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Psalm 333
I am glad to show you an interview with Dutch bloodthirsty NOX horde, which flies on the wings of Chaos. Their last release came with a great "Blood, Bones and Ritual Death" EP from 2010. The band rose from the rubble of CENTURIAN band and seems that is about to be new unexpected steps by the band. But everything about you will know from this interview, which has also more rare importance, since it seems the band does not give interviews very often, surfing the net, I found no one! The greater joy, so please, go to enter the world of NOX Chaos...

Hi, could you explain why have you renamed from the original CENTURIAN name to today's NOX? Was it simply a name change only, or what was behind it?
At the time we wanted an abstract name that would fit our occult themes better. Also, Nox was a new band and not a continuation of Centurian.

What is your today view at your first two albums under CENTURIAN name? Personally I like more "Liber Zar Zax" with perfect production...
The production on 'Zarzax' is better, but I think the riffing on 'Choronzonic' is more interesting.

Your first recording under the name of NOX was "Zazas" EP released on your own. What feedback have you received for this stuff? Did people just register the name change and know who is NOX?
'Zazaz' was merely a demo to get a record label (in which we succeeded). We sold 500 copies in a short time. People were surprised, as they expected Centurian-esque songs.

Then came finally "Ixaxaar" album and the last thing is your "Blood, Bones and Death Ritual" EP, in my view your best stuff ... are you satisfied with the outcome?
The songs on 'Bbard' are more structured, we like that better, yes. 'Ixaxaar' had gotten out of hand a bit, musically, with all the technical twists etc. 'Ixaxaar' had a good clear sound, but with 'bbard' we wanted a more old-school sound, more warm and heavy. Thus, we entered the voodoosound studios again ('Zazaz' was recorded there as well) to record everything analogue. We are proud and pleased with the result.

You play a highly energetic and straightforward, full-blooded and orthodox Death Metal of chaotic dimensions with emphasis on good and memorable kind of melody, composition ... Can you see a shift from the first CENTURIAN recordings to the last NOX EP? I think you have matured musically into high quality band...
Thanks. I am always striving to write better songs, make them memorable. In the early days with Centurian, the way we worked was quite naive; we just blasted holes in the cosmos without thinking. This is good, but at some point there should be some control, some focus to make the attack more devastating. The Nox material is way more complex, way more thought out. There should be a balance between both worlds, which is what I am focusing on right now, while I am writing a new full-length.

How are individual songs created? Do you write them individually or collectively? Who is the main composer?
I write both music and lyrics. Collective songwriting does not work in Nox or Centurian.
Besides, the other guys all have other bands to write material for (Severe Torture, Prostitute Disfigurement).

Do you think it is better to learn to compose music by some theory, or to find your own way? Which is your case? Is composition important for you?
Always find your own way in anything. I hate lessons and I hate theory, simply because I see it as a way of copying another person. Creativity comes from the inside, not from a book. Composition is the most important thing when writing music. Building up to some climax, creating contrasts in songs... Every individual song should have its own theme.

Your kind of melody is certainly dark, unobtrusive, it should be listened carefully, give it more time, no commercial melody, which is boring after a few listenings ... How are you looking for such a way of melody?
My music is chromatic, which means that I write nothing in one particular key. This way, I have infinite space to create what I want and keep things interesting for both me and the listener.

It is obvious you pay attention to everything, from the feeling and atmosphere, which evaporates from the music, enduring brutality and aggression that are in balance, through the band's image, photos, cover arts to the lyrics component, just a comprehensive image of the band. .. Each component must be orthodox and dark. Do you find music as the most relevant, or entirely all from these things?
Music/lyrics/artwork etc are all equally important to me. If the artwork sucks, then the music/lyrics suck as well.

Arenít you going to support the new EP with some video clip? Have you ever filmed a video for your song, whether in time of CENTURIAN or now?
We never did video clips because of lack of financial support. However, I am seriously looking to make video clip material all by myself, as I bought a fine camera recently.
Definitely new playground to explore...visuals!

Your philosophy revolves from Satanism to Chaos magic. Do you think both those philosophies and types of magic can work together?
1) Chaos magic, as in dealing with chaotic forces, goes hand in hand with Satanism because Satan is the centre of chaos.
2) Chaos magic, as in using whatever kind of magic or ritual tools, is a different story. Personally, I balance between both.

Often you also turn to Choronzon entity in your lyrics. There is known and described a case of Aliester Crowley and Victor Benjamin Neuburg, which tried to evoke Choronzon in the Sahara desert and after evocation they managed to overcome him. Do you think it's real?
Nothing is real about Choronzon.

Do you have any personal experiences with Chaos magic?
I draw my life-force out of chaos and death and out of an existence beyond mortality. Meanwhile, I try to be a functioning human being.

What do you think about the Necronomicon? Is it hoax or working magic system?
Itís an interesting read.

What about new stuff? How much have we to wait for some more NOX recording? How will be a new creation sound like?
There will be no more Nox releases...for now. The next release will be a Centurian release! You read that right.

Summer festivals and tours bills are on the way just now. Could you reveal where and when will you play? Did you also get some offers from Czech or Slovak promoters?
We will do Neurotic Deathfest in April. Somewhere in April or May we will record the new full-length.

Ok, it would be all from me, many thanks for answering my questions, hope I have not forgotten anything important. If so, you have space. Wish NOX only the best for the future, have a good time, HORNS UP!
Thanks for the support. Hang yourself upside down; look at things from a different perspective.



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