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PERSECUTORY is an interesting bunch of four people who put it together in 2014 in Istanbul. Turkish Metal scene is quite interesting, although not huge, but there are definitely many interesting bands. Some of the PERSECUTORY members also come from some of them. I would mention mainly Impuration, Horricious, Hellsodom, Inhuman Depravity, Malefic Order, Engulfed and others. Black / Thrash is very specific genre, there are special bands, some keeping classic more melodic lines and others pulling it to the extreme. Speed and madness are the characteristics of this band. So far they have released only the "Perversion Feeds Our Forces" EP '16 and "Towards the Ultimate Extinction" debut full-length released by Godz on War Productions. It was this recording that get me to finding a band and asking questions in the meantime. Tyrannic Profanatör (vox) was answering them.

When a metal head see your image, I mean the band name, logo, clothes, words you use for song titles, and lyrics, the cover artwork, it must be clear you do not play Power Metal with lyrics about dragons or progressive shit to reach some success. Seems you're metal heads with a dark understanding of music and a good dose of madness...
T.PROFANATOR: It's entirely surrender to absolute domination of chaos, and the only truth that you can actually believe is a nothingness. A few metalheads want to tell the invalidity of existence on this planet in such a humiliating way come up to them and decided play with growing hatred of true metal madness. The dark visions are progressing, and if there is a will of the infinite light, it will be covered by the infidelity.

Your beginning dates back to 2014. What led four guys from Turkey to create such disastrous music with malicious effects on the human soul and mind? Have you been from a childhood inspired by the darkness, madness, morbidity and opposite thinking?
T.PROFANATOR: We are not occultist or anything, but the true satanic force which is not seen as being, nourishes our form, the peak of devilish perversion hidden within the energy. In this case we told the perversion feeds our force. It is always advantageous that the fake power of religions is seen in people around you until your childhood, which prevents you from entering the wrong path, the divine path of the weaks. The ones which has fueled the hatred and creates these sickly thoughts. When the four bastards who came up with this brutality began to curse with unholy notes, Persecutory's debut album was formed.

Could you write how did you specifically get to the extreme music? How did you get to the first album of such oriented music and what kind of impression left it to you? Did you know at that moment you have discovered something that will have a strong impact on you in the future or it went gradually, slowly and naturally?
T.PROFANATOR: When you were in secondary school the vinyl of Autopsy "Severed Survival" (the first metal album I listened as LP), or Sodom "Persecution Mania", the best of Venom "In Memorium", Mayhem "Live in Leipzig" tapes were so horrifying things for a young guy. Motörhead "Live In Hamburg", Master's Hammer "Ritual" CDs were the other examples. I have seriously thought that "if I meet these guys, do they execute me?" I was very scared of Autopsy because I said that these guys can actually apply the "acts of the unspeakable" cover artwork. "Under A Funeral Moon" was one of the first tapes I had, it was like a fog in the cemetery at night, and it was like being in torrential rain at the same time. There were countless releases like this and showed my way in aggressive and brutal as possible and my other bandmates have similar stories. Too hard to say for me to imagine that such a long journey would start in that age, but two or three years later I realized that this unholy noises would not be a hobby, could have been a must for my life. If this disease is a giant monster in me, an evil spirit, fighting, maybe I was captured by the devil.

Many War Metal bands often use shallow and primitive procedures for expressing total anger and hatred, after all how to otherwise formulate such a extreme thoughts... I have noticed from your instrumental approach some intelligence, interesting structures, but also a slower paces to highlight the atmosphere...
T.PROFANATOR: We are not essentially a war metal band, but primitive touches were in our spirit and music in the debut of 2016. Those crazy guitarists have already wanted to bring their own specific hate to the riffs, with those instant transitions and delights to the last point that will make the human fist tight. We can eventually call a reflection and if you feel like you've been trapped in the vortex, then it is important. The ultimate goal is to listen to the melodies of death rituals transcending, it is not a music.

Sure you had some experiences with playing in previous bands. Who first thought to form PERSECUTORY band? Which song was written first as an direct embodiment of what you wanted to reach?
T.PROFANATOR: At the time, Infectious Torment, our old drummer Seismic and I planned, and we started making countless rehearsals, I'm pretty honest we have thought about the name of the band for a long time. There were no live performances as there were only three people started the band and there was not already bass player. In the EP recording Infectious Torment has taken on both guitars and bass. In fact, the band has only took to the stage twice and some time before the second show Vulgargoat (guitar & back vocals) which will be the third main member of the band, he was added to the band. But the old drummer went to Finland and the album drummer was at the session, the band now includes two new members on bass and drums and Infectious Torment has been in critical business for almost a year now and live performances will start when he returned in this spring and we will promise you a series of brilliant hell, a fascinating death.

