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Brazil's dark forests conceal one big black jewel many ones still don't know about it, under the name of NECROMANTE. Their kind of Black Metal is far from the classical Satanic Norwegian style, they do it like Sarcofago, old Sepultura, old Venom, Vulcano, etc., thus with a small addition of Thrash and Death Metal. While listening to their debut, you will move until the late 1980s and early 90s, when it was still a classic, dirty analogue sound, strong atmosphere and hooks were still a matter of course. It surrounds you with a feeling of something magical, occult, and deadly as in old times. The advantage of South American bands is they live more or less in the same conditions as they used to be at that time over here, except they can create highly authentic music in comparison with bands from the US or Europe trying to get back time in modern studios. Having this band on our site is a great honor for us. The questions were answered by two members, Arquimedes (vox, guit) and Okvlto (drums).

Hi to Brazil. How long did you take to compose your debut? Is it easy for you to tune into creative mode?
Arquimedes : : Hello first of all it is an honor for the Necromante to participate in the Necrosphere, our debut took about a year to get ready. The creative way is naturally tuned in the course of the days months and years in which all situations, and events of daily life become inspirations for the compositions. Daily study and philosophical reflections obviously contribute to transforming all metaphysical masses into music.

Necromante is definitely killer name for a band, it's rather strange that it was not used by more bands. What does necromancy mean to you? Do you think evoking ghosts of the dead can be dangerous?
Arquimedes : The meaning of necromancy is something that is deeply in touch with occult and the danger is imminent, but we can not be afraid because sometimes fear will bring us down. Caution and experience and cunning are a must to get rid of traps. For sometimes the supernatural confuses the realities that are in the parallel and this subject can be more understood knowing the articulations of the metaphors, of the sciences and soon of the quantum physics.
They say any literature has not retained the complete instructions for necromancy, only a few incomplete fragments. Do you think it is important to drink blood during necromancy?
Arquimedes : : Really all literature will be incomplete, because the practicing reader will always be the person who will complete what is missing, the student through the high knowledge will find the key to all the portals that he needs to open to the occult. Whether or not to drink the blood is something that starts from itself, and the magician must know where, how, why, and when to perform what he seeks before his proposal through the tools available at the moment.

How many interviews have you ever made? I haven't found much of them on the internet, you are probably still a relatively unknown term. What is the situation in Brazilwith printed fanzines?
Okvlto  : Actually we have few interviews on the network, most of our interviews have always been in printed zines and only released here in Brazil, in Brazil we still have the zines culture printed although there are not so many, the underground in Brazil has many limitations, this year we started to give more interviews to zines and blogs from overseas mainly after the release of our album "Magickal" released by Iron Bonehead, this is the seventh interview that we answered this year, among these interviews we answered questions for magazines like North America Zero Tolerance and the German magazine Deaf Forever.

The last instrumental track is called Enuma Elish, what is the most important and oldest work of Mesopotamian mythology describing creation of the world. Do you believe that mankind could be created by alien creatures like Anunnaki? It is certainly one of the greatest mysteries of the world.
Arquimedes :Yes for sure . Ufology is a very vast and fertile field that with its studies and research contribute much to the search of those who long for the completion of a puzzle that has been set up since the beginning of time. The universe in its spiral is enigmatic and clear at the same time in a paradox. To understand all of this is what keeps us questioning in order to find the main piece we are looking for.

How was the recording process itself? Your debut sounds very raw, so you used analog mode. You certainly agree that too pure and digital sound can kill the spirit of music. How did you choose a studio?
Okvlto : Between the pre-production and the album's ending we spent about a year, our intention was to make the album sound as natural and as powerful and dirty as possible but without losing the definition of instruments and melodies, we all in Necromante are fanatics for the analogue sound so we decided to work in these molds, the studio where we recorded the "Magickal" is the same where we recorded our debut ep and "The Primitive Conception of Evil" Studio Attack is situated in Belo Horizonte and belongs to our friend Cristiano Fucker founder of the band Sanatorio, veteran Death Metal band in Belo Horizonte, this studio specializes in extreme metal recordings so we feel quite comfortable working with Cristiano as a producer, and we have already worked on ep, Cristiano is a big fan of extreme metal, our communication is very direct and clear this helps a lot, we are currently working on the creation the one of a new disc that also we will record there.

