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The Spell of Damnation
Formed in 2007 and a year later they released first "Decadent Religious Archetype" demo, then came "On This Land Evil Dwells" split with SOUL EATER. Another recording in order was "Relics of a Dead Faith" EP and finally there is coming "The Spell of Damnation" debut album by F. D. A. Rekotz, we are talking about the Mexican OMINOUS CRUCIFIX horde. Their Death Metal is dirty, distorted and darkened, but everything important about their music you can read in the reviews on our website. The men immediately responded to interview and now we are presenting it in full regalia. The questions were answered by the vocalist Rubens Nergal.

As a band you are active already six years. Which period of OMINOUS CRUCIFIX do you take as the best? How do you remember your beginnings? What was the main reason for the formation of the band?
Hailzz Brother! Thank you for invite us to join to this compendio of death …
Yes, OC has already 6 years since our first rehearsal. I think that between years 2005 and 2008 the death metal scene began to expose several new bands coming from everywhere playing raw and honoring the great days of death metal classics. We as all-time friends found this time as an opportunity to redeem ourselves from failed projects formed in the past. So, here we are, very pleased and still with a lot of energy to keep this shit going.

Your first "Decadent Religious Archetype" demo was released on your own. Was this demo a good start in the underground? Where was it recorded and what responses you have got?
We had a great response from people that got this demo, it was a kind of speculation time for us, and we did not found our formal music style in that period of time. However the pragmatic, mid tempo and rancid style remains until our lattes works. Both “Decadent Religious…” and “On this Land Evil Dwells” (split) were released on tape format by the French label “Impious Desecration”.

In 2009 you have released split with SOUL EATER where were three songs from the demo, and then followed by "Relics of a Dead Faith" EP under Morbid Kult Records & Distro. How do you look back on this stuff? Would you change anything? Have the EP served as stuff that convinced F. D. A. Rekotz to release your debut?
Think that our past stuff was just fine, honestly … nothing extraordinary thing. I feel more proud for our “Relics of a …” EP, it’s a more complete work and marked our band style. I think that this EP was crucial to jump to a bigger and more serious label as F.D.A.

Yeah, finally we come to your debut. Could you describe how was "The Spell of Damnation" created? Was it a long process? Who brought most ideas for the debut? What does this debut album mean to you? It's still pretty fresh stuff, can you feel a certain excitement you have finally released full-length debut?
It was very complicated task to complete this work knowing that we only rehearsal once a week. We all considered as priority our careers and family, so we needed to be very productive on weekends to accomplish results in a short period. We took like a year to have it done, and still we know that we could do a much better work, some personal circumstances arose and complicated it more and more. At the end we recorded in two sessions with just one guitar player doing almost all work, we experienced much stress on the way and we just want it to keep it simple and bestial.
I’m personally not very happy with the results, but it’s a good debut. It has a particular sound and extra elements that are not very common in other bands. I don’t try to say that its original, however it’s special, just different from the common sound from other Central and South American bands. Of course it’s an achievement but I’m more exited for the next to come from Ominous Crucifix… you will see...

Your debut contains completely new songs; many bands re-record some older ones. Will you sometimes try to record tracks from the demo or EP for your other albums or you still want to go ahead and create new things?
I don’t think so; all next works will be full new material. Re-editions will be offered only for a different format.

What kind of reactions have you got to "Spell of Damnation" either by fans or critics?
F.D.A. Recotz is a great label with a great bands catalogue; most of them play Swedish death metal kult in a fantastic way. I think that all people thought we were the same and found in OC a big surprise when they first listen to band. Our music is no fast and not very technical, so I think that was the main reasons we receive more negative than positive criticism, however we accept that we can go further in our composition and add more elements to our music, for sure you will experience this next year.

How are you satisfied with the debut as for music as well as production? Is the sound exactly to your liking? If you could, would you change anything on the sound? Where was "Spell of Damnation" recorded, how long did it take and was atmosphere was in the studio?
I think that the sound is good but of course we are not 100% satisfied, but we want to have some changes for our next production. We will be more exigent at studio this time and in addition we will try with another guitar player to enrich our music.
The recording process was relaxing (lot of beer and Jack D to get into the right aura) and we recorded in two sessions on the year (2011). We use the services of a local studio called “Revolution” and his owner Jesus Bravo, he is a well-known metal warrior in our region and he has recorded lot of Mexican bands.

