of Tsathoggua began.
The album was recorded at Factory Studios in Poland. It took 11 nights to record all the instruments and vocals, then it was another two weeks for mixing and mastering, I think.

Have you had an accurate and clear idea how should "The Calling Depths" sound? Who was producer of this work and how do you actually solve it with sound engineer at recording? First do you clarify how it should sound or you leave it purely on him? Are you satisfied with the sound? Has everything turned out as expected?
Yes, I had an idea of how it should sound and the producer was following our vision. The guy responsible for that is Janusz Bryt, the owner of Factory Studios.
We are happy with the final production and he was a cool guy to work with. He felt natural within the Chaos and Miasmal atmosphere we were spreading, or maybe the alcohol and drugs numbed him a bit so he did not focus on the dark spirit we brought forth.

Do you think the sound you have achieved is also one of the things that shape the overall characteristics of the band, like a typical way of riffing or band image? How can you see your direction in the future, will you stick to similar sound or youíll walk again somewhere else?
The difference between us and perhaps many other bands is that we know what we want, we know the sound we should get and I can hear it in my head. Also, Lvcifyre is a force created between us, taking its own path. Many times we have some short-term ideas regarding the sound, which are then altered once we start playing, but not far from what we originally had in mind.
The sound changes in the new album - itís uglier, but also monstrous and huge. I think sound wise we became more chaotic and definitely more powerful.

I would say your music is enough pressing, straightforward, striking and brutal. For comparison I would like to mention bands such as NOX or CENTURIAN. Didnít you ever try to compose more mysterious and slower passages for example?
TCD is straightforward and a kick in the face for sure. In one of the songs on the new album we create a sonic gateway to the depths of Black Waters, and it is very slow, purely doom metal, it drains all the energy from you and then you will see and taste the wrathful claws.

If I asked you for influences, what bands would you appoint? Do your inspirations come only from Metal music? Or even from non-musical realms?
As for Metal inspiration, it is early Morbid Angel, Possessed, Mercyful Fate, Kat, Bathory, Sarcofago, early Danzig, Blasphemy and many more.
As for non Metal: Lustmord, Brighter Death Now, Raison d'Etre, selected works of Coil and Current 93 and a bunch of other shit.
This is the stuff I still like to listen to, but I would not really call it an inspiration, Lvcifyre offers something far beyond normal, and its spirit and essence lie far beyond Heavy Metal releases.

I find you are complex band which forms a concept, whether it concerns image, lyrical, musical or sound side, everything fits well within itself, it all makes sense, link. I can hear you are fully committed to Metal and the band is not just for killing boredom to you. Can you see this likewise?
We are fully dedicated to this child of the Abyss.
We are doing this with full impact.

Although I havenít your lyrics, but the names of the songs evoke you write about themes of death, darkness, evil, horror, endless abyss and occult. Who is thus author of the lyrics and also where do you draw inspiration?
I'm the one that channels the dark force from the subconscious. Quite often I feel like a vessel and I let the force come through me.
Inspiration lies within the threshold in my mind, where I can walk and taste the outer space.
Lots of them are stimulated by old scripts and rites of nightrealms.

Maybe a little mistaken question, but I'll try. Your fourth ďLCFĒ track. Have anyone of you seen The Ninth Gate movie involving the three books they Lucifer had to participate? What do you think about this movie?
That is the idea for title; I borrowed it from "Nine Gates". The title struck me after the first few seconds I saw it, before Johnny Deep even speaks out.
Itís a very cool film, one of very few that show the Black Mass elements.

What does effigy of Lucifer means to you? What would you say more to Lucifer?
Wisdom and Father, Black Fyre that awakens in me and Lvcifyre is a manifestation of that process, a chariot. There are no words between us; neither would I want to share such thoughts.

How do you feel about our epoch of mankind in general if you compare it with ancient or medieval for example? Do you think we are going ahead or down into the depths of doom? Are you glad you live just at this time?
I'm glad that I'm alive and I have time to carry the Great Work.
It doesn't mean shit if I'm glad to live in this time or another, we have no option, we canít choose.
We are always getting closer to an end, ridiculous murders, child rapes and all sort of pathology growing stronger, Islamic fanaticism spreading and infecting everywhere.
It is time for Fyre to purify this planet from the retarded lamb.

Hm, the English scene. There used to be mainly iconic bands as CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, BENEDICTION, CANCER, CEREBRAL FIX and the like. I do not know if it was only my feeling, but halfway through the 90's it was as if it declined there. But now the situation is pretty decent, you have many great occult Death, Death / Black or Death / Doom bands. Do you somehow watch British extreme scene? Could you recommend some interesting names?
Adorior, Diamanthian, Grave Miasma, Binah, Cruciamentum are worth mentioning.
The bands you mentioned I can remember from my early teenage years, my taste was yet to have a shape and I had a different opinion about many metal bands back then. I could not give a fuck about these bands these days.

It is already a known thing you have signed with Dark Descent last year. What does this mean to you? How did you get to this label? Do you think it is the best label you could get?
I met Matt in person and we talked about the new Lvcifyre album. He supports us, he likes our vision and generally Dark Descent sounds very promising, so letís see how things go for us in the next year.

I would be crazy if I did not ask you for your new material. Which stage is it in, what kind of vehicle will it be and how do new songs look like in comparison with the debut? Can we expect any changes or it will be a classic LVCIFYRE?
There always will be a change with Lvcifyre, we are working within a formula of progress.
The album is recorded, mixed and waiting to be mastered.
It is very different indeed, more Chaotic, monstrous and wrathful.
Absolute Annihilation of the lamb.

Ok, that would be all from me, if I forgot something important, you have a chance to present. Thank you for this great interview and wish your band a lot of dark light in the abyss, thanks again.
Thanks for the interesting interview and the support you gave Lvcifyre.
Hail Fyre!


T.Kaos                                                      21. 8. 2013 Mortuary