I like the fact you are using quite a distinctive vocal with an echo. Instrumental music is definitely the most important in Metal music, but don't you think some bands underestimate the power of singing? If someone can recognize band by the vocalist, it double the strength of the band.
Arquimedes : Yes, each band has its proposal some stand out by the work completely, others specifically by the individual work and with you affirmed the vocal is very important and for sure if the vocal is worked of differentiated form it will raise much the potential of the band. Each tip music and compositions should be treated with care and especially with much feeling so in the end we have a job that leaves us satisfied, because the Necromante works first with the feelings.

How did Iron Bonehead Productions find you? They were probably looking for some exotic bands from the underground. I know the album first came out only on the tape.
Okvlto  : : Yes, in fact, it all started with the tape release performed by the Machado Fantasma label in March in Brazil, and a month later, a further tape release in Peru by Death Dealer label, it was a matter of time and one of those tapes went into the hands of Iron Bonehead owner Patrick Kremer was impressed by the power of the songs, so he contacted us to close the release in other formats, Iron Bonehead is a label that bets on new things and they are helping us a lot to spread our cult for the old world ... Hail Iron Bonehead !!!

Brazil and South America are the source of the most raw extreme bands. Europe and North America have already been affected by a modern, pre-technician world, so when we want to return to the end of the 1980s, it is best to search in South America. Are you happy you are still in the right underground environment? How much is internet available there in Brazil? You live in one of the largest cities of your state. Do you think you would create the same way if you lived in a small village?
Okvlto R : Really the American and European productions are exposed to several filters, here in South America we still sound more rustic and aggressive, we definitely like it and that sets us apart from the others, it is a very natural thing even because the structure of third world, As for the fact that we are in the underground as I said before, Brazil has a very limited Black Metal scene even with the internet and only now with the help of Iron Bonehead can we reach the underground in the old world with greater strength, it is definitely a new territory for the Necromancer, the European underground is very different from the Brazilian, in Europe everything happens faster and we are quite satisfied. as to the fact that the place where we live for sure this influences the composition, climate, landscapes, politics, local culture all this can influence when creating something.

The most famous Brazilian band is definitely Sepultura. What do you think about their oldest works and their development? And what about Sarcofago, are they your idols?
Okvlto  : : We are definitely suspicious to talk about both bands, we all in the Necromante grew up listening to Brazilian metal, I am a big fan of Sepultura was the first extreme metal band I met and soon after the Sarcófago, the oldest works of Sepultura are magnificent after the band ended up following a more commercial route but nothing that erases what was done, As for Sarcófago yes they will always be a great influence, Sarcófago revolutionized the extreme metal with INRI, we are very proud to have the same Brazilian origins , not only with the Sepultura and Sarcófago but also Vulcano, Mutilator, Chakal, Impurity, Mystifier, Amen Corner, Holocaust etc.

In the third Necrocosmick Pentagram song I hear some riffs influenced by Master's Hammer. Did they influenced you, or is it just a pure coincidence?
Arquimedes : Yes definitely Master's Hammer is an influence for us and like all the other bands that we listen to at one time or another the compositions will always remember these bands, but at the time of composing try to let it flow naturally. And being specific what it remembers Master's Hammer are the riffs with octaves and tritonos superimposed something that we use a lot in our songs.

You probably have not played outside of Brazil. Can you imagine playing in Europe?
Okvlto : : Good question, we always imagine, we are planning to move to Portugal or Germany until 2019 to have more facilities to tour Europe and Asia, touring Europe living in Brazil is very difficult for an underground band, but our priority in the moment are the compositions of the new disc that already is being created with forecast of launch for 2019, 2018 also we will have some releases.

Would you like to find yourself at the time of the first works of Extreme Metal, such as Venom, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Sarcofago and Vulcano? At that time, people had to be afraid of such morbid music. The producers had no experiences, so they had to improvise less or more in the studio, everything was more spontaneous and associated with the occult darkness of something unknown. Even from your music I feel the original spirit of true Metal. Thanx for the interview and let you spread your necro music to the world.
Arquimedes :Yes, it would certainly be an honor to have lived through this time. But we still live that way our way bringing and keeping the influences on our music, because we innovate but we do not let the roots die and we continue to nurture them in order to sustain the true metal through the universe. The Necromante  is grateful for the space given and we are anxious to step into your country and share our music with you all in a necromantic ritual manipulating all the manifested energies of the occult that will be present in the show.


Arquimedes, Okvlto                                  20. 11. 2017 Storm
The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces