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Godīs Abomination
OBSCURE BURIAL is brand new band sounding very old, but their 'God's Abomiantion' stuff brings overwhelming dark reflection on the surface of black murky waters. The band comes from Turku in Finland, interesting country which has spawned a lot of mad bands in genres as Death, Black and Doom Metal. But OBSCURE BURIAL brings something yet no one did open in the land of a thousand lakes, the gate that is too dangerous, evil and perverted. I am pleased we can present you another great obscure band that most likely will stir up the powerful underground levels. The band responded promptly to all my questions and answers were done by guitarist and vocalist LK.

Hell-o, could you write something about the origin of OBSCURE BURIAL? Is it a regular band or you feed there only your perverted Black / Death Metal tastes? For what purpose did you form this band?
We were born out of bloody womb, to feed our hunger of DEATH METAL. In the way we see it was born and should be done. Satan's Metal! Of course in a way we are regular band, play our instruments and gather for rehearsals. But on other hand we are unique on Finnish soil.

So far you have released two demos; 'Necrophagous Rehearsals' and 'God's Abomination', both in 2012 and both contain the same songs. Why didnít you write new ones and you have recorded them again?
At first we spread Necrophagous Rehearsals as prelude for the coming demo, and since itís only a rehearsal, itís not official demo tape and therefore it contains same songs. It was something we gave mostly free at Hammer Open Air 2012 festival to spread name of the band before the real demo.

I like the sound of your demos. What does sound of the band mean to you? Have you been working on every detail in the studio or you have been just experimenting and waiting what it's gonna be? Especially I like the sound of drums, they are devastating and killer! Was it all recorded in analog mode?
God's Abomination demo was recording live onto tape, and only vocals were added later. The sound of ours is something that spawns out of us quite naturally, insanely raw and ripping. We are using mainly stuff from 80's, ie. Marshall tube amp heads pushed hard to break up - the formulae that gave bands their unique sounds, along the history of rock music. The drums, well yeah, K.S. is an animal behind his enormous kit.

Not only your sound is raw, but also the music, it's as if you have opened the gate to the end of the 80's and early 90's. Are your influences from that period as well? Which bands would you appoint as your impact or influence?
We don't lock our selves in categories and genres, but take influence all around. Be it new or old. The magic is to create timeless music. We donít play old school or retro, but insane and devoted Death Metal. People that need to label their music with monikers as such have taken the wrong path in the very beginning and havenít understood something divine. Great music doesnít watch time to make it grand, but own will and passion to create something extra ordinary and honest.

Is originality important for you within OBSCURE BURIAL? Do you think your music contains also something brand-new in extreme Metal?
Yes, itís important. Don't know if it contains brand new, but our approach is something fresh! Bands have always copied each other and taken cool stuff from older records. Itís just recycling and taking influence into a new level and doing it your own way. 

Of course, except brutality and murderous rhythms your music is full of atmosphere and feelings of darkness, destruction, mutilation, evil and enormity. Would you prove to imagine you would play a melodic progressive Metal?
Don't have problem with melodic music really, but melodic Metal isn't just my cup of tea. Like a lot of different music styles that have great melodies but as for Death Metal, I don't see really connection to them.

The promotion of 'God's Abomination' was made by great Invictus Productions. How can you see your cooperation? Do you think you will release something with them also in the future?
We are really satisfied with the co-operation, Darragh has done great job promoting the demo tape. Great label with great releases. Check out Slutvomit's debut album that came out recently out from Invictus, madness! Our second demo will come out again through Invictus and ourselves, like with previous tape.

Certainly you are also working on some new songs since the demos are a little older. How would you compare your new things with those demos? Will be the brutality even more extreme?
We are progressing all the time, new songs are already tighter and have small new elements as compared to first demo. There's not really point of repeating yourself all the time.

Last year you have played at Prague Mass Death vol. II. How do you remember this event? How often do you play liveshows? Personally, I think you're not playing each live action you are invited to...
Prague was magnificent! Our first show abroad and killer it was. Definitely want to return to there. We try to play often as possible, since live shows are important for us as I give always a breath for the band. People see how we really work. Think we've probably played almost every show that we've offered.

Yeah, that would be all from me. If you still have some words for the fans, you have the space. Thank you for this interview and wish OBSCURE BURIAL lot of insane and black inspiration, thanks again.
Darkness descends!


LK                                                          16. 2. 2014 Mortuary