Your first "Perversion Feeds Our Force" recording was a 4-tracks EP. How did criticism, your friends and family respond to this militaristic material? Do you think they can understand your artistic visions?
T.PROFANATOR: The first EP is based entirely on glorifying the destruction of mankind and declaring war on all the holy themes, in fact we can say that it is a very primitive beginning. Because the threatening message you want to say is very clear. There is no militaristic direction but if you think political of course. The sound of a gun in a song is actually a nightmare of all beliefs. All the friends who are listening to it are people who has already metal bands and who are screaming "witching metaaaaal" or something like that.

If you should mention a band or, in other words, a cult band that had the greatest influence on PERSECUTORY, which name would it be and why?
T.PROFANATOR: It would be unfair to tell about one band. But Katharsis, Urgehal, Mayhem will be a true trinity for the influences of Persecutory.

Your way is certainly Satanism, perhaps like a belief, revenge or rebellion. Which of these attributes is closest to you in terms of your left hand path (or you can mention another one) and which one you apply in your life? Are you follower of La Vey's way or Crowley's Thelema?
T.PROFANATOR: The truth of the events described is not known, but Crowley was the demon who entered the human form of that period and perhaps the century. Being a versatile man makes him special. And if he could really communicate with the old kings and demons, I do not know which point I can reach as a result. He was a man beyond the physical world, who knows. The church of Satan is not interested in me. Satanism in our understanding is never a religion, nor is it a worshipping a creature. In the dimension of energy, our chance to perceive it depends on the rituals we do not know, or it is very limited. We travel in an unknown space, and while we do not know where the end of this eternity comes from, we want to emerge the evil power, perhaps believing that there must be a salvation from it. When it goes beyond time and space, is there an absolute enemy of not having the right mind to take our current mind and a holy power as we really talked about, and the war that exists with it, and if so, what kind of evil power it is. Not to worship an evil angel. Because the god is false, and everything that goes into the position of god is false. To us, Satan begins at the point where this rebellion begins, but this is not an absolute phenomenon.

When we look generally at mankind history, it seems that we are totally incorrigible. While we have already reached a degree of development in collective unconsciousness, we should have been more civilized than before centuries. But we are still standing at the threshold of the nuclear war, people are still killing each other, often in more sophisticated ways. Do you think fear and darkness are our absolute part and religion only supports all this?
T.PROFANATOR: Mankind has the property of destroying everything and consuming it in an unlimited manner, and this mankind creates abstract concepts called religion. So it would be right if I defined it as untrained educated beings. It is possible to worship the gentle unconditionally in every individual and in this way it is possible to use religion in the dark. Sometimes we have to ask, who are the main heretics? Everyone likes being mysterious, and people who take refuge in religious rituals psychologically feel relieved and think that they look spectacular from the outside. This is nothing more than a parasitism. The extinction of mankind resolves everything.

A lot of refugees from many countries are gathering in Turkey today. How do you perceive and see this problem? Have you had some personal experiences in this regard? Do you think this situation will calm down in time?
T.PROFANATOR: This is damaging to Turkey in this way, because Europeans think immigrants coming from Turkey. So 10,000 refugees trying to enter their country at the same time they think they are born in Turkey. It is apart from the people who set up their own order in another country, but why is it to be tolerant to one million people who try to enter the country? I do not have any stories, but European countries must not forget that they have made their own ends, like a boomerang, who created a population that has become islamized by saying that everyone is welcome. What difficulties we face when we get a visa for Schengen and if you got the visa later they even look like a terrorist to metalhead during the passport control. Okay, but you're the one who's tolerant of them, is not? The last time I visited Marseille, but I think I got on the wrong plane and went to Mecca.

You play a pretty extreme form of Metal in country with a strong religious influence. Have you had any problems in your country for your opinions, attitudes, beliefs?
T.PROFANATOR: They have not messed us and the religious structure has not affect the concerts yet. But that does not mean it will not happen in the future. Who knows? It changes from region to region. Here is a chaos, all the shows are in the regions we have defined as secular.

Thanks for the interview and especially for original questions. Madness will continue, stay tuned!


Tyrannic Profanatör 
                           24. 1. 2018 Mortuary
Towards the Ultimate Extinction