You play obscure dark Death Metal with negative feelings of blasphemy and death. Where do you find inspiration for your music? Could you also name some bands that have an impact on you, or it is more based on non-musical inspiration from life?
All bands members contribute on music composition, as for bands and music, we have different predilections so, what join us is the cadent sense of death and profanation.
Bands like Morbid Angel, Incantation, Goreaphobia and the early Necrophobic, Dark Throne and Paradise Lost are just more that fine for me.

What does originality mean to you as for OMINOUS CRUCIFIX? Do you find this word important or you entirely don’t care for originality and you just play the way you feel it? What is most important to you in your music?
We really don’t care about if we sound like someone else, we didn’t create this band to show ourselves to the world as an original band or to demonstrate our musical skills … no! , we create this band first for a total worship for the early death metal and to enjoy every moment as it lasts. 

What is your attitude to the writing process? Is it something special for you or you are even just allowing running it as the flow of its own subconscious impulses? Many bands maybe too often think of composition, analyze it and finally they create something uneven, disparate...
The truth is that I always try to find a subject for the entire production, and later start to write each song with a general perspective already in my mind. Of course, most of the lyrics are based on the real life experiences not too subjective or too much fantastic. This morbid and crude reality has so much to talk about. I really like the occult stuff and maybe I will add some of these elements in our next works.

If you would compare your demo and "Spell of Damnation", can you feel some progress, or you think you are at the same level; possibly you go back to more simple and primitive style? Of course I mean it in a good way.
Of course there is a progress … vocals and guitars still being primitive, but there are more dark elements now than before, not just death metal, we are transforming into more Blackened Death Metal. At this time we have already released a 12” split with Entrails (Swe) where you can experienced again a filthy and dark composition.

It's probably still very premature question since your debut is out only from January, but do you have some vision of how your other stuff will look like? Will it be a new album, EP or just a demo? Do you like EPs in general?
Yeah well, after the “Spell of Damnation” we already have a 12” Split with the great band Entrails. It includes 3 new tracks and was released on December of 2012 by two Mexican labels: Craneo Negro Records and Dark Recollections Productions. There will be another MCD this year (2013), it’s a re edition on CD format of “Relics of a Death Faith” and there will be two more new tracks included. This MCD will be available via the Mexican label “Embrace My Funeral Records”. Also and no less important, this 2013 there will be available the “The Spell of Damnation” in vinyl format LP. So we are starting this year with full vitality … ha,ha,ha

What about your live activities? How often do you play live and what bands you've met on the stage? Have you ever played outside of Mexico? How do fans react to your live shows? Do there always unleash mosh pit, or people rather watch with crossed hands?
Gigs have been just little ones; normally people here in Mexico don’t know the band, but there are always great people that support us and always make our show very extreme. We have played with great Mexican bands: Hacavitz, Necroccultus, Zombiefication and Agony Lords. Plans to visit Europe or the States will depend of our next CD acceptation.

How do you value Mexican extreme metal scene in general? One of the greatest legends of Mexico is probably SHUB NIGGURATH which reformed and released new stuff. How do you like it? Which other Mexican bands could you recommend?
Well I think that the new stuff from Shub Niggurath is great, but the sound is not what it should be. I always remembered Shub Niggurath by its earliest works.
I think that our national scene is growing fast and never was better … here are some bands a recommend: Zombiefication, Putrefact , Necroccultus, VRPI (Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni), Gutwrench, Leper Messiah, Rotting Away, Agony Lords.

I think old occult, anti-Christian and Satanic Death Metal / Death Black are a very successful today, the amount of really good bands release really good recordings. What is your look at this dark scene? How do you value Metal scene in general? How is the Metal developing?
Well I think between the new rebirth of death metal (2007 and 2010) I have listen lot of bands and most of them are fantastic, new styles, great arts companying great productions … its just great!
Believe me! I even preferred more some demos or EPs from these new bands than most of new full lengths from legendary bands from 90s.

Ok, that would be all from me, if I forgot something important, feel free to write what you want, what merch you offer or some message for the fans. Thanx for this great interview and wish OMIOUS CRUCIFIX great dark days ahead!
Well first I appreciate your time spent with us; I took too much time to answer this great interview, so thank you and sorry about that …
To all your readers want to invite them to have the “The spell of damnation” CD and pick some tshirt or patch at FDA Recotz online store. The Split with Entrails is already available worldwide, so … get it now.
Be aware of Ominous Crucifix at our Facebook and Band Camp sites